1. NormsAlterEgo

    Miscellaneous: Rock Band Rivals Crew Recruiting (Xbox One)

    So, rivals has been out for a month and there are around 9000 crews that have been created. My crew of three has managed to climb to the top 100, but we're in need of more crew members to help with the weekly EXP grind. If you own the game on Xbox One and are interested in joining, simply leave...
  2. News Bot

    Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) review: Zoo Impossible

    Have you ever watched Restaurant Impossible? The Food Network series has a chef walking into a failing restaurant screaming "what is wrong with you" and then attempts to fix it up. Zoo Tyccon for Xbox One is pretty much that game--but with zoos, of course. Kinectimals creator Frontier...
  3. News Bot

    Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) preview: playing with animals

    It's been nearly a decade since the last proper Zoo Tycoon game came out. One has to wonder: why? There's something so satisfying about building a zoo and taking care of animals.The new Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One comes from Kinectimals developer Frontier Developments. Their approach is to give...