1. Steel

    World of Tanks or War Thunder!

    Do we support these 2 games? Does anyone play them? As you may have guessed they are Tank simulators. Both are free to play. I have not played War Thunder much but I have played World of Tanks some. I am looking to possibly get some members who are interested or have played to run together...
  2. M

    Monster Hunter World

    Now I am a LONG LONG time player of every single Monster Hunter world that has been created. (including the chinese only and japanese only versions.) and now with monster hunter world having hit the PC was hoping we can create a Monster Hunter World area and discord channel.
  3. SunKenRock

    World of Warships - Update 0.7.7 Link and detailed notes:Patch Notes Go Navy
  4. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I swear if Serral loses to some ZvZ and I don't get to see him play against Maru I'm going to be disappointed. Although the prospect of Serral vs. Rogue is interesting, but fuck ZvZ. What do you think?
  5. M

    Guild: Where in the world is Bhadpad!!!

    Anyone know where this little ninja is hiding?
  6. SunKenRock

    World of Warships - Update 0.7.5 Link to Patch Notes:American Cruiser Patch
  7. News Bot

    Twitch Goes All In With The World Series of Poker

    Big news for fans of poker arrived today from the folks over at Twitch. Starting June 2, Twitch will begin airing live coverage from the World Series of Poker. Viewers will be able to catch the action live as the best players in the world compete for the elusive WSOP gold bracelet. The action...
  8. Lavitz

    Monster Hunter World

    Anyone play it?
  9. News Bot

    The Crew 2: Exclusive Xbox One X Open World Gameplay

    Ubisoft released The Crew into the world back during a busy holiday 2014 that also featured the company’s other big hitters Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. It was the publishers only new IP release of that holiday season and set out to capture the hearts of arcade racing...
  10. News Bot

    GSC Game World Announces STALKER 2

    The first-person shooter survival horror video game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is returning with the just-announced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. Ukrainian video game developer GSC Game World has thrown up a teaser website with only distorted white text on a black background with the game's title. Unfortunately...
  11. News Bot

    World of Warcraft's Nefarious Cyber Attacker Sentenced to One Year in Prison

    Romanian World of Warcraft player Calin Mateias was mad at a specific player in-game. Instead of walking away from his computer and calming down before he did or said something drastic, or ignoring whatever the player did to make him angry, he decided something much more severe was in order...
  12. News Bot

    Overwatch World Cup 2018 Groups Announced

    The Overwatch World Cup is getting ready to make the trip to this year's BlizzCon. Dozens of countries have been competing for the chance to make the Overwatch World Cup field and on Tuesday evening, Blizzard announced the groups that will advance to the next stage of competition. Here are the...
  13. Gizmo256

    World of Warships - Update 0.7.4

    Dasha Presents Update 0.7.4 General News Yesterday 39 740 Clan Destine (4/25) Yeah, you know that Clan discount...
  14. News Bot

    Platinum Games Joins With DeNA for New Free-To-Play Mobile Title World of Demons

    Platinum Games has been hard at work on a new project, though it might be different from what you're expecting. The company has been working in tandem with mobile developer DeNA for a new title called World of Demons. It's an upcoming free-to-play game where you'll take on the role of samurai...
  15. News Bot

    Don't Get Cooked, Stay Off The Hook at E3 2018's Nintendo Splatoon 2 Inkling World Open

    Registration is now open for this year's Splatoon 2 Inkling Open qualifier, which is an integral part of getting into the official Splatoon 2 World Championship 2018 event, happening this year at E3 2018. The world's best Splatoon 2 players from the U.S. and Canada will compete against each...
  16. News Bot

    New Trailer Reveals Tennis World Tour Career Mode Features

    The development team at Breakpoint is quickly approaching the launch of their ambitious new sports title, Tennis World Tour, which was announced in October 2017. Today, the team reveals the first career mode details in a new gameplay trailer and it looks like the strategic approach players will...
  17. News Bot

    Take Down Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth In New Monster Hunter World Limited Event Type

    Monster Hunter World has established itself as one of the best in the series by becoming Capcom’s best-selling game ever and players continue to take on the many quests and monsters with regular updates. World events were revealed just yesterday and we’ve got more information on one...
  18. News Bot

    Monster Hunter World Event Quest Schedule April-May

    Another series of events are occurring in Monster Hunter: World from April until May, offering hunters a chance to earn unique rewards and take on new challenges. The Event Quest Schedule is packed full of quests for you to play during this time period, and although they won’t all be...
  19. News Bot

    How to Unlock Mega Man Armor in Monster Hunter World

    Putting some shiny new armor on your Palico is what makes Monster Hunter: World so great, and now hunters on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can unlock the Mega Man armor for their little cat friends to wear. The Mega Man armor resembles an old-school, 8-bit Mega Man, replete with Mega Buster for...
  20. News Bot

    Splyce Dominates to Win 2018 Halo World Championships

    The 2018 Halo World Championship Finals in Seattle, WA came down to the two best teams in the competitive Halo world. But the gap between number one and number two proved to be a wide one, as Splyce defeated Tox in the Grand Finals in a 4-0 sweep. Splyce had little trouble dispatching the...
  21. News Bot

    THQ Nordic Will Skip E3 2018 to Focus on the 2018 World Cup

    THQ Nordic announced today that they won't be attending E3 2018. Their reason is that they would rather watch the 2018 World Cup. Seriously. We can't make this stuff up. Check out this baffling press release: THQ Nordic to swap participation at E3 for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Vienna, Austria...
  22. News Bot

    PAX East 2018: Semblance Gameplay and Interview: Bend the World to Fit Your Needs

    Some old person once said, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” It’s an ancient proverb that has something to do with confirmation bias or incorrectly applying something to something. Who knows or would ever care? Nyamakop, the developers of Semblance...
  23. News Bot

    Where to Find the Celestial Pursuit in Monster Hunter World

    The vast lands of Monster Hunter: World are home to all sorts of wild fauna and flora, all vying to be hunted and harvested, though it’s not always easy to find them. To make matters more complicated, sometimes you’re tasked with finding an area that you might not have ever heard of...
  24. News Bot

    PAX East 2018: World of Warcraft Developer Daniel Stahl Interview

    PAX East 2018 is in full swing, and the Shacknews team has taken to the showroom floor to seek out new games and game details straight from developers and producers themselves. Greg Burke got a chance to sit down with Daniel Stahl, producer for World of Warcraft, to discuss some of the finer...
  25. News Bot

    Join the Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft's Newest Expansion

    Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is a little-known gem of an MMO that remains popular with its fanbase many years after it launched. The company has been keeping the experience fresh since 2004 with major expansions and the fun train has no plans to stop in 2018. Beginning August 14, WoW...