1. Aervenor

    First Solo Win!

    Feels good to finally get a W solo, four of my kills were the last four other players haha If anyone else has some awesome Victory Royales to show, feel free to post them here! :D
  2. Kunezite

    Event: Tin Foil Hat - Login and Win!

    Merry Christmas! G1 is using JMB money to fund a Nigerian Prince? The Engine Update is a secret CIA program to test how long the public can chase a rainbow? Tiggs is really Anastasia? Got your APB:R conspiracy theories? Well now keep them safely away from San Paro's mind control radars...
  3. Kunezite

    4th of July Independence Day Login and Win!

    July 4th Login and Win Hello Citizens, As was mentioned in this weeks blog post, we are happy too provide you with rewards over the Independence Long Weekend event. Login into APB Reloaded on each of the following days and earn yourself a free clothing item for you to use. Login times...
  4. TekNyne

    SC2 Chance to win! Get it!

  5. Aug

    SOmetimes, you just can't win!

    Poor Leo tonight. We were playing basic decks, so he could level his heroes. Then this happened. lol. The symmetry is very nice though.
  6. T

    LCS is coming fast pick a team to win!

    LCS is on its way root for your favorite team. I'm rooting for Azubu Blaze, if they go in other than that Dignitas is the team to go we'll see. Post your team you support and lets see who is popular.
  7. C

    So.... 5.4..Guess This Game To Win!

    You gon Learn today! Click to find out
  8. Agent Of Zion

    Mafia Game 20 Town win!

    So, this is a large game. The player list hasn't been finalized yet, but when Jetien shows up to claim his spot that is when I am calling it. I am making the game thread early to let you guys know whats up, there are a couple of things that are changing here. First up is an issue of...