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    Tespa Co-Founder Adam Rosen on Heroes of the Dorm, Hearthstone, and What's Next

    With the school year coming to a close, that means it's also time for collegiate esports to take a break. But for the folks at Tespa, there's never any downtime. The organization dedicated to growing the college esports scene is coming off one of its biggest years ever and just wrapped up a wild...
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    What's New in Marvel Puzzle Quest?

    In the five years since it first launched, Marvel Puzzle Quest hasn’t stopped growing, evolving and adding cool new features. Did you think that would stop now, right when Marvel mania is sweeping the world? Not a chance, True Believer! Here are some of the new features and story events...
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    What's the Deal with the Fortnite Meteor?

    Fortnite: Battle Royale has something of a mystery on its hands, and fans are going crazy over it. The past few weeks have found players dreaming up theory after theory regarding a mysterious meteor that suddenly appeared in the sky over the game's Tilted Towers zone. The Fortnite Meteor Event...
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    Epic Trolls Fans For Fortnite Meteor Theory, But What's Next?

    Fans of Fortnite Battle Royale have had a meteor hurtling toward their battlefield for a few weeks now and collectively established a few theories on its purpose, even nailing down a specific day that the meteor would crash into the player-space. The most prevalent theory pegged the horrid...
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    What's New in Marvel Puzzle Quest?

    In the five years since it first launched, Marvel Puzzle Quest hasn’t stopped growing, evolving and adding cool new features. Did you think that would stop now, right when Marvel mania is sweeping the world? Not a chance, True Believer! Here are some of the new features and story events...
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    Destiny 2 Roadmap Outlines What's Coming Through Season 3

    Earlier this week, Destiny 2's Update 1.1.2 went live. With the Iron Banner event now underway, Bungie is looking to outline what's next for its open-world action game. On Wednesday afternoon, the Bungie website posted the schedule for the next couple of updates. This includes the Emblem/Aura...
  7. Lavitz

    What's Your Strategy?

    Its safe to say that this game requires quite a bit of stealth to stay alive. As me being someone who's very Rambo-ish and not a sneaky type, it was very hard for me to initially adjust to it. I still have issues with it every now and then. However though, I'm sure you guys have different ways...
  8. BruC0Ndr

    What's your Game of the Year?

    So. 2017 nearing its end, pretty much all games released by now. What was your GOTY? Persona 5 for me. Altough I did enjoy playing ME: Andromeda, Shadow of War and Breath of the Wild alot.
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    Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle: What's in It and How to Pre-Order

    Are you interested in Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X console but more interested in putting that extra $100 toward games? Check out the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle, a package that includes a slimmer Xbox One complete with a 1TB hard drive as well as Minecraft, everyone's...
  10. Doiri

    Early Access: What's next?

  11. Gizmo256

    Season 11 Week 1 - What's your Paragon?!

    I'm probably not at the head of the pack, but I think I'm doing pretty well with a 578. Who's been out there tearing things up?
  12. Doiri

    What's Fortnite?

    Fortnite is an upcoming survival video game. It's currently being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, the latter of which will also publish the game. Fortnite is a game that been in the making for over 7 years. I myself have been able to see the game grow and evolve over the past 4...
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    Fire Emblem Echoes: What's New, What's Different

    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the next entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, but it's far from the standard strategy-RPG framework you've come to expect from the series. That's due to its heritage, as a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Famicom. That game itself was a spin-off from...
  14. R

    What's up?

    Hello, new to the clan. Always up for a match when in team speak. Looking forward to playing with some of you guys, already got a chance to know a couple of you. I play a couple other games like Overwatch and I see there's a Rust group as well, though HotS I play the most.
  15. SLIPX

    Blackwake 0.2.2 What's coming, community content, and more!

    Today will begin our new patch notes schedule. Although we may do hotfixes during the week, our main patch notes/update posts will be about every two weeks. Of course, we may still do update posts in between when needed. This patch will require all servers to be updated. Spyglass is...
  16. A

    What's up everyone?

  17. Kunezite

    Builds: What's your APB Build?

    With the current update drought/hiatusl we've got going in APB, the Community Forums have been keeping a float with various discussions, some good, some bad, but some are about builds. so I thought I'd give it a go here, hopefully to either inspire some older players or teach some newer ones a...
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    Nintendo of America president on Mother 3, Metroid: 'Talk to me in a year and see what's happened'

    During an interview with GameSpot, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime acknowledged that fans of Mother 3 (aka Earthbound) and Metroid have been waiting long and not-so-patiently for new installments, and offered a faint glimmer of hope. "I have nothing to announce... here," Fils-Aime...
  19. Brien

    What's up

    Hello, my name is Brien and I have just rejoined fever, I was a member for most of 2015 and had to take some time if anyone remembers me. Looking to play some doots and other games again
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    What's in the Free Version of Super Mario Run?

    Super Mario Run is available now on iOS devices, but its price model is a tad confusing. It’s available to download for free, but that download is more of a demo offering a sliver of the game. To enjoy it in full, you’ll have to pay a premium amount. To help you make sense of it...
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon - What's the Difference?

    Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available worldwide. As with any new Pokemon games that release in pairs, fans might be scratching their heads and wondering ‘Just what is the difference between these two games?’. In this article we’re going to address the differences between...
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    Beyond Good & Evil 2 creator reveals what's taking the game so long

    Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel posted assets from a 2008 build of Beyond Good & Evil 2 on Instagram. Ancel's post depicts protagonist Jade, the porcine Pey'j, and an unknown character. Like his last Instagram update, Ancel posted behind-the-scenes tidbits to go along with his media. "...
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    Here's what's changing in Battlefield 1's 'Battlelog' app update

    Battlefield's companion app Battlelog will get a hefty update to accompany the launch of Battlefield 1. Touch Arcade reports that after the update hits, it will be redubbed "Battlefield Companion" and come with a set of new features to support Battlefield 1. The navigation is going to be...
  24. Drawyah

    Password Reset - What's the reason?

    Hey guys, Maybe I missed it, maybe not. Was there a reason to the Password reset? That's all, :) Drawyah