1. Jam

    First Experience With Weed

    I've been wondering for a while now what's it's like to be high. I decided to try weed. I didn't want to smoke it because I made a vow to myself that I will never smoke. I also find the smell repulsive. I asked a friend from work (I knew he was in the "pot business") to make me some brownies...
  2. Sithis

    Weed channel I found - UpTownGrow Lab Inc.

    Hey weed enthusiasts. Found a channel on the Tube last night and I have been really enjoying his videos. He's super educated about weed (due to his age) and is a nice change from the formal/formulaic videos of customgrow420 and strain central. Check it out :) UptownGrowLab, Inc. - YouTube
  3. Bang

    bong thread ^^

    cute lil bong i got here and too lazy to find a bong thread so tadaa :'D <3
  4. yoda

    How to make easy weed brownies

    I will be using the oil method, you can use the butter method but I don't know why you would because it's harder and most recipes call for oil anyways. What you need: 8"x8" cake pan brownie mix (Use anything but white chocolate in my experience, chocolate and peanut butter ones are my favorite)...
  5. Pathogen

    Math on Weed

    Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202517290999274
  6. MustangPunk

    Facebook weed

    Has anyone heard of getting weed through facebook ... was contacted I guess cause I'm in a couple groups on it... $250 for 1oz... I pay after he sends me tracking number... is this too good to be true? 2 day delivery yo my front door... is what he said. :salute: |CPT| & CO of 1-1-2 :salute: MOD...
  7. McChicken22

    stars and weed

    so my roommates are thinking of rolling a few blunts and taking some blankets out to the country tonight and look at the stars
  8. Manatikik

    Weed is Legal

    So weed is now fully legal in Colorado. Thoughts? Opinions? I know a lot of people celebrating tonight on campus lol
  9. Aug

    What is the Weed and Psychedelic Section?

    Let's get high! Talk about all those awesome moments when you smoke weed and feel Psychedelic. Post all marijuana related posts here.
  10. IB

    HoW dId YoU fInD yOuR dEaLeR

    Yeah as I said before I'm in desperate need of one, so I'm curious how you guys found yours.