1. Nanospartan

    Never to Fever Add me if you wanna party

    Lol I mean new idk why it is never lol. Gamer Tag NanoSpartan#11754 Im in discord all the time just hit me up.
  2. D

    Wanna Play Some FORKNIFE!!??

    Whats up guys, Im gonna be running a bit of a forknife marathon tonight starting 1700 (GMT) would be nice if some clannies would like to play squids if your intrested joing, join the Fornite chan on discord ill be ther from 1700 (GMT) :surprise: anyone welcome :surprise: p.s although we will...
  3. NightWolf

    just wanna see wats everyones best champ is currently

    Want to know wats everyones crrent best champion in rank is for this season [= mine currently are diana [ranked in the top 4k as diana player] 62% WR and blitzcrank 60% WR
  4. K

    EU Anyone wanna play some games of hots?

    Anyone wanna play some qp or unraked draft?
  5. A

    Wanna join to clan

    Games you play: LOL, D3, Paladins Main Game: Paladins Age: 32 Gender: Male Country: Lithuania MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Arbata Steam Username: Logvin xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...
  6. K

    u guy's wanna do soemting thsi weekend

    hey Guy's any 1 up on rift boosting peeps with low paragon etc p.s : sorry for the titel cant change it
  7. Mikvatarius

    Any one on Malboro wanna get together?

    Hey I just started a new toon on Malboro and joined an nice growing guild. Wondered if anyone else was on Malboro and wanted to chill. Thanks!
  8. T

    Someone wanna give me some jungle tips?

    i took a year long break and now i feel a bit rusty. There's some things that i know need worked on such as early game ganking opportunities that i overlook and midgame pressure that i'm lacking. I play better with a team but soloqueue has been a bit rough to me lately
  9. H

    Anyone wanna play?

    I am Hambone179 on Steam if you want to play some Rocket League.
  10. T

    EU Who wanna play some bo2?

    Anyone here in the clan wanna do some pc bo2?
  11. masterleaf

    Trying to get back into FFXIV, wanna server transfer.

    Stopped playing in March, now I'm trying to get back into playing the game. My current guild on Ultros is splintered into cliques who hate each other, so it's not really fun anymore to play with them. Since there's no Fever guild officially, I wanted to see who still played and if you have an...
  12. S

    Any players on europe servers wanna team up some time ???

    hey new to the clan atm playing overwatch as just got back into pc gaming so looking forward to hocking up with some peeps for some fun gamming so add SpLaTy#2462
  13. Gyorn

    You wanna be inside Donald Trump?

    I guess, with this here you can be it... literally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk2wuT9GW3Y
  14. Wolf16791

    if you wanna see how bad Worrfys team is beating you here is the stream

    Twitch haha if admins want to change the post name to Worggy go for it
  15. RealZae

    It's a long way to the top (If you wanna be a glad)

    Queuin' into that high rank. Broadcastin' to the stream. Stoppin' for the B - G's. Playin' only Rogue. Gettin' destealthed. Gettin' countered. Gettin' beat up. Flag of owned. Gettin' hacked. Gettin' Dos'd. I tell you folks. It's harder than it looks. It's a long way to the top if...
  16. T

    Brand new to starcraft wanna get better

    hi my name is technovid!! I play terran, I'm brand new, I wanna get better, please add me. I'm completely open to coaching, and id love to learn the game better :)
  17. Miiko

    Wanna play some?

    Anyone on OW fancy some games? Competitive play or Quick match, I don't mind which. ^^ Add Ibrox#2948 (on EU server at the moment, but can play on whichever)
  18. K

    Anyone wanna play?

    New member here, looking to show off my mad dirty bomb skills to other people. Feel free to join me on the teamspeak server in room 6 under misc. games! I even labeled it!
  19. Bloodmorphed

    Ozone mod-pack, wanna play?

    I can host it but it has to be me and only one other person, anyone want to try to it out with me?
  20. Kinasaka

    Looking For people who wanna pvp Primitive

    Official Primitive server 457 looking for bodies to pvp we have a few small tribes who like to jump people outside of bases and could use more people to defend tame's and transportation of resources. anyone willing to join can be givin metal tool's right off and are free to do there own thing...
  21. FealtyGaming

    Streaming Smite PTS later today wanna group?

    Going to be checking out a bunch of the changes and the new map today. If you want to group up in the PTS, my IGN is "FealtyGamer". I will also be on teamspeak(TS name FealtyGaming) if you want to contact me to group up. To stay up to date on stream times follow me on Twitch, twitter, and or...
  22. Germanmagnum

    Battlefield 1942 anyone wanna play

    lets get a group to play bf 1942 its free download Battlefield 1942 (Official Site) | Official Site
  23. TheMasterMind2802

    I wanna play arma 3 with u people

    ive ben looking at arma 3 and it looks relay fun but..... i cant afford it so if any one wants a BA player to play with add me on steam Steam Community :: TheMasterMind2802@YouTube ( if u can/want to buy it for me )
  24. R

    if you wanna play minecraft FTB infinity evolved come here

    hey guys i have found a verry nice open server thats been taken care of verry nicely to join here this is what you do : first what you need to do is go to www.enjin.com and see if you got an acc there if not , make an account and link youre minecraft acc to enjin this step is inportant you...
  25. Ping

    Wanna race?