1. Sendain

    Class build videos for 4-man

    I found this build video for the FB Star Pact build used in 4-person groups. I like this video for it's level of detail that shows the play style in a clean manner. I urge the squad to find their build and add the video here. FB Star Pact
  2. cbizzle

    Funny CSGO Videos AG48ZNudf
  3. SunKenRock

    Ark Videos

    Just thought a place to share videos ,guides ,or just funny things you come across. This video is apart of series this channel has done with since the center.
  4. News Bot

    How To Skip The Intro Videos for Wolfenstein 2

    The PC version of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the definitive version of the game. It looks and performs better than its console counterparts if you have the hardware to handle it. A shoe-in for inclusion on year-end top ten lists, Wolf II satisfies the need for filling nazis with lead...
  5. Sithis

    Philosophy Videos and Musings

    I'll use this to log the philosophical videos I watch as well as perhaps misc random thoughts that cross my consciousness.
  6. DreadKnight

    Fever Plays of the Game ! Share Em ! (Videos)

    Good Morning, I thought id test out a new idea just to spice up our HOTS community within Fever. Id like to see your PLAYS OF THE GAME within your matches in the NEXUS ! Post any and all videos related to Heroes of the Storm Matches and show off them skills :D Have Fun ! -Dread Ill start off...
  7. Sithis

    League videos
  8. SLIPX

    SLIPX's Funny, Helpful, and HOLY%@#* Overwatch Videos

    Here's a video that may help with our game nights. Let me know what you think! :) -SLIPX August Clavat Hemera
  9. News Bot

    Report: Disney Cuts Pewdiepie Deal Following Anti-Semitic Videos

    Disney has reportedly cut ties with popular YouTube streamer Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, following a controversy over his production of anti-Semitic videos. Maker Studios, a division of Disney, issued a statement, while noting that he had editorial independence in producing them...
  10. Paranoia Origins

    Resolved: N> Help with rendering my gaming videos for my YT channel

    anyone here have adobe premiere pro? that wouldnt mind helping me render my video? I'm on a laptop which is all i have so you can guess how slow the render is, so if anyone here talk with me and send my saved adobe premiere pro file to them so they can render it for me which i hope would be...
  11. Sithis

    Sithis' Political Videos

    Hello reader, this thread will be a sort of compilation of videos I watch that I like or think are interesting.
  12. OGJosh

    Weird Videos Requested and Given!

    So as many of you know, the internet is a very weird and wonderful place... That is why I am making this thread. I will post any weird and wonderful videos I find on the internet here, and I urge all of you to do the same. Any videos you find that are as "WTF did I just watch" as possible are...
  13. News Bot

    YouTube launches support for HDR videos

    Google has announced it will begin adding support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube starting today. Starting today, YouTube users can watch videos in HDR on supported devices, which includes HDR TVs and soon all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs. Those who don’t have an...
  14. News Bot

    PlayStation VR videos explain the basics of the headset

    The PlayStation VR is releasing this week and Sony has decided to create a video series teaching the consumer the basics of the PS4 headset. The videos go over unboxing the headset to setting up your game room for optimal usage. In an era where people don’t want to read the instruction...
  15. News Bot

    Watch Dogs 2 videos dive into multiplayer, co-op and bounty hunters

    Watch Dogs 2 takes you to San Francisco where players will continue their hacking ways, but the new game will offer something new in terms of multiplayer where other players can come hunt you in your game for any bounty on your head. Bounty Hunter is a new PvP mode that allows three players to...
  16. Trident40

    AUS Love rocket league !! Here are a couple videos i've uploaded

    Hey guys love rocket League heres a couple videos i've uploaded :D nothing special but still wanted to save these ones particularly! & &
  17. W

    Videos from 07-21-16's Tournament Many more coming got a bit backed up from work. So those that sent me footage those videos are still going to happen. Also have many videos still coming from Synfuls Sunday Funday. Those that haven't drop...
  18. News Bot

    Fan buys leaked copy of No Man's Sky and publishes gameplay videos online

    Reddit user 'Daymeeuhn' claims he paid $2,000 for a leaked copy of No Man's Sky up for sale on eBay, and posted gameplay videos to Daily Motion as proof (via GameSpot). No Man's Sky is scheduled to launch on PS4 on August 9—with the PC version following a few days later—but Daymeeuhn...
  19. Sithis

    FO4 Videos Thread

    Post FO4 videos in this thread :) i'll start it off with the latest Shoddycast video
  20. W

    Worggy's PTR Videos

    Hey guys going to be posting several PTR videos here. Ana Skins, Intros and Voice Lines Overwatch Ana's Hero Gallery - YouTube New Weekly Brawl Coming soon PTR class changes Coming soon
  21. News Bot

    E3 2016: Watch Dogs 2 gets more gameplay and Dedsec videos

    Ubisoft revealed more details for Watch Dogs 2, the follow-up to the 2013 game Watch Dogs. Most of the details were revealed in the game's livestream reveal late last week, but the Ubi press conference added more agmeplay footage and a Dedsec hack video. Developing ... More...
  22. Wolf16791

    a few helpful tips with videos (im no english major)

    So i wanted to share what i have learned that other players of Overwatch should know, that I do not think enough people are taking advantage of. I have never made a guide before so ill try to clear up any questions people might have. This isnt a guide for starters, but it provides some help for...
  23. Piehat

    Great tutorial videos

    Jamiew_ - Quality CS GO Tuts and Vids - YouTube this channel Is full of great nade spots and places to play on about every map!
  24. News Bot

    Watch Eren slice up Titans in Attack on Titan's latest gameplay videos

    Koei Tecmo has released two new trailers and is offering pre-order bonus information for its upcoming Attack on Titan. Before we get into the trailers, those who pre-order the game at Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada and GameStop will be able to wear two bonus costumes: the Cleaner’s Weapon...