1. F

    Dopa/Apdo unbanned

    Hit rank one in his first sitting, down to 13 after taking a break. Skewed - Summoner Stats - League of Legends How long before Steve makes him an offer? Lol
  2. macho0001

    Tyler1 finally unbanned

    Looks like Tyler1 after 613 days has finally been unbanned. Anyone have any thoughts? loltyler1 on Twitter: "AFTER 613 DAYS OF INTENSE REHAB I AM FINALLY UNBANNED FROM LEAGUE OF LEGENDS"
  3. T

    Can I Be Unbanned Please :D

    Hi, i would like to be unbanned from the Fever Clan Team speak please. I was talking to a group of people (idk who they were) and i went afk for a bit. when i came back i went of and came back on after a while and realized that i could move around to different channels like i was before. So...
  4. I

    Closed: Looking to get unbanned

    Not sure if any of you guys remember me, name is Johnny Sins. I was curious to see if I can get unbanned. Reason for my ban was sexually harassing another member. I was drunk at that time and wasn't thinking. I know it isn't much of an excuse for my actions but I am really wanting to come back...
  5. I

    Closed: Can i get unbanned I dont remember what i was banned for

    I tryed to join the server today and i got the ban message saying *good by forever * is there a way i can find outwhy i was banned And can i get unbanned:conf:
  6. doc holiday

    Help a friend of mine get unbanned from YouTube

    A friend of mine on YouTube recently had his account terminated for absolutely no reason. You may not know him but his name was QuickTiming and he did videos for Machinima. Google's overlord ruling of YouTube with all their damn rules are annoying enough, but terminating people for something as...