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    Newest Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials Event Is Live Now

    Fire Emblem Heroes' eighth Tempest Trials event is now live, with Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny available for players to claim new daily login bonuses and Bonus Allies for use in battle. The daily quests can quickly earn you Refining Stones and up to 13 Orbs for simply logging in during each...
  2. TheToxicNation

    Trials of the NINE

    Tbf this is really getting to me at the moment because its only a weekend thing and i never have enough time to sit down and play the trials let alone finish them plus it would help if me and my friends had a forth member of the squad so if any solo player is looking for a squad to join we are here!
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    Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine Closed For Bug Extermination

    Trials of the Nine is Destiny 2's 4v4 Crucible endgame content that goes live every weekend until the Tuesday reset. Due to some unfortunate bugs that allow players to use emotes to maneuver out of bounds, Bungie is delaying the next two Trials of the Nine events with plans to bring it back...
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    Destiny 2 - Best Trials of the Nine Weapons

    No matter how hard developers try to balance things, some items inevitably rise above the rest to become the meta in certain activities. In Trials of Osiris in the original Destiny, Sniper Rifles became the meta. In the Trials of the Nine for Destiny 2, a couple weapons have emerged as the...
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    August Xbox Games With Gold Features Free Bayonetta, Trials Fusion

    Games With Gold has an awesome lineup for August, including Bayonetta, featuring the spectacled, raven-haired, pistol-wielding librarian. The game also joined Microsoft's growing list of backward compatible titles for Xbox One. Bayonetta will be free for Games With Gold members from August...
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    Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Trials Review: Playing to Strengths

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was an all-in game. All-in, and then some, since more people bought the Switch version of Breath of the Wild than bought Nintendo’s console when it launched alongside Zelda earlier this year. Such a high adoption rate points to the likelihood that...
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    Here's When You Can Play Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Master Trials DLC

    The Master Trials, the first of two DLC expansions for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, drops tomorrow, June 30. Depending on your region and time zone, you might be able to start playing tonight. A spokesperson from Nintendo told GameSpot that The Master Trials DLC will unlock tonight at 9:00 pm...
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    Bungie sets dates for Destiny: Rise of Iron's Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris

    Now that you've spent time getting your feet wet in Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion, Bungie cordially invites you to partake in the game's Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events. Trials of Osiris begins tomorrow, September 30, at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. Bungie did not mention what map...
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    OPINION: Trials on Tatooine Looks Great, But Falls Short of What VR Has to Offer Right Now

    ILMxLAB has put a lot of work into Trials on Tatooine, the developer’s Star Wars demo for the HTC Vive. While the amount of blood, sweat, and tears put into the project are completely evident, I’d like to take a moment and look at the viability of the project, and why I believe...
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    Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine VR Complete Gameplay

    One of the best parts of HTC Vive are the controllers. Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine finally puts a virtual lightsaber in gamers' hands. Eric Shugg captured the entire demo's gameplay. Please take a look. For more great videos, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube. Download the free...
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    Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine now out for free on Steam

    In an online store probably very close to your PC, Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine is now available for free. The game, revealed at GDC this year by Industrial Lights and Magic's ILMxLab division, is a virtual reality game just released on Steam. According to the desciption, players can "wield a...
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    Play Trials of the Blood Dragon's demo almost flawlessly, and win the full game for free

    Ubisoft will release a demo version of Trials of the Blood Dragon later this month, and you could win a free copy of the full game if you put your stunt skills to the test. The publisher/developer issued a press release explaining how the contest will work. "On July 22nd, players can jump into...
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    E3 2016: Trials of the Blood Dragon announced, looks super-weird

    Trials got a special mention during today's Ubisoft press conference today, with "Trials of the Blood Dragon." The game adds an 80s twist to the stunt biking series, and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One immediately following the Ubisoft press conference. More...
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    Trials of the Blood Dragon announced, looks super-weird

    Trials got a special mention during today's Ubisoft press conference today, with "Trials of the Blood Dragon." The game adds an 80s twist to the stunt biking series, and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One immediately following the Ubisoft press conference. More...
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    Destiny glitch causes Bungie to cancel Trials of Osiris event

    Players who uncovered a glitch to let them earn an unlimited amount of ammo rockets compelled Bungie to cancel this weekend's Trials of Osiris event for Destiny, as well as Iron Banner, the next event in the lineup. "Heavy Ammunition is a rare commodity in the Crucible, and with good reason,"...
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    Trials of the Blood Dragon trademark leaked

    It appears we haven’t heard the last of the Blood Dragon as Ubisoft has filed a trademark for something called “Trials of the Blood Dragon”, which we think it’s safe to say it’ll be a mash-up of the publisher’s iconic Trials series along with the craziness...
  17. Niine

    Trials Frontier

    Hey, So lately I've been played a game called Trials Fusion along with 1Jake1 and Sixth as we've all got the game. I don't know anyone else that has that game in the clan but there is a free app called "Trials Frontier" which is a mobile game (Hence the Mobile & Apps section). The game is...
  18. BruC0Ndr

    My Trials clutch of the week!

    Sup guys, this week was a good Trials week for me! Good loot and good plays! No lighthouse though :( Got this in one of the matches I played It's 4-1 our team winning, matchpoint, I'm last guardian standing.... THREE DOWN!
  19. BruC0Ndr

    Trials of Osiris 11/0 clutch in 1 match! This is amazing!
  20. Lywellyn

    Trials of Osiris LFG/LFM

    This thread is for anyone looking for a Fireteam for Trials of Osiris (like me!) Post if you're either looking for a group, or are a group looking for a member. Lywellyn (Lywellyn on PS4) looking for a group!
  21. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    I watched this movie last night. It was amazing! Thoughts on the movie?
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    Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max trailer rides its trusty steed

    If anyone needs a reminder of how much of a news overload E3 is every year, it took less than a day for everyone to forget this image: Remember that? That was a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn. Ubisoft and RedLynx certainly don't want people forgetting that again, which is why they've...
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    E3 2015: Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max expansion goes bonkers in July

    Trials Fusion may be out of Season Pass content, but the game doesn't look to be over yet. Trials Fusion is getting a new Awesome Level Max pack on July 14. It will contain a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn, for some reason. Developing... More...
  24. BruC0Ndr

    I completed the Trials of Osiris!

    Took me long enough D: It was very hard to do! But really fun! I'm mainly a pvp guy so I got the skills to do it, and I done it with 2 other friends :D Got The Messenger (Adept) 365 Pulse Etheric Light Motes of Light 9 Passage Coins and the Exotic Trials Emblem :D Can't wait for...
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    Trials Fusion races the apocalypse in 'After the Incident' DLC

    It's been about a year since Trials Fusion motored onto PC and consoles. With that in mind, Ubisoft and RedLynx are bringing out the final piece of Season Pass content for the time trial racing game. Appropriately enough, the game is going out with a cataclysmic bang. The After the Incident DLC...