1. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition - Team List

    This thread will be updated to show the teams for the event. 1 hour before the event begins we will display members who have been paired up. This will give you time to talk to your teammate and develop a strategy. 30 minutes prior to the event start this thread will display the teams of 4...
  2. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament List (so far)

    This is who we have singed up as teams so far: 1 Ghist / Violet 2 Diane / Entropian1960 3 Lycan / DarkMantra 4 Shaenie / Trep 5 Bob_o / Kimenu 6 Niklas13 / Lowrah 7 Medic / Glib 8 Robilar / Sendain 9 Qzuar / Jander 10. Davetheepoch / Phorceful 11. McGrover / Ondee45 12. IrvineFF8 /...
  3. News Bot

    Special Olympics & Xbox Team Up For First Gaming Tournament At The USA Games

    The 2018 USA Games takes place July 1-6 in Seattle this year, bringing together more than 4,000 athletes and coaches for 14 Olympic team and individual sports. Today, Special Olympics USA Games announced that it is hosting its first ever gaming tournament with Microsoft as the premier partner...
  4. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition: "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell"

    As Season 13 ends, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 14 Leveling Tournament! The "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell" WHEN Friday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on June 15, 2018 Please be there 30 minutes early to begin setting up groups. This season we're looking at...
  5. S


    Hello Fever Community, :blink: Welcome to the Tournament Of Champions, here you get the opportunity to play Heroes Of The Storm with other Fever members in attempt to choose the top Five HOTS Fever players for admission in ranked tournaments. Each week we will have a game night with...
  6. News Bot

    Patch Notes 1.43 for Rocket League Tournament Update

    A new update to Psyonix's hit soccer-with-cars game Rocket League has arrived, bringing with it the ability for players to create and participate in the game's newly-added Tournaments. The Tournaments update also includes several high-profile features otherwise, including new Garage organization...
  7. News Bot

    Ex-Insomniac Devs Reveal Blast Zone! Tournament

    It would seem that the team at Victory Lap Games takes the old adage "If you want something done right, then do it yourself" rather seriously. The team made up of ex-Insomniac Games veterans decided they were sick of waiting around for the perfect Bomberman game and decided to make their dream...
  8. News Bot

    SXSW Gaming Tournament Stage Will Feature Arena of Valor, Clash Royale and More

    SXSW 2018 is nearly upon us and the Gaming Expo during SXSW is finally showing off its attractions. Tournaments are a mainstay for any gaming expo and SXSW Gaming will be introducing a couple mobile powerhouses with Arena of Valor and Clash Royale joining titles that will be announced soon...
  9. News Bot

    How To Join The Rocket League Tournament Beta

    Part of the tremendous success of Rocket League has come down to developer Psyonix's efforts to keep the game fresh and interesting for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. One of the latest features that the studio has been cooking up is the new Tournaments mode, which is right around the...
  10. News Bot

    Penta Sports Wins the Rainbow Six Siege 'Six Invitational' Tournament

    The 2018 Six Invitational for Rainbow Six Siege is in the books. The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 1 & 2 champions Penta Esports have proven themselves as the best in the world, knocking off last year's Invitational winners Evil Geniuses (formerly Continuum) to win this year's tournament...
  11. News Bot

    Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Enters EVO Tournament

    As any good Saiyan knows, the only way to truly grow stronger is to keep challenging yourself with tougher opponents. It would appear the producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tomoko Hiroki, has taken this sentiment to heart and will be entering EVO 2018 as a competitor. This is an obvious and...
  12. News Bot

    Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Uses Rock Band Keytar As Controller in Tournament

    Winning a fighting game tournament can be hard enough, just ask any EVO champion or competitor ever. But winning a fighting tournament using something as avant-garde as a Rock Band Keytar controller is not only a captivating oddity but also a brave endeavor. Still, that's just what one bold...
  13. News Bot

    Arms Update 5.1 Adds Tournament Mode for Esports and Parties

    Last week, Nintendo hinted in a report that there were 'no plans' for any future Arms updates. On Wednesday evening, Nintendo announced the latest Arms update. To be fair, this isn't entirely a "content update" in the sense of adding new characters, but it does add a new Tournament Mode. This is...
  14. News Bot

    Arms - How to Access Tournament Mode

    Arms has reached Update 5.1 on Wednesday, January 31, which officially adds Tournament Mode to Nintendo's fighter. The idea here is to unlock all Arms for all characters, in case anybody is throwing a pro esports tournament or throwing a party where everybody just wants to play with everything...
  15. C

    eSports: Professional SC2 Tournament Info and VOD's

    Blizzard World Championship Series Home: About - StarCraft II WCS (Live Games, Schedule, Results) Premier Tournament Info on Liquipedia: (Schedule, Results) WCS on Twitch: (Live Games, VOD's, Chat) 2018 GSL...
  16. News Bot

    Shacknews Rocket League Even Team Funsies Tournament

    The Chatty community is throwing down for Rocket League bragging rights. Please take a look! More...
  17. TirusR

    NA GCC 6v6 Overwatch Tournament (Cross Community event)

    GCC Overwatch 6v6 Tournament UPDATE! all entries must be in before January 31st! UPDATE! Team Roster full. Anyone still interested is encouraged to post to this thread and will be consider for replacing current members should they drop. Priority given to those who post first. Fever has been...
  18. BruC0Ndr

    eSports: GWENT Open Tournament #2!

    The time has come – the second GWENT Open tournament is happening this weekend! Join us at 2 days of intense brawling with 8 top GWENT players battling it out with the help of Whale Harpooners, Harpies, Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry, Emissaries, Blue Mountain Commandos, and...
  19. Niine

    PUBG Tournament hosted by GCC!

    Hey everyone! Yesterday evening FeverClan took part in a tournament hosted by our newest partner, GCC. We competed against 7 other communities and came 7th with 110.5 points! As this was our first tournament we've played with these partners, we did super well and we've really got a feel on how...
  20. BruC0Ndr

    eSports: Check Out GwentSlam #2 This Weekend! (Tournament)

    Lifecoach and team are back again with the second GwentSlam this weekend! Once again featuring a $10,000 prizepool as well as Crown Points for the qualified players. The tournament features the previous GwentSlam winner FreddyBabes as well as top 3...
  21. Linessah

    Season 12 Pre-Season Tournament

    To spice things up as the new and latest patch comes to Diablo 3, we are running a pre-season Greater Rift tournament! Top GR clears before the leader-board reset for Season 12 will earn 500 Fever Coins each! Members must be Fever Clan members to be eligible for prize, or the next-highest...
  22. Fifty

    News: Tournament Results

    Cosa Nostra Penguins (formerly Fever Gaming Team 1) defeats Shark Syndicate 3-1. In a well fought best of 5 series which saw the Penguins drop the first match in the series, Cosa Nostra Penguins rallied back to take 3 games in a row to clinch the Finals. In Game 1 CNP left open a vital...
  23. ArtemisofHT

    Notice: Oct 15 Tournament League of Legends

    6pm 15 Oct. tournament set date. Only teams that are premade will be participating, There is still time to join and get into a team. You have to be able to make the practices for your team, and the tournament date. If your interested and would like to be on a team contact JNG Fifty in game. Fifty
  24. ArtemisofHT

    NA Teams for Tournament so far

    These are the teams so far competing in the Fever Tournament which will be decided when and what time on Oct 2. More information will be added by editing this post right here. Shark Syndicate is most likely staying as that roster, Cosa Nostra Penguins roster is in the process of changing. Third...
  25. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Meeting to Reschedule Tournament 7PM Monday

    This is to announce that everyone from the two teams for the Fever Tournament be present at 7PM EST so we can decided on a time and date for the tournament that appeases everyone.
  26. News Bot

    Pokken Tournament DX Review

    It’s been over a year and a half since Pokken Tournament initially launched on the Wii U, and it was definitely one of the more decent games coming late in the consoles lifespan. Here at Shacknews we scored it a 6 and stated that it failed to live up to its potential as an arcade Pokemon...
  27. E

    (Interest Check) Tournament for Feverclan

    Just wanted to see if people still wanted to have a tournament for HotS in our community... I have everything set up if you guys want to and I promise to follow through with it.
  28. News Bot

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Battle for the Stones is a $30K Tournament with Seven Evo Winners

    One of the most unfortunate things about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is that while the community staunchly supported it to the end, publisher Capcom left it behind once licensing issues with Marvel made further developer support impossible. The company hopes to avoid this with Marvel vs...
  29. Fifty

    Welcome to Worlds 1v1 Tournament

    Hey All, JNG Fifty here! What: Welcome to Worlds 1v1 Tournament When: Sunday September 24th 2017 Start Time: 12pm EST Where: NA Server - Summoners Rift Who: ANY members of Fever Why: RP Giveaway to Champion Tournament will be 1v1. FIRST BLOOD wins the match, therefore executing will...
  30. ArtemisofHT

    Tournament Pushed to Sep 30 2017

    Due to the fact that people will be watching worlds, I have decided to move the tournament to the 30th of September. Please let me know if you will be available for this weekend Fever Team 1 and Team 2. Also be sure to be practicing with your teams. Team 1 has practice on Mondays and Tuesdays...
  31. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Pushed to 9/23

    Many of the players in the tournament could not be in the tournament today so we will reschedule it for September 23, 2017. Same time of 1200 Noon Est. Best of 3s
  32. ArtemisofHT

    NA Register Fever Clan Tournament Teams

    This post is for Team Leaders only of your Ranked 5's team for the Fever Tournament. This is the registration for the Tournament. Battlefy | Find and Organize Esports Tournaments 
  33. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    Hello everyone, the date of the tournament has been decided for 09/16/2017. I hope team making is going well. If you would like to be placed in a team please put in the comments your IGN and what your top two roles are (do not put champions because that information could potentially be used...
  34. ArtemisofHT

    Fever Tournament Incoming

    I would like to propose a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a Fever League of Legends Tournament. Which day and time frame would be best for you? I am looking at a date in September to give people time to prepare. I would like if people make teams earlier and train so we dont have what happened...
  35. News Bot

    Shacknews Rocket League Tournament of Doom Begins Tonight!

    Today is the day...the day when the champions begin the push to the top of the Rocket League mountain. 10 teams comprised of the absolute best Rocket League drivers on the planet (and BeowolfSchaefer) begin competing tonight for the ultimate prize in all of competitive sports, the coveted...
  36. Strae112

    Friday's duo tournament

    The duo tournament yesterday was pretty fun. Only 2 teams stayed to the end time, so if you participated, let us know how you did. Salty's team got somewhere in the 15/16 kill range Ark's team got 23. Salty and I were talking about setting the tournament to be 5 games, instead of timed, to...
  37. News Bot

    Sign up for the Rocket League Tournament of Doom

    It is time. We need to have a good old Shackbattle in Rocket League. 3 on 3. I was inspired by Xavier Woods' impromptu Windjammers tournament at EVO 2017 and will be using a similar award system for the winners of this summer's Rocket League Tournament of Doom. First place splits $300 in Space...
  38. News Bot

    EVO 2017: Win a Nintendo Switch in Pokken Tournament DX

    Although Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U are Nintendo's centerpieces for EVO 2017, Nintendo will be promoting the Switch version of Pokken Tournament DX by "recruiting" players at its booth. The company's using the laidback recruitment process as a way to drum up interest...
  39. News Bot

    EVO 2017: The King of Fighters 14 Tournament Puts $14,000 Up For Grabs

    To celebrate The King of Fighters 14's debut at EVO 2017, the world's largest fighting-game tournament, SNK and Atlus are offering a prize pot of $14,000 to be split between the top three winners. First place in the King of Fighters 14 competition will receive $8,000. The player who comes in...
  40. Aussietye

    D3 Tournament

    I want to run an idea by you guys. I am thinking about setting up a new tournament. Here is what I would like to do, everyone who shows up will have their name placed in an rng program. It will randomly select groups of 4 people. Once all groups have been selected your group will have 2 hours to...
  41. R

    Tag Team Fighting Tournament

    Instead of the 1v1 situation like last night, we will be doing 2v2. Same Rules as last time but with no restrictions. (Some of Y'all didn't even care and used awakening >.>) With this you can coordinate your plans on ganging up on the stronger one or the weaker one. Or you could go the Bad A**...
  42. R

    Guild Fight Night Tournament

    How are y'all doing? Bored of having nothing to do? Well it's time for a guild fight night tournament. As a new member of the community I have been, kind of bored of just leveling and doing nothing but leveling. So, wynaut have a fun time. Of course because everyone isn't the same level as of...
  43. Sithis

    Notice: Tournament July 1st! - LOL Mid-Summer Massacre - RP Prizes!

    Good day everyone, the League Staff is graciously hosting a tournament to occur in two weeks time, July 1st at 8:00 PM EST. RP Prizes will be offered to the winners and the amount will be determined by how many people attend so bring a friend (or 10)! Due to this being our first tournament it...
  44. News Bot

    E3 2017: Quake Movement 'Always Felt Better' Than Unreal Tournament

    Cliff Bleszinki of Boss Key Productions is talking all about LawBreakers during E3 2017, but during a rather candid moment during a Shacknews video interview, he said that he felt his entire career has been a rivalry with id software. The exchange was prompted when Bleszinski said LawBreakers...
  45. Aussietye

    1V 1 Elimination Tournament

    I am posting a poll to see if any of you guys would be interested in doing a 1 v 1 elimination tournament. This tournament would be bracket style. This poll will be open for 2 weeks.
  46. News Bot

    Pokken Tournament DX Coming for Switch in Late September

    Nintendo unveiled Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch today on Nintendo Direct. The game is an update of the Wii U version, an is scheduled for release on September 22. The original 16 playable characters from the Wii U version will be included, plus five new playable Pokemon: Darkrai...
  47. KING3Rzz

    Event: The Twisted Tournament is here! Come Sign up now!!

    The Twisted Tournament! There will be laughs! There will be fun! But best of all there will be chaos amongst us all! The BIG reveal is finally here!! What is it? Its The Twisted Tournament of course!! The Twisted Tournament? Yes! Essentially its a Very weird yet fun tournament! :D So what...
  48. DreadKnight

    HGC Heroes of the Storm Tournament LIVE ! LInk in POST

    Live, HGC Europe HOTS Tournament Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) Great chance to see how some of the pros are doing it ! Learn from their positions, teamwork and builds, great learning opportunity or chance to improve gameplay
  49. Kiss


    Hello, fellow Fever members. This is our very first PUGB Solo Tournament that will begin in two weeks! Registration applications will be open for one week and the week after that will be the beginning of our tournament. Registration Application Date: 5/4 ~ 5/14 Tournament Date: 5/15 ~...
  50. SLIPX

    Event: |Fever|Overwatch 6vs6 Tournament

    Introducing the April Overwatch 6v6 Tournament Please note this is an in-house tournament. Only current members of Fever will be allowed to participate due to the prizes awarded. Thanks -The tournament will be held either on the last Saturday or Sunday of April. -Sign-ups are now open...