1. whitelord321


    What is everyones thoughts on the current State of Smite?
  2. Aussietye

    Assault rifle ban In the US, your thoughts?

    I come to you all with a controversial topic. We all agree that what happened recently in Florida was incredibly tragic. With that said why are we picking on assault style rifles? The vast majority of murders are preformed with hand guns, with the .22 being the weapon of choice. The vast...
  3. TekNyne

    Crusader thoughts?

    Hey all, i had just started the Crusader class after playing as a Monk for S5. I would like too see opinions on the best strats/builds within the community that has been used. I have noticed that it seems as though Set items arent necessary except for the rings. Share your thoughts and thanks...
  4. Blackthorne

    Greymane! Thoughts?

    So, I played a couple of games with Greymane and I am a bit disappointed. I feel this assassin has great power and excellent potential, however, I feel that his lack of sustain or even slight damage mitigation is holding him back. Not all, but most assassins get some form of regeneration...
  5. Bloodmorphed

    Game Idea, Early: Your Thoughts?

    Name: Dodge, Rabbit, Run Basically you'll be playing as a rabbit going through obstacles. I haven't decided how to do the obstacles yet, (Explosions or more nice things for the kiddies), But I plan to make this game fairly family friendly. It will be my first game and I will see to it that I...
  6. TekNyne

    CO-OP Missions - Archon Mode: Thoughts?

    Hey all, i have been rocking the SC lately and curious about what others thinks of the Co-Op addition. I personally like it and enjoy the cohesive experience of working together instead of melee matches. Also played a few games with a friend on Archon Mode. Not sure what to think of it yet...
  7. DrSmitherine

    LOTV thoughts?

    I dont think i am going to buy it. I really hate these macro changes. I keep getting detained in my base and run out of minerals and then cant do anything. what do you guys think?
  8. T

    22nd of July Pre-Announcement thoughts?

    As you can see this thread is intended for thoughts and discussions about what the Announcement later today could be! Obviously this thread becomes redundant after the announcement so get in now whilst you can ;) Anyway, I personally believe that Blizzard are setting up for a troll and this...
  9. I

    New Nexon game - thoughts?

    Just thought I'd put out the idea of having a new dedication in the clan towards Nexon's new game; Dirty Bomb. Just a quick idea of who likes the game, doesn't like the game so on, so on. For any of you that don't have it and would like to try it, you can't find it on the Steam Store (free). It...
  10. S

    13-14th SPL Thoughts?

    What do you guys think will happen for this weekend's SPL games? I'm anticipating wins from Titan, C9 and TSM but not sure how to feel about Day 2.
  11. CloDevious

    Movie: Avengers Age of Ultron thoughts?

    What is everyone's thoughts on Age of Ultron? I have really mixed feelings about this movie. While I really like this movie and it was good all around. I have some issues with it, mainly the whole Black Widow love interest thing... She kind of seemed like a teenage girl with to many...
  12. Pyu

    DPS Meter/Combat dummy - Thoughts?

    Would you welcome the idea? Is it important to you/a min-maxer? Or maybe just a novelty idea that provides no real substance other than something to hit.
  13. Captain Poppin

    Build times/costs. Any thoughts?

    Right from the off, I've found it weird that you need to pay to make things, it's my foundry, I've paid for (or found) the BP and I've got all the materials... WHO IS THIS MONEY GOING TO? Secondly, I think that the time it takes to build some of the weapons is just plain silly, I know they...
  14. Cronofan

    Seige 4v4 Mode! Your Thoughts?

    Have any of you been playing the Seige 4v4 Beta mode? If so, what do you guys think? It was 5v5 before, anyone have any experience with both?
  15. Scruffy

    In Time Thoughts?

    I really enjoyed the movie in time and didnt think i would what is everyone's thoughts if the world operated like it did in the movie
  16. Araceli

    So..Ghostcrawler to Riot.. Thoughts?

    So what are everyone's thoughts with Greg Street, aka Ghostcrawler from Blizzard, joining Riot's team as Lead Game Designer? Was anyone surprised? I sure as hell wasn't. Anyone looking forward to anything? I'm curious to see what he does, though no clue what he's up to...
  17. hrgordon

    Possible Urgot Support? Thoughts?

    Hey, So HolyDiver1355 and I were discussing league like normal and bashing on Urgot, when we realized that he might have the potential to be a super unconventional support, especially with the gold income in S4. What are your thoughts about this?
  18. S

    What are your thoughts?

    Ok so I'm going to be getting the new Alienware 18 laptop I'm sold on it but what does everyone think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. O

    Zimmerman is not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin : Thoughts?

    First Casey Anthony now Zimmerman gets away with murder. Seems like Florida is the place to be to commit crimes. I wonder what is everyone's opinions on this? Our Judicial laws are horrible...
  20. Boo

    Your thoughts? Basically what are your thoughts on female streamers? I feel like a majority of them are awful, but I also notice that they make money because they got boobs. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good ones, and im not sexist, im just saying.... I feel like...
  21. AppleJack

    Closed: Apple IOS 7 Thoughts?

    IOS 7: Apple - iOS 7 Also, mac OSX MAVERICKS Apple - OSX Mavericks - Do even more with new apps and new features.
  22. C

    Xbox ONE - Thoughts?

    I watched part of the Xbox ONE reveal yesterday, and I read a few articles about it. And to be completely fair, they didn't bring that much new technology. But they did combine a lot of small things from various other products. I'm pretty excited to see the reaction of the public whenever it's...
  23. J

    Life wins MLG Dallas Thoughts?

    Life takes a well deserved victory in MLG Dallas against Flash! What do you guys think of this MLG Dallas and the different builds used by toss, terran, and zerg? I was surprised to see how well Lifes muta ling bling worked against Flash's builds and am eager to put my micro to the test. do you...
  24. E

    ZvT L/B/M vs Infestor play, thoughts?

    Just wanted some different opinions on preferred ZvT styles that I'm sure you zerg are aware of, most commonly Ling/bling/muta and the slightly newer, meta festor play. IMO both are considerably powerful against many Terran builds and used widely among the zerg community. After L/B/M (with...
  25. JansoriHajima


    Medscape: Medscape Access Your thoughts on this article?