1. O

    thinking about playing WoW again

    Hey guys . I'm thinking about to play WoW again and I was wondering on what server and what faction is guild on? I have alliance on sylvanas and horde on stormscale . Thanks for any reply Cheers
  2. heathen

    Thinking of returning.......

    I have played WoW off and on for quite sometime, but have never stuck with it. I normally level a character to max level, get bored and quit. Wait a couple months and come back, rinse and repeat. I dont have the time to devote to raiding, so I have never had that to keep my interest. I am...
  3. FluffMcDuff

    Thinking about getting into battle royale

    Hey ya'll, as the title states I'm thinking about getting into battle royale, but i'm curious how many people play it and if someone can explain the basics to me.
  4. BadFishSC

    Start Thinking About the End of the Season

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing great. This has been a good season so far but all things eventually come to an end. With more information about the necromancer being released, the end of the season will be on us before we know it. To avoid the last minute grind, we should start to...
  5. noctemdracone

    Got to thinking

    I was thinking of what could be added to the game to make it more fun and came up with an idea. I call it chain rifting. Sort of like a high risk, high reward type of system. Basically it would work like a hybrid version of grifts and the trials they used to have when the keys had levels tied to...
  6. Lywellyn

    NA I'm thinking of starting?

    I'm thinking about starting this on PS4, once I've played out Skyrim...but I'm curious what others think of it. Is it worth picking up? Is it too different from Skyrim to make it not as fun? Is it worth picking up a paid edition of ESO? What are the immediate pros and cons? Any and all...
  7. News Bot

    Bungie's still thinking about adding matchmaking to Destiny raids

    Steve Cotton, lead of world design for Bungie's Destiny shooter, gave an interview to Metro that touched on numerous topics—matchmaking for raids not least among them. "We’ve been thinking about that a lot," Cotton said in regards to matchmaking for raids. The decision has to do with...
  8. Q

    thinking out loud while getting it on lol

    Let's Get It On while Thinking Out Loud by Marvin & Ed - YouTube
  9. Play3rFTW

    Thinking about getting in to doing a weekly stream

    So yeah did my first twitch stream, I think I did okay for a first time but I'm willing to hear some opinions and or criticism so feel free to check it out, Twitch
  10. Requ1em

    Thinking In Pictures - By Temple Grandin

    Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is a gifted animal scientist who has designed one third of all the livestock-handling facilities in the United States. She also lectures widely on autismbecause Temple...
  11. Heisenberg1497

    I'm thinking of playing again after a long...

    Hiatus from Wow. Was wondering if I do where a majority of the clan plays (server wise) and Alliance or Horde. Looking for fun getting back into it. Diablo button bashing is a little redundant and lackluster since mid season. Thanks guys looking forward to getting back in with a Good group!
  12. Mordrius

    Thinking about getting back into the game.

    I played a lot during season 2 and 4. Stopped playing cause of huge frustration and a friend convinced me to get back into it so I said why not. What should I expect to see when I get into a game now? Would anyone be willing to play some normals with me and help me get back into it?
  13. News Bot

    Nintendo Is Thinking Of Entering The Movie Business

    Nintendo is looking to enter the movie business in the next few years, but what could we expect out of this announcement? According to the Japanese publication Asahi, current Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has announced that the company is looking to produce films at some point within...
  14. L

    thinking of getting into league: is it too late?

    been playing heroes of the storm for a few months, my first moba, and was wondering if it was too late to start playing League.
  15. M

    Thinking of returning.

    Hi all. I used to play years ago. was a full time miner and could hall crunch and transport all my own stuff and help with company defense with 4 accounts at once. Not sure if I will start all four back again but just looking at whats around and where we are located.
  16. F

    Anyone gotta unused codes thinking about trying the game out?

    Anyone got a friend code I could use to try the game out? Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  17. Troncmaster

    Couple of videos for those thinking of playing....
  18. C

    Resolved: Thinking buying new video card(s) for 4k gaming in the future

    Hello, Right now I have a single nvidia GTX 970. I game at 2560x1440 resolution right now but hope to move up to a 4k monitor in the future. There are a couple of problems. One is my GTX 970 is beginning not perform that great at 2560x1440 resolution in certain games. In Ashes of the...
  19. NobleLion

    Thinking of jumping back in

    I stopped playing shortly after the level cap was raised to 80. I leveled up, did my reputation runs, got some okay gear to resume raiding, and never did. Now that I'm in Fever, I'm thinking that I might venture out and try things out again. Just wondering about how many hours per week...
  20. Troncmaster

    Thinking of buying

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying this game. How busy are fever in ESO? Is there usually someone on, or set times or just bump into each other? What do they mainly do, PVP, PVE, Crafting etc? Is there a mix of EU and NA on here or mainly NA If I were to roll up a character what would be the...
  21. C

    Resolved: Need advice - Thinking of buying an usb soundcard/dac

    Hello Everyone, I usually switch between an headset (sennheiser game zero) and a speaker system (Corsair Sp2500). Right now I have a creative internal sound card where the headphone/Mic I/O ports have loosened on me (from me forgetting to take the headphone off when I get up from the computer)...
  22. NobleLion

    Thinking of starting a workout routine or looking to refine yours?

    I'm always fascinated by pre-workout routines that I hear about. It seems like I have enough trouble just getting to the workout and doing it haha. But there really are some things that can help you prepare for your workout, and I found this list that provides some good explanations behind the...
  23. Bloodmorphed

    Bloodmorphed and Zer0's Feverfinity Sever for clan and friends!

  24. News Bot

    Attractio Hands-On Impressions: Thinking With Puzzle Boxes

    Developed by GameCoder Studios, an independent studio base out of Mexico, and published by Bandai Namco, Attractio challenges players with mind bending puzzles and malleable physics. Inspired by games like Portal, players are put in the shoes of a future reality TV show contestant, who must...
  25. Gyorn

    News: Blizzard thinking about Warcraft 4

    ... yeah, maybe we'll see a fourth part of the Warcraft series... but at least they're thinking openly about it. Gamescom 2015: Blizzard Will 'Consider Warcraft' RTS Once StarCraft 2 is Done - IGN