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    Tesla Solar Power Products Will Be Sold At Home Depot

    While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been pretty busy promoting his company's boring flamethrower, he’s still taken the time to make sure that his more, shall we say, mainstream products are getting into the hands of the populous. Take for example Tesla’s solar power panels and Powerwall...
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    Nazi Zombies WW2 - How to Get the Tesla Gun, Wonder Weapon

    Nazi Zombies is a return to the old-school zombie style of previous Call of Duty titles, and so far everyone is loving it. If you want to love it a bit more and kill Nazi zombies with style, you’ll be wanting to know how to get the Tesla Gun, one of the many Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty...
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    All of Fallout 4 Automatron's New Armor Locations - Tesla Armor, Mechanist Set

    While the new DLC isn't as big as we hoped it would be, Fallout 4's Commonwealth has definitely become a lot more dangerous. This guide will detail the locations of all the new armor pieces added to the Wasteland's armory in the new Automatron DLC pack. Tesla Armor Set This unique variation of...
  4. noctemdracone

    Just for funsies: Nikola Tesla Wizard

    Turn down for WATT! This is just a build I threw together on a whim as a build for just messing around. It probably won't make it particularly far in high grifts but sometimes it is fun to just relax and not worry about trying to clear a 60+ Grift.
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    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure gets whacked to May 7

    Those that backed the crowdfunded Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure may be wondering where the game is, since it was originally scheduled to arrive today on PC and Mac. Unfortunately, Tex's triumphant return has hit a last-second snag and the FMV adventure has been delayed until May 7. More...
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    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure arrives April 22 on PC

    Nearly two years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Tex Murphy is ready to begin his next case. Publisher Atlus has revealed that Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure will begin its investigation on PC on April 22. More...
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    Tesla Effect shows flashes of special effects

    It's been a while since we've had an full-motion video game, but Tesla Effect intends to bring it back in 2014. The latest trailer shows off lots of the FMV, but unlike the last trailer we don't get a long look at the cast. More...
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    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure gets lengthy cast trailer

    It's a bit light on plot, or at least any plot with context that will help it make sense. It does, however, show off the cast list, including Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes with some make-up that does not do him any favors. Check it out below. More...
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    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure coming in 2014

    Tesla Effect will be a throwback to full-motion video adventure games, and mark the first Tex Murphy game since 1998. It stars Tex Murphy, post-apocalyptic gumshoe, as he tries to discover who left him with a head wound and an injection mark on his arm. That goal is complicated, however, since...
  10. Madzer

    Tesla Model S Video Walkthrough

    Video Walkthrough | Tesla Motors This car is fucking sick.
  11. WASP

    Tech News: NVIDIA Powers Digital Dashboard in New Tesla Motors Electric Sedan

    When the highly anticipated Tesla Motors Model S electric sedan makes its debut Friday, so will the NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module (VCM). Based on the same powerful Tegra processor used in smartphones and tablets, the Tegra VCM will power the vehicle's 17-inch touchscreen infotainment and...