1. V4lkrie


    where's everybody in teamspeak
  2. Ian

    TeamSpeak and Forum rosters totally different.

    I'm not really calling anyone out here or ratting out anyone in specific, but I've noticed a lot of non-members still in the clan member section on the TS.. I'm guessing they were moved for inactivity and just never changed back to guests in the TeamSpeak. I wasn't really sure what to do for...
  3. Thordragon


    looking for help on setting up teamspeak as i got the program installed which i just like to know the ip address,password and what should i put as my username plus ppermissions. if you anyone like to help me then post below thanks.
  4. Brian Z

    Strengthen your real life INT level in teamspeak

    I was thinking of having computer discussions. Have a group of people together asking each other questions, picking each other's brains, studying together to get some computer certifications. I'm currently studying Security+ then afterwords maybe A+ or maybe some Python. I'll be on most days...
  5. kingstayhigh

    Closed: Please Unban me from teamspeak

    Hello I'm Kingstayhigh and I was recently banned from teamspeak and would like to be unbaned I believe the reason I was banned to be wrong and was hoping to be able to voice my side of the story I know that I tilted in a game but I believe to have been pushed and also bullied and ganged up on...
  6. amoretpax199

    Resolved: Missing TeamSpeak 3 widget?

    It's not on the sidebar anymore?
  7. DeathWolf99

    Closed: randomly banned off of teamspeak

    banana peel
  8. hregiment


    In an effort to be more active on TS, I dropped in today only to hear the echos of empty rooms. At least I tried.
  9. Bob_o


    Hey everyone, Just posting as a reminder to be active in Teamspeak. Last night I logged on and saw roughly 30+ people online between the two clans and 4 people in TS. If you can hop in TS, it's an easy way to meet new people and find groups. Teamspeak activeness is something we want to...
  10. SkillCaps

    OSRS What time do you play, are you in the teamspeak channel?

    Hey guys, I recently have got back into Old School RuneScape. I would like to know what time you guys are on and if you join the teamspeak channel so I can hangout and chill with people who play. Thanks, SkillCaps PS: Post your RSN as well so I can add you, Mine is Falkor I play Old...
  11. Xaiv

    No one is ever on teamspeak, ready to play ?!

    What is going on? I enjoy playing World of Warcraft at least with one person a day, and we are suppost to have multiple people that play in this section? Come on guys! We can do better then this. With Legion only a few months away why are we sitting back and taking the back seat on this...
  12. Pickleman

    Closed: Teamspeak Ban Appeal 6/24/16

    I was on Teamspeak. I connected to a channel with I think 4 other guys on it. I was telling jokes and making idle chat, some even played along. I was continuing to do this by myself for about 8 or so seconds and then I get banned for "trolling". There wasn't even a warning to spot speaking. If...
  13. S

    Closed: Teamspeak ban appeal 6/22/2016

    I was banned from teamspeak because a random user thought I was "trolling" before he got an admin and they perm-banned me without asking me what happened. I joined a channel and was trying to talk with the other users but no one was responding so I started singing the song "sound of silence" and...
  14. slyxsoy

    GW2 TeamSpeak Channel!! Thanks to everyone.

    The Powers that Be have given us our own Guild Wars 2 TeamSpeak channels. :D Thanks to all of you for helping grow our new guild and let's keep it up! Guild Missions this Tuesday as usual (followed by claiming our Guild Hall).
  15. Thaumius

    Why is teamspeak so quiet for hearthstone?

    I try to go into ts to see if people are there, I wait then I am kicked for being afk RIP
  16. E

    Closed: TeamSpeak Ban Appeal 5/17/16 {EctoBro}

    i have no clue to as why i was banned from the team speak i log on and get the message in link posted at the bottom of this post. i see what they have said in the ban reason but i don't understand it because there was no issue when i had left earlier in the day. also ontop of this i have...
  17. D0C

    Closed: Want to join feverclan but the first time i got onto teamspeak i got permabanned

    I had to download teamspeak for this I hope someone can help me, i mainly used my guest account to look at the news for league of legends but I decided to join up, so I downloaded teamspeak and tried to access the server but got instantly banned. Any help with this would be appreciated
  18. V

    Teamspeak-server for paladins

    Hey. I noticed that there is no server for Paladins in the teamspeak. I think that adding one is probably one of the best ways to make an active comunity around it
  19. S

    Can we get a new room in teamspeak for...

    Conquest? It can be under the assault battle room. Please <3 It's hard being in the LFG room and people think you're up for arena or something Just a suggestion! Thanks, -Samo
  20. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Closed: Teamspeak 3 Issues?

    What is going on with the teamspeak 3 |Fever Clan| site?
  21. W

    Can't get into TS server!

    When I joined I shared the same IP address as Apoc99 but now I went back to school and it has changed. Will this effect me getting onto TS?
  22. B

    Closed: Ban Appeal [TeamSpeak]

    Hello its (naraku, Shippo) i have been banned a while back and was wondering if i could have another chance and i submitted a application also. We can talk on TS about this matter if that's okay with you guys. I feel bad of what i done and want to make up for it. I will respect all the rules and...
  23. PerfectEnigma

    Thoughts on using the WoW Teamspeak channel as a meetup?

    Every time(except a couple times) I have joined the WoW teamspeak channel I am the only one there. I was thinking that using WoW Teamspeak channel as a meetup for the WoW Section would be a good idea since we have a lot of people on different servers and different factions. Thoughts...
  24. Puppycat

    You all should drop by the Teamspeak Starcraft II channel more often.

    The roster says Fever has over 50-60 people. So many people in the Fever SC2 divison yet I only see the same 4-6 people (including me) on Teamspeak frequently. It would be great to have more people to talk to and play SC2 with. You all should try to drop by the Teamspeak Starcraft II...
  25. VulpesVelox

    TeamSpeak Issue

    Can someone please help me with keeping my fever tagged nickname? I Login and have to change it every time.
  26. S

    Teamspeak Status Change

    Is there an admin on tonight that change my team speak status from guest? I quit playing for a year or so but im back =) My username in teamspeak is my new name in game it is Samumu L Jaxson. Thanks
  27. L

    Closed: TeamSpeak Ban Appeal

    hello, I was banned in the past for disrespecting other members of the community over teamspeak and I feel that I am able to come back into the community as a mature adult and treat each and every individual with the kindness and respect that they deserve, It's been about 4 months or more if I'm...
  28. RoxyFoxy

    I can not connect to Teamspeak

    Did I break it? If so I am sorry.
  29. Kraken

    Resolved: permanetly banned from teamspeak don't know why

    So I tried to log into the fever teamspeak this afternoon and got a error message from teamspeak saying I was permanently banned from the server. now if I broke a rule and was banned because of that then that's all well and fine, it is what it is. but seeing as I don't even know why I was banned...
  30. J

    Elder Scrolls Teamspeak

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to say that I feel like we should have a Team Speak area for Elder Scrolls Online. I feel like it would benefit people because it would help others new to the game be able to hop on the clans Team Speak and find people who already play...

    Resolved: Got banned for trolling while not being on teamspeak

    Did someone use my name or something? I mean I do have a specific avatar and my rank was also changed to corporal and I don't have anything offensive on.

    Resolved: I got banned on the fever clan teamspeak for trolling?

    I was only on once today for about 15 seconds and I got the message when I came back hours later also its a permaban
  33. Ignis

    Resolved: Teamspeak Membership activation.

    So I'm not sure where to put this or who to talk to about it, so I thought I would put it here. How do I get my membership privileges back on TS? Like every time i go in I'm a guest. I did get a new computer and just got reinstated so that could be the problem but I would like to know how to...
  34. Achilleus

    Closed: Teamspeak and guests

    For some reason, and this is the third time this has happened, guests that I've had on TS before and are good friends of mine are unable to join teamspeak. They try to go to whatever room I'm in and then get kicked from the server. Two of these people have applications in to join the clan but...

    Teamspeak 3 be like

  36. ThomMerlin

    TeamSpeak Down?

    Is TS down or is it just me?
  37. C

    Resolved: Unable to connect to Teamspeak and use chats on forums

    As the title says, I am unable to connect to Teamspeak ("Failed to connect to server"). I was talking to someone in the Hearthstone rooms at the time and she said I was lagging, so I restarted the Teamspeak and could not connect again. After which I tried to contact someone through forum chat...
  38. tiltedslim

    New Teamspeak Channels

    Hey everyone I got us some new TS channels. Underneath the EU channels we have Heroes of the Storm Events Channels. Things these channels are for. 1.) Heroes Academy 2.) Tournament Games 3.) Barcraft Events (Something I'm making happen soon) 4.) Coaching (There is also a fever coaching...
  39. iGrade

    EU/NA Echo of Souls TeamSpeak Available!!!

    ok persons playing on EU server would more likely be aware and are using the ts room Now for players on NA please let us utilize the ts section available I shall be on ts in the EOS section NA room whenever online/playing FieryDM noctemdracone Mossyoak Praven MissFortun3 chat...
  40. Sullien

    Resolved: Teamspeak mic settings (TB X11 and generic in line mic earbuds for phone)

    Evenin' all, thanks for stopping by. I seem to have trouble getting good quality chat from my headsets. They seem to come out quiet, but when I add gain, they get real echo-y. Does anyone have a good link for proper setup or have any advice?
  41. NobleLion

    New Diablo TS channel right under Diablo 3 group.

    Hey all! There is a new Diablo channel - D3 LFG. It's not a new concept, but I'm wondering about using it as a hybrid channel (explained below). You will see that the channel is located at the top of the Diablo section. This was the result of an off-shoot idea of a park-and-wait channel...
  42. Spectre


    YEAH GUYS WE HAVE A NEW TEAMSPEAK CHANNEL!!!! Right above the Evolve channel!! WTG guys awesome support Viscus, LordsShield, Ocean, jRoK, Shiva, Zoida, Havok, captaindiptoad, Domaco, FeLoNy
  43. CasherQ


    I am on guest status on teamspeak after reinstalling my OS. What should i do to get member status again?
  44. gypsypirategod


    Any reason i still show up as guest in teamspeak? i used to be able to not have to use push-to-talk
  45. Casper

    Resolved: Teamspeak issue

    so almost every time i join teamspeak i get this message when i try and change channels "Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again" even though im not spaming anything to get in its a simple double click *edit* my only option is to wait from...
  46. Kirbz

    Teamspeak Change Logs

    post channel changes and deletions here (no need to post game name channel renames)
  47. Kirbz

    Hardware changes on the Teamspeak server - 12am 2/13

    In the near future there will be some hardware maintenance, that may or may not interrupt our Services. At this moment i'm not sure when but i expect the interruptions to be brief. If i get an exact time/date. I will update accordingly. This includes Teamspeak Fever Chat box...
  48. HisMightyShield

    Battle Block Theatre League Sort of Thing?

    Hello All! I am HisMightyShield, and I am fairly new to Fever. So far during my stay, I have noticed that certain games I play that have great potential have been looked over. There is an indie game developed by Behemoth Studios called Battle Block Theatre that I really enjoy. It preaches co-op...
  49. Leo

    To the people I was on teamspeak with during the ddos...

    Hey guys I'm going to bed. Its too frustrating getting disconnected from the server over and over again lol. Night. That mafia game was a bunch of fun though. :D Aug Jessica Rae Izzo Indesirable Viscus
  50. TheBossGuy

    Closed: TeamSpeak issues!

    Me, as well as several others I have noticed, constantly have issues with Teamspeak. What I mean by this is that we keep getting Disconnected randomly. Now, I am not losing any internet connection, it is the teamspeak itself. Any suggestions as to why? Thanks guys!