1. D

    Looking For Game Night/Morning Suggestions

    Getting a regular game night or morning running is something that I am looking to put together. But I would like some input from those of you that are playing Gw2. So far the ideas that I am tossing around would be: WvW (That would be October when in theory it wouldn't matter if we were...
  2. Atomic Philosopher

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want something new to play but I can't find anything that really strikes me. Just looking for something fun whether it be an RPG, shooter, RTS, etc. - it doesn't matter. Games with online elements are alright as long as there are Asian servers. It's kind of...
  3. R

    Netflix suggestions [Series]

    Near the end of the originals and don't know what to watch next so need some suggestions, what series are everyone else is watching? Help me find something new to watch. tyty, Rain Days.
  4. News Bot

    Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne - The Lower Citadel mission briefing and deck suggestions

    Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne is live. This includes 135 new cards, but it also includes a slew of new single-player missions, unfolding over the course of three weeks. Today, players will run through the Prologue with the Lich King before making their way through The Lower Citadel...
  5. Aussietye

    Game Night Suggestions

    Good evening fellow D3 players. I am looking for new ways to spice up game nights. If you guys have any suggestion feel free to post them here and throw me a mention. You can also send me a pm on discord if that suits you better. Thanks for being the amazing group of players that you all are.
  6. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo suggestions

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo Suggestions Once again, as told in the Blog Post, G1 is hosting another event to gather Name and Logo Suggestions for the Summer Survival Event. This one is definitely for the creative types who want to input more than just a few titles and a great chance...
  7. Kunezite

    Contagion Event - Title Suggestions

    Contagion Event Title Suggestions As per the Blog Post, G1 is looking to us, the players, for suggestions for New Titles as rewards for gaining progress during the Reloaded Contagion Event. Love it or hate it, I think this is a great idea, I mean if anything it gives G1 a break from having to...
  8. Synizta

    Looking for feedback and suggestions for SC2 section

    Hey guys! As per the the thread name, I am looking for any feedback, suggestions or ideas you awesome guys might have for the SC2 section. Be it for an event, a way to increase activity either on discord or the forums or just about anything else! Some of the things i'm looking at working in...
  9. Bootygoblin

    Suggestions to help revitalize Diablo 3

    Hey everyone! I'm just here to toss some suggestions out to help revamp some of Diablo 3 maybe to make it more competitive within the clan itself. I feel like competition would drive people to constantly play and try to strive make fever better. I believe most the rewards would be a bragging...
  10. Shozen

    Russian Bear looking for new RPG to report on. Suggestions would be welcome.

    While playing Albion Online last year I became so board with the game that I made up a fictional character and started reporting on the state of the game, making suggestions and talking to devs in character. Mostly I was just messing with them an some guild mates but I had a really good time...
  11. KittyMae

    Suggestions, Requests, and Host Opportunities

    Please list any suggestions or requests of events you would like to see here! Also mention if you are interested in hosting the event yourself! Please mention KittyMae and billy_da_bob so we can impliment your vision! Also see the Scheduled Events Thread to see if something is already scheduled
  12. Bloodmorphed

    Season Suggestions

    This is a thread making some season suggestions. While I have ideas of my own, I figured getting everyone involved with how seasons are run it would be better. Suggest rules and ways of playing the game that could be fun and interesting while also promoting creativity and theory crafting...
  13. TurtleStrong

    Mod Suggestions

    Getting back into MC after.... fucking years. Any suggestions for mods? I remember nether ores, tree cutter and there was one more that I really liked that had to do with placing things into a furnace of sorts to create stronger materials.....
  14. NobleLion

    Stress busting workout suggestions wanted

    Hi all, What do you do for help with stress? I know some people run, some do yoga, just wondering if people have specific routines that can dial-in to help reduce stress on a daily level or for those occasional times when the stress has ramped up. I don't want to workout until I'm...
  15. D

    Looking for suggestions

    Hello everyone, I am generally pretty new just started playing reaper of souls 2 days ago. I have a level 70 crusader but am not really enjoying the character. What kind of classes do you guys suggest and what kind of play style do they have?
  16. Melusine

    Guild Emblem Suggestions

    Post here your suggestions here! Will change to a poll in about a week from today with the suggestions.
  17. Dr Bunni

    Resolved: Dr Bunni looking for build suggestions

    1. What's your price range? I plan on spending no more then 3,000 USD. 2. Do you need additional equipment (mouse, keyboard, monitor, sound, etc.) and do you have a separate budget for that? I do need to buy everything for this build, and by everything I mean speakers, monitor...
  18. Gyorn

    How-To: Template for posting a request to get build suggestions

    Template for posting a request to get build suggestions Things and suggestions to improve this stickie should be directed to the support team: Gyorn Vex So, you want to buy a new computer? That's fine but if you want the support of our team, it would be helfpful, if you're answering the...
  19. L

    New Player Looking for Suggestions

    Hello Everyone, I have been with Fever for a few years but am relatively new to this section. I think I played my first game of League of Legends (LOL) the year it first came out, but I was busy and other games took my time. I was put off a bit by the MOBA genre in general since I disliked...
  20. Bloodmorphed

    Fitness/Health Suggestions

    Hello everyone, I am looking to start a long trek to becoming healthy, fit, and overall feel goody. I am about 372 pounds, I'm 5'11 so I think my target weight is around 250? Anyways I need start off small, I can't really eat healthy ATM as we are struggling, but I can reduce my portions...
  21. Nanbu

    Resolved: Suggestions welcomed on building my own computer

    The time has come for me to build my own computer. My old Alienware notebook has been loyal for over five years. Being the first computer I am building, I came up with a couple of things that might not be ideal... So here I am open to suggestions, tips, and learning. I don't have a budget limit...
  22. N

    Closed: Headset and Amp Suggestions

    Hey guys. So I'm retiring my Logitech G930 wireless headset 7.1 surround sound. It's just old and the microphone is broken and now the battery is dying too and Logitech support is horrible. I'm looking for both a wireless and wired headset, so I can switch when the wireless one need to be...
  23. ScorpionWoman

    Resolved: Bug & Suggestions

    To whom it may concern: Good afternoon, I was wondering if you can fix the bug that I am encountering with this site. I am simply trying to change my avatar and profile picture. I keep getting "Invalid File" as my error message. I was able to successfully delete my avatar but...
  24. Zeref

    Headset suggestions

    Hey, so i havent seen my brothers for over a year now ill be moving back soon , so i thought it would be nice to get them a couple of gifts . they have a fully custom desktops . everything , except good headsets ( they keep breaking them somehow ) anyway , any suggestions on good headsets...
  25. Sasori

    Steaming Suggestions

    So in June im gonna be frequently streaming. I am for sure streaming League, Guildwars 2,Phantasy Star online and Dragon Age Origins. Heres a list of the rest of my games, if any of you think some of these would be good please post with me tagged. I do enjoy all of them I just can't seem to...