1. turb0z

    Smite: Level 30 Looking for a Squad

    New guy on the block here looking to be part of a competition team/squad. I see that Fever has about 3 teams, are they all active? Any one looking for a player or perhaps a sub? I'd be happy to start off as a sub and earn my way in to the team over time. I'm most interested in just getting...
  2. C

    Smite: Looking for a Smite Squad to join

    I play smite, I'm lvl 28 currently heading for 30 soon but I really want to join a Smite squad so if anyone has room can you reply or message
  3. Benden

    Individual Squad Pages!

    Ok guys, during the competitions meeting we discussed having subdomains for each squad to advertise themselves in. Well, it's been about 1 month or more, but I was finally able to get with Virus on this and we have a working template! Single Slider - Free CSS Templates This link will take...
  4. Shock

    How to Join a Squad (competitive teams)

    What are Squads? You've seen teams in SC2 like Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid who play professionally, right? Well, Squads are the same thing but are for the average Joes in Fever who want to play competitively in clan wars. Fever has several different squads. Each squad is led by two...
  5. Kreps

    Squad Weekends & Information

    Squad weekends is actually quite straight forward, it's FeverClan squads facing each other for the competitive and fun, atmosphere. It helps to bring a new experience from us being so bound and comfortable with the clans casual environment. Why not get competitive and earn new rewards, learn new...
  6. Cerberus

    New EU Squad

    Hey my EU fellows! I think we needmore EU squads so I decided to make one on my own :DDD My aim is to bring more casual, low league players in higher leagues and itll make just much more fun to play in a squad and then play against members of other clans :) So if there are more BSG league...
  7. Ajido

    League of Legends: Question About Forming Squad

    I'm toying with the idea of forming a competitive LoL Squad, but I'm not sure what the pool of players is like here on Fever that aren't on teams already. Can I recruit people for my Squad outside of Fever? If so, is it a requirement that they post an application and join Fever? Do Sqauds get...
  8. MustangPunk

    Battlefield: Team Blackburn Squad for Battlefield 3

    You are allowed to be in 2 squads just not in the same game. Please be prepared to give the same amount of time to BF3 as your other game. LF Players to play Squad DM in all maps. We practice on Saturday's at 10am EST to accommodate US and EU players. We want to play other Clans for Bragging...
  9. Z

    How do i know who's in my squad

    I've done a lil of investigating but i can't find who makes up my squad except leader and co but i would like to know who else so that maybe i can play with my fellow mates.
  10. Kreps

    Read before posting!

    Squad Leadership Keep in mind. As long as the squad leaders are following within the Fever guidelines, they are free to build and manage the team as they see fit. They have final say as to the inner workings of the team. I have never liked to really tell the teams what they should be doing and...
  11. MustangPunk

    Battlefield: BF3 Leave note if intrested in Squad

    I am intrested in getting a BF3 squad together. I can try to run it but it might be to much for me and I'll have to pass it over to someone. But I can get games in and make practice times and the like. I would love to get 7 or so full time people with 4-5 subs, so we can do Squad DM in BF3.
  12. .mpm.7.

    DotA 2: ToXiC Squad [Europe]- Recruiting.

    Recruiting a Support Team Logo: Toxic.Dota is a Competitive team based on EU. ---Important notes--- Dear team members! Because we need a way to communicate easily and fast with everyone from the team (and see their responses public), I am going to open this thread as the basic for our team...
  13. MustangPunk

    Lookiing for Squad

    I am looking for 3 more players to get together and work as a squad in any map. I finally got premium and I would like to work on my game with others. I am new to BF3 and need some instruction. I would like to work on team play and strategy. Also any help on weapons and such would be great. Plz...
  14. Toby

    Squad Leader Award

    Please post all awarded Squad Leader awards here.
  15. Toby

    Squad Award

    Please post all awarded Squad awards here.