1. X

    New EU Casual/Competitive squad Forming!

    Forming a Squad in the EU! Im looking for a XO - to help the CO (Me) run the squad set up practices etc. Im also looking for at least 3 more additional members/Players. Information about me: Ive played competitive for a long time across all sorts of games CSGO being my most successful...
  2. Thundernut

    Squad Roster thread new

    Squad Roster Log Description The squad roster log is a thread designed for all squad leaders (both CO and XO) to post information regarding activity, achievements and overall progression of the squad. Even though contacting has been accomplished and actions have taken place for the CO's...
  3. SkipperSW

    Want to create my own squad of cheerful people! :D

    This post has been deleted.
  4. Synizta

    Dropbears Squad Update - February

    Hi guys. So it was suggested by someone within the Dropbears that I should post the first monthly squad update in the Starcraft 2 section, as well. So I'm posting an edited version of the one i posted for our squad. If the response is good i might post edited versions of the monthly update for...
  5. News Bot

    3rd party Kerbal Space Program mod site KerbalStuff shuts down; Squad issues response

    Earlier this week, a third-party support site for Kerbal Space Program and its modding community revealed that it is closing its doors. The site known as KerbalStuff was known for housing a large number of KSP mods and was popular with many of the game's users, particularly those that did not...
  6. zeetos

    Movie: The Lord of the Rings (Suicide Squad Style) trailer

    I like this, and I think its really well done. Makes me want to break out my lotr blu-rays and watch again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE05d0QyaZc
  7. Synizta

    Introducing Dropbears squad

    Squad has been disbanded! As a result I have removed all squad information and the application from this post.
  8. News Bot

    Knight Squad review: Just a Flesh Wound

    When done right, there's nothing more engaging than the party game. And the more players, the greater the chance for fun. In a crowded November of fall blockbusters, it's easy to lose track of a game like Knight Squad, which is making its Xbox One debut and just coming out of Steam Early Access...
  9. News Bot

    Shack Streams: Squad closed alpha hands on today

    At 5PM EST, Joe and Co. will be joined by Offworld Industries, the creators of Squad. Squad is an online, team based game that stresses teamwork above all. You might also know Offworld from their previous work, the wildly popular Project Reality Mod for Battlefield 2, so come hang out for a...
  10. News Bot

    Knight Squad prepares for battle in November on Xbox One and PC

    Chainsawesome Games has announced its medieval-themed party game, Knight Squad, will launch on PC and Xbox One on November 16. Knight Squad is a top-down arena battle game reminiscent of classic party games like Bomberman. The game will support up to eight players as they take part in a total of...
  11. Aradon the Black

    Looking to create a new Squad

    Looking for players for Uninstall League Squad I am currently recruiting players to fill in roles for team.. I don't really care about ranks all I care about is participation and how well we work together because anyone can be taught but I need people with a drive to play and compete. The...
  12. Daddy

    Starting a PRO squad for people who can't get enough of DOTO

    Intro I'm starting a new squad and the main objective is to get better as a team and play online tournaments. That said, the skill level must be very high. European players are highly preferred due to ping. Requirements Very high knowledge of the game and main role > I'm not looking to make a...
  13. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 9/7/15

    Tuesday 9/8/15 at 8PM EST. Thursday 9/10/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can't make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe Rehstraint krahelm
  14. Kimenu

    This our squad room to discuss squd forum to discuss squad stuff

    Shanill TheShugg Rookie Supguy someone tagg the rest
  15. toki

    Squad War Interest?

    Anyone up for this? bottomset born Kirbz Dirac Jeremy @legnce SharkInAPool @getsumdimsum dawnless @garani Dierith @corn chowder Ninjavanish Epic
  16. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/31/15

    Thursday 9/3/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can't make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Ether Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe
  17. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/24/15

    I'm doing it more late times this week. Tuesday 8/25/15 at 8PM EST. Thursday 8/27/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Ether Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe
  18. digitalblade

    Forming a Squad

    Hello, I am digitalblade and I decided to start a new squad. I am looking for adult(in mind) players, that have no problems with communication and want to get better at the game. The only thing you need to get better is understand you have to learn new things, play as a team and learn from your...
  19. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/17/15

    We are doing 2 practices this week. Professor_Deep Ether magicWolfe Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak Ryuk SalemRios Aradon the Black Tuesday 8/18 at 7:00 EST and Thursday 8/20 at 7:00 EST. Please let me know if you can't make it. So I can ask for our subs to fill-in. I would prefer...
  20. D

    LF heroes of the storm Squad

    Hello, Dracura here I did put my name in the LFG sticky Im interested in joining or forming a Heroes of the storm Squad ( i can give more details but lets keep forum post short ) I prefer tank but i can play more then a few assasins effectively and a few support. Im currently rank 27 but i...
  21. Lavender

    Miscellaneous: New Heroes Squad : Pyrexia

    Pyrexia (PREX) CO - Lavender XO - bloodrunner Member - Recovery Member - BadCompany Member - Ozzy0 Member - arramayne Member - BamBiGamer Member - sophiaherron Practice - 8pm-10pm EST Everyday (with players rotating for days off) Instructional squad teaching newer...
  22. Lavender

    Rank 40-50 squad looking for more

    The squad is mostly going to be built around teaching people what is expected of them in ranked play. I hope to get 6 or 7 guys together that will practice 7pm-9pm EST every Thursday(5 starters and 2 subs that will attend practice whenever someone cant make it.) If nothing else this squad will...
  23. Kimenu

    Anyone wants to join my Squad

    I have been thinking about creating a squad, I dont need the best players but i want a decent level so i got something to compete and work together with. My goal for this squad is to play a 2-3 matches a week pluss squad vs squad (if possible) and signing up for the next season of the...
  24. Ncola

    Chaos Squad Recruiting

    Chaos Hey guys I'm Ncola and I'm the commanding officer of Chaos. I have been playing Heroes since early beta and have participated in some tournaments including road to blizzcon. I am looking for 5 dedicated members to join Chaos, one at each role. By signing up for a role you are committing...
  25. Zecr

    Squad Livestream Soon

    Well guys get hyped and ready today I got the email from the creators of squad saying this: Offworld Industries says: Closed Pre Alpha is set to commence July 25th and 26th. Please check your email late next week for your Alpha keys, registration link and download link. Our current build...