1. N

    Fortnite Squad practice

    Hello, My name is NasteTV/Twitch.VyaneTV , and the purpose of this thread is for competitive fortnite squad, duo play. I myself have been playing with JomoJg for quite some time, and was wondering if anyone else was looking to play or practice with the same squads. Feel free to add me...
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    Happy Hour: SCRUBG Squad, Reassemble!

    Welcome to Happy Hour, our new Twitch gaming talk show. The show normally airs on Mondays and can be viewed in a VOD after we go offline. This week, the gang chats about God of War while playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Join the Shacknews TeamSpeak server if you'd like to get in on the...
  3. R

    New SC2 Squad

    Hey guys! So I'm trying to start a new sc2 squad to be competitive on the NA server. The max we can have is ten people so it will be a first come first serve kind of deal. The minimum requirements are plat +. Don't let this discourage you if you aren't in plat yet. We have plenty of players...
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    Pre-orders Open For Post Scriptum, A WW2 Sim Shooter From The Publishers of Squad

    Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter set during WW2 and looks to establish a pattern of hardcore shooters from publisher Offworld Industries. Sometime later today, the pre-orders will go live and all tiers give players access to pre-release testing in May 2018. As described on the...
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    New PUBG Limited Event: Can Your 8-Player Squad Stand The Metal Rain?

    PUBG players have had their hands full for a few weeks straight. A new PUBG map is being tested, some significant changes are being made to the game's formula, and limited events like the deathmatch "War" mode have mixed things up for fans of the PvP survival shooter and now there's a new event...
  6. N

    WeekendWarriors Looking For Squad Members

    WeekendWarriors is actively seeking three members to add for a metagroup squad. Group work is primarily Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoon/evenings. Prior experience is not a requirement, just a desire to progress. We need people to have both a primary meta role, as well as an alternate...
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    Happy Hour: SCRUBG Squad, Assemble!

    Welcome to Happy Hour, our brand new Twitch gaming talk show. The show normally airs on Mondays and can be viewed in a VOD after we go offline. This week, the gang chats about The Shacknews Awards and the holidays while playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Join the Shacknews TeamSpeak server...
  8. C

    Black Squad

    Does anyone else play? Installed it and have played a little and its fun. I know I am super skeptical with free games but this one isn't half bad. Available on steam. Searched forums trying to find a thread for it and there were none. It reminds me of cs go and black ops sorta.
  9. aNger


    Please post screenshots showing each unique squad win you earn from 12/20/2017-12/31/2017 and Win 1,000 V-BUCKs - YOU MUST TAG ANY |Fever| Clan member that was with you for the win when posting your picture! *Will stop counting wins at 8pm CST 12/31/2017 *V-BUCKs provided via Prepaid...
  10. aNger

    Fortnite | Late Night God Squad | LF NA | 18+ | Playing for the W | Squads Members

    Currently Looking for some more individuals on around 11pm CST - 4am CST several nights a week. I already have several team members available different nights so there will always be a team or two available for everyone. Just need to get us all on a list in one place with our availability...
  11. S

    Fortnight squad

    Hey everyone ive just been recruited as of this morning my name is matt im 27 and been playing games for a while now.. Having fun with fortnight and would like to join a few regulars in playing.. My gamertag is str8t2dom3ic3:single_eye: Xbox one only
  12. Damien

    GCC PUBG Squad Event - Sunday November 12th

    Hi everyone! GCC will be hosting a PUBG event on November 12, 2017. As indicated in this thread from Kimenu, Fever Clan has now begun collaboration with GCC and we are excited to see what is in store in the future. Fever Clan has received an invitation to this upcoming event this Sunday and we...
  13. S

    Looking for a full squad EU

    I am looking for a fortnite battle royal EU full squad to play with,I am lvl 34 and 20 years old,add me on fortnite Seto_Kaiba96 and also add me on steam couse most of my communication is on steam kaiba963
  14. C

    NA Fever Clan Competitive Squad Signup

    Please reply to this thread if you are interested in trying out for the comp team. Reply with ingame name, fever clan name and MM rank. (i dont care about your rank, but shows what skill group you are playing with) For information about the comp team, please check here. cbizzle icemanshane1...
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Preview: Inferno Squad Strikes Back

    An impassioned, spirited young fighter contemplates her fate from within the walls of a prison cell. As she considers what comes next, she's approached by an officer. She is promised mercy if she grants him the information he seeks. He tells her that she would be an asset to their side, should...
  16. E

    Casual / Semi Pro Season 11 Squad

    So I am looking to form/find a squad that wants to play the meta, and push greater rifts. As the Title says it is Casual, however I would like people to do some outside reading and learn how to best play their role. I'm proposing two nights a week for pushing, (Tue. and Sat, those can be...
  17. sparkis

    [Brawl] All-Star Squad

    Pick a card, any card, and get 22 of them along with 8 random class cards in this week's brawl. So far it's looking like it's mostly a Patches dominated meta (particularly with Hunter) but depending on how you queue Jade Idol Druid or Mind Blast Priest or Ice Block Mage seem popular too. If...
  18. Sendain

    S11 squad

    I'm looking to form a squad. It can be a 2, 3 or 4 person. As it's the summer I know people are on vacation or simply have events after work. Like most everyone I'll try the Necro. We'll see what happens to the wiz this coming season. I like to play the dps role more than another. I am on...
  19. Zahbo

    Season 11 Squad Forming

    So all, gonna try this again for S11. I am looking for a flexible META group for Paragon and GR pushing. I am not going to be militant in forming this, but please, serious inquiries only. I would like to have a PULL<HEAL<DPS<DPS setup to start. I am totally willing to have subs. But I would...
  20. DreadKnight

    Team League Squad Game Starting Tonight at 6:00PM EST

    Good Evening All ! Just throwing this out there to all HOTS members interested in Team League. Tonight I will be starting a squad game around 6:00PM EST (before the game night) to take a run at a few Team League ranked matches. Anyone who is interested just find me in one of the HOTS channels...
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    Take-Two Acquires Kerbal Space Program; Developer Squad to Continue Updates

    In a press release published earlier today, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive announced the acquisition of Kerbal Space Program (via GameSpot). Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick clarified that while the publisher added Kerbal Space Program to its portfolio of titles, developer Squad...
  22. DreadKnight

    HOTS SQUAD FORMATION (Ranked/ Unranked/ Training) Sign Up

    Hey ! I would like to formally announce i am interested in starting a Squad within the HOTS community. The main purpose for this squad will be to allow players to connect with each other and bring together tactics and play styles in a more competitive/ learning environment. I invite any...
  23. DreadKnight

    Potential Squad Formation for Unranked/ TL Draft Modes

    Good Morning All ! Just writing in regards to recent feedback from various members on the top of competitive HOTS within FEVER. Currently I am looking to form a squad of any and all interested members to join the ladders of Team League and unranked Draft Modes. I believe best practice...
  24. Ryaunn

    Looking for Squad

    Title says it all Looking For A Overwatch squad Bronzie here Support main .
  25. kil0biter

    The Derp Squad

    Good times with the clan. Atakapa Bot Doc TheBossGuy PapaRussia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8zKtRpS6B4&feature=youtu.be