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    Fortnite Devs Test Battle Royale Esports Rules With Limited Solo Showdown Mode

    The most recent Fortnite update added in some new consumables, weapons and fixes. A new limited time event mode is going live as well, following up the exciting Avengers: Infinity War crossover, but this event is a bit different from all the others. Instead of manipulating the core game, the...
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Returns to Original Trilogy to Celebrate Han Solo

    EA and DICE is finally looking to move forward from the Star Wars Battlefront II progression system and move on to some actual content. With that said, it's a good thing there's a new Star Wars movie coming out to provide some of that content. Later this month, Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit...
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    Lenovo's Standalone Google Daydream VR HMD, Mirage Solo, Available Now

    We're headed right for a moment in the VR industry's timeline focused on accessible standalone VR HMDs and the latest major piece of hardware to join the battle has been revealed. Following up the Oculus Go and Vive Focus is the previously revealed Mirage Solo, the first standalone Google...
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    Fig-Funded Romantic Puzzler Solo Now Available On Steam

    Just about a year ago in February 2017 the crew at Team Gotham put all their efforts towards getting their latest project funded through crowdfunding game development site, FIg. Now, just about a year since they made their funding goals, Team Gotham has launched their VR puzzler on Steam. While...
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    GDC 2018: David Brevik on It Lurks Below, Solo Development, and 27 Years in Gaming

    There's always something new to learn in any profession, no matter how long one has been involved in it. The art of game design is no different. Even for the veterans, the pioneers, and the legends, there's always something new for them to learn every day. After decades in the business, there's...
  6. Aervenor

    First Solo Win!

    Feels good to finally get a W solo, four of my kills were the last four other players haha If anyone else has some awesome Victory Royales to show, feel free to post them here! :D
  7. Gizmo256

    Solo GR 70 Accomplished!

    Finally achieved my Solo GR 70 run last night on a WD Helltooth Garg build. I was around Pagaron 500, with maybe 1-2 pieces of Ancient. Anyone else get your solo done?
  8. Napolen

    EU Jungler, Supporter, Solo Que Silver V is looking for rankings team

    Hello everybody, My name is Henrik aka Napolen. I have been active in the League of Legend since the beginning of the 6 Season, especially with the positions as a Jungler & Supporter. For these, I also possessed several good and efficient champions, as it is on my profile to recognize...
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    Destiny 2 to Have Clan Support and Guided Games for Solo Players

    Destiny 2 seems to be pushing all the right buttons, bringing plenty of new features that the original game lacked. One of the biggest is Clan support, finally eliminating the need for keeping track of everything outside of the game or through the browser. The Clans function in...
  10. Kiss


    Hello, fellow Fever members. This is our very first PUGB Solo Tournament that will begin in two weeks! Registration applications will be open for one week and the week after that will be the beginning of our tournament. Registration Application Date: 5/4 ~ 5/14 Tournament Date: 5/15 ~...
  11. Kiss

    NA First Solo, First Win

    Im the Bush Master Kiss. "Kiss the bush" - Atakapa
  12. Ex0h

    89 GR solo :D

    So happy to finally get this, my main goal is to hit 90 this season. I think im really close. The audio on twitch is disabled for like 5 minutes on this clip, thanks for watching! Twitch
  13. Stann

    92 solo witch doctor [emoji41]

    Finally got my 92, ran a build with slightly more toughness and crushed it. Even had a power pylon next to the boss that I didn't use (didn't need it) If any witch doctors want to learn the arachyr fb solo methods hmu Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Voir

    Cannot pass GR74 solo

    Here are my two character profiles: Hammerdin: Thorns Crusader: You will notice that two of the gem slots in the hammerdin are empty. I swap them back and forth...
  15. sparkis

    Solo Playtest Log - sparkis

    Record of play testing. Summary results and analysis posted/edited in OP. Turn-by-turn data in individual posts. Observations: With weapon damage of 5 and 0 armour, Warrior vs Ranger matches last around 11-12 rounds for each player. Haymaker stun effect expected on average 1 out of every 5...
  16. Kindred Spirit R

    Which hero's are the best to play in HotS solo quick play?

    Basically, who are the adc of HotS?
  17. Requ1em

    KOTK: Solo Game play 101

    Gameplay 101 | King of the Kill | Fight-to-the-Death Shooter
  18. IgnisFray

    Apdo's(Number 1 in Korea solo queue) thoughts.

    Apdo just recently hit rank 1 in Korea and has been infamous in Korea for quite some time. He is actually permabanned so he doesn't stream but he has always been someone people considered to be a contender for the number 1 league player spot. Here are some of his thoughts after hitting Rank 1...
  19. T

    Good solo Que champs

    Hey for all you new guys. Stealthskull#1952 on my blizz i just wanted to give you my list of solo que. I'm not one of ur pro team players but i do solo que a lot and it shows. This list will raise your win rate ( not give u 100% because that is absurd). -Nazeebo (by far my favorite champ) this...
  20. S

    Zyra Support Solo Triple Kill

    When the team feeds one man at a time, you have to win by yourself.
  21. Karlo

    A Solo Queuers top 10 tricks to reaching Level 1 (Soon to be GrandMaster)

    So a friend of mine from my previous team posted this link and the guide is AMAZING! Check it out! TempoStorm
  22. K

    Monk GR solo build

    What kind of builds have people been using for Monk solo greater rifting so far? I've had very poor luck so far and I'm looking for suggestions. So far I have used this build Uliana'''s Exploding Palm – GR Solo - Monk - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans but honestly I get wrecked. I've got all...
  23. Voir

    Almost unplayable on solo queue

    I've come back after a short absence and QM is nigh unplayable if I care to win on solo-queue. - Melee such as butcher who rush in alone, and blame me because I can't heal him through 3+ attackers all focusing him down. - almost no semblance of organization while the enemy team looks like a...
  24. Bob_o

    Hardcore Leveling Race (Solo)

    Join us on Sunday March 13th from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST for the Hardcore Leveling Race (Solo) The Event: See who can get the highest level on hardcore in the time allotted. If you die, you're out. The Rules: Everyone will start a new seasonal hardcore character. Using Paragon levels is...
  25. T

    Thoughts on Sader Thorns as a solo build?

    Been loving Thorns Sader, but it seems to lack in solo, Are there any good solo build for sader this season?