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    Pre-orders Open For Post Scriptum, A WW2 Sim Shooter From The Publishers of Squad

    Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter set during WW2 and looks to establish a pattern of hardcore shooters from publisher Offworld Industries. Sometime later today, the pre-orders will go live and all tiers give players access to pre-release testing in May 2018. As described on the...
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    Cats & Dogs Living Together in The Sim 4 Update Available Now

    Today, EA announced that The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack is available worldwide on PC and Mac, and that The Sims 4 will release on Xbox One and PlayStation® 4 consoles on November 17. You need to already own The Sims 4 to create your own furry friends. Please take a look at the brand...
  3. ManderMan

    Farm Sim 15

    Just wondering if anyone else plays Farm Sim 15
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    Planet Coaster Preview: The Roller Coaster Sim Reborn

    In Planet Coaster, the customer is always right. Their mood, activities, interests, and well-being are the most important aspect of running a successful theme park, because customers come with money, and accumulating money is the ultimate goal of any tycoon worth their salt. This is the core of...
  5. H

    any racing sim fans here?

    Hello. I've just joined yesterday. One of my gaming loves is sim racing. Are there any other sim racers here? My current list of games on pc: assetto corsa project cars rfactor dirt rally GCSE
  6. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now! $15

    GETTT ITTTT And they're doing a promo where you get 32 Skins for ships plus this next DLC!!!!
  7. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now!

    In light of new partnerships Virtual Reality companies, Frontier is having a massive sale on digital copies of Elite: Dangerous. Now on STEAM and the Frontier store for $26.99! $26.99!!!!!!! and It comes with expansions! For those of you who didn't want to get the game for full price between...
  8. Ocean

    Inviting New Players

    Now that Elite: Dangerous Developers have given news on the release of their expansions: CQC Battles (Arena) Planetary Landings I encourage anyone who's wanted to buy or try this game to do so now, as the stages of awesomeness are continuously getting better each quarter! If you decide to...
  9. Ocean

    New Player Help

    People who have recently joined the clan and play Elite: Dangerous or are interested. Do you guys want to learn how to play? Need the basics? Control options? Combat? Menus and Maneuverability? This should serve as a basic help thread. Post here (with player tags optional) and we'll get...
  10. Ocean

    Useful Tools and Websites for Elite: Dangerous Players

    Reddit: Trading: Trade helper (Mk1) - Elite & Dangerous Roguey Elite Trade Net Route Plotting...
  11. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous Re-Releases Lifetime Expansion Pass

    So as the title says, Elite: Dangerous has re-released it's Lifetime Expansion Pass for all future content to ever become available to players. People who already own the game get a 'Loyalty Discount' of $15 or 10 Pounds in the UK. You can find more information here...
  12. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous PowerPlay

    For those of you who would like to know more about PowerPlay: Players can choose to pledge allegiance to one of several galactic Powers. Powers control multiple star systems and offer players valuable perks for their support. Every player...
  13. Ocean

    Updates: Elite: Dangerous Players

    Looking for people who play this! I'm insanely addicted. And I would like to find people to play with! Group Trading or Group Bounty Hunting. Please Respond to this!
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    Surgeon Simulator 2013 devs create shower sim starring PewDiePie, Weeble, and more

    It seems like shower simulators are starting to pick up lately shortly after the announcement of Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. This week, a new game called GOTY IDST (Game Of The Year (If Deleted Still True) has been announced from the folks at Bossa Studios, and to put it bluntly, it...
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    Yandere Sim may be the most brutal anime-themed game I've ever seen

    One of my major hobbies outside of gaming is watching anime and partaking in the sights and sounds of the Japanese culture. Some of the animes I watch includes some characters who have interesting quirks, although I generally watch comedies and maybe a rom-com every so often. One interesting...
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    How to eat pasta like a Sim

    Are you looking for dinner plans? Do you have a weird penchant for keeping all aspects of your life relevant to your hobby? You are in luck! Our collective journey into the kitchen continues, with goopy carbonara from The Sims 3. Check out the recipe below, and try to ignore how unappetizing the...
  17. Astro Wolf

    Gaming News: Steel Waves: A new Battleship & Submarine Arcade Sim need your help

    Hey there guys First off i just wanna see thanks for welcoming me into the community, i've had a blast with a few members already :) Now down to business I'm a Games Developer. I started my studio with two friends back in June of last year. In October we started a project that would...
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    Naughty cat sim Catlateral Damage releases new playable alpha

    Like many single women approaching 30, I have a cat. (I'm fine.) Like many cat-owning single women approaching 30, I often find my personal possessions inexplicably down on the floor. And like other single women approaching 30 who spend a lot of time picking things up after a cat, I'm too...
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    Medieval city-building sim Banished arrives on February 18

    O for the good old days, when life was simple and children weren't hiring hitmen on their iPhones with Bitcoins! Shining Rock Software understands the appeal of a good day's hard work, and of the weak falling to winter, and is sharing this with the world in Banished. The one-man studio today...
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    Rise of Venice preview: a trading sim for everyone

    Central to Rise of Venice's appeal is the campaign mode, which will slowly introduce the various mechanics that power the trading genre. It's inherently an intimidating genre, so having some structure immediately appeals to newcomers. The story that ties everything together is also genuinely...
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    How The Sims 4 is aiming for more subtle sim behavior

    The Sims 4 is putting a heavy emphasis on emotions, but the Sims Studio doesn't want to make those play out as broad cartoonish stereotypes. Instead, executive producer Rachel Franklin says the goal is to make the sims a more accurate reflection of real life, with more subtle touches based on...
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    Viscera Cleanup Detail is your new favorite weird sim

    When John Halo or Ian Space Marine has killed all the demons or aliens or zombies or whatever's causing trouble this week, a new hero breed of hero is called in: the space-janitor. You, yes you, will get to slip on those iconic yellow rubber gloves in the latest oddball physics-driven simulator...
  23. UltraGumby

    Gaming News: Get your free game for purchasing sim city This explains what games there are to choose from and when they will become available. I'm thinking mass effect personally.
  24. P

    Season 3 Info Post (jungle times, item sim, mastery sim)

    Item Simulator Mastery Simulator ^^Sometimes buggy^^ Season 3 Jungle Timers/Paths/Thoughts by Stonewall008 Season 3 Jungle Tier List by Stonewall008 Thoughts? anything here could be changed at any time by riot, but will most likely stay about the same.
  25. A

    I know this might be a bit dumb.. but anyone know a english anime dating sim online?

    Idk.. I always see those dating sims in anime.. and wanted to try one english subbed... I heard some people play it though I tried searching on google.. and couldnt find any good places to get some anime games from. LOL its just to get the curiosity outta me I just want to say I tried one...