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    Pre-orders Open For Post Scriptum, A WW2 Sim Shooter From The Publishers of Squad

    Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter set during WW2 and looks to establish a pattern of hardcore shooters from publisher Offworld Industries. Sometime later today, the pre-orders will go live and all tiers give players access to pre-release testing in May 2018. As described on the...
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    Active Shooter Reported at YouTube San Bruno Headquarters

    Breaking news is spreading across the internet confirming that a gunman has entered the YouTube headquarters based out of San Bruno, California. Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers. — Vadim Lavrusik...
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    Asymmetrical Shooter Aftercharge Coming to Switch with Cross-Platform Play

    One of the more exciting games the Shacknews crew saw at this year's Game Developers Conference is Aftercharge, an upcoming 3v3 asymmetrical shooter that pits a team of invisible robots against a team of invincible humans. As far as we can tell, it's a multiplayer game that doesn't mind thinking...
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    March Nindie Roundup Features Garage, A Timed-Exclusive Nintendo Switch Shooter from tinyBuild

    The indie gaming train on the Nintendo Switch continues full speed ahead with today’s Nindie Showcase. Indies have continued to have success on the Switch and part of that is Nintendo’s efforts to highlight and promote the many games indie devs are bringing to them. The Banner Saga...
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    'Co-opetition' Survival Shooter Scavengers Revealed, Sounds A Lot Like Destiny

    Midwinter Entertainment, the new development team featuring former Halo and Farmville devs, has revealed their flagship game Scavengers. Details are scarce, but this debut will be a survival shooter set in a freezing post-apocalyptic setting. Co-opetition. See that word. Remember it. I...
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    Classic Vertical Shooter Star Force Heading To Nintendo Switch

    There's something oddly magical about using modern consoles, and more specifically modern portable consoles, to play retro gaming hits. After all, the Nintendo Wii was hugely popular thanks in no small part to the considerable back catalog of old NES and SNES games made available through the...
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    Dark Fantasy Shooter Witchfire Looks to Deliver a Scenic Shooter

    Polish developer The Astronauts made a surprising debut at The Game Awards 2017, a dark fantasy shooter with gorgeous environments and a mishmash of exciting action elements. The teaser trailer had a cheeky joke for viewers, referring to the studio’s most recent title The Vanishing of...
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    PSVR Stealth Shooter Blood & Truth Announced

    First-person stealth action title Blood & Truth is bringing style and excitement to PS VR. The newly announce title showed off some James Bond-ish gameplay as players will sneak, shoot, interrogate, and destroy as they pursue their goals. Developing... More...
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    Oculus Announces New VR Shooter From Titanfall Developers

    Big name traditional gaming developers are slowly getting more involved in virtual reality and Oculus shared that Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall, is working on a VR shooter that will launch in 2019. Developing... More...
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    Atomega is a Multiplayer Arena Shooter From the Makers of Grow Home

    The creators of Grow Home (and its sequel, Grow Up) have climbed their beanstalk and are ready to move on to their next endeavor. Early Monday morning, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft Reflections studio announced a new multiplayer arena shooter called Atomega. The idea is that post-biological lifeforms...
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    Morphies Law Is A Console Exclusive Shooter For Nintendo Switch

    Quirky multiplayer experiences are staples for Nintendo and, during the Nindies Showcase, they announced a new one that is sure to draw attention. Morphies Law is a 4v4 shooter where players size matters and it launches as a console exclusive this Winter. Players will morph their bodies in maps...
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    Games of Glory, Lightbulb Crew's Smash TV-like Shooter, Enters Open Beta on April 25

    Lightbulb Crew's Games of Glory, a top-down, team-based shooter that seems perfectly suited to eSports, will enter open beta on April 25. PC and PS4 players will get to sample the game, and partake in cross-play between platforms. Games of Glory casts players as gladiatorial combatants. Part...
  13. M

    LFG MMORPG / MOBA / Shooter / Misc

    Any teams forming? Wife is busy with some work stuff, so getting more free time then usual. Curious what groups we got in something I can sink some time into. I pretty much play every genre, just curious what we have that's pretty active. Kinda getting burned out on the moba arena games, but...
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    Smite developer's team-based CCG shooter, Paladins, enters Open Beta on Steam

    Hi-Rez Studios team-based shooter mixed with some collectible card mechanics, Paladins, has officially entered Open Beta and is now available to play on Steam. Paladins was announced nearly a year ago as a new team-based shooter that would combine FPS gameplay along with unique character...
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    Dusk plans to scratch your early 90s first-person shooter itch in 2017

    New Blood has revealed its upcoming first-person shooter that should scratch your nostalgic itch if you played PC shooters in the 90s, called Dusk. Dusk is described as a “retro FPS inspired by all of your 90’s favorites.” Judging by its debut trailer, we believe if...
  16. August

    Looking For Players! (ARK: SOTF)

    Hey, I'm looking for some people interested in playing ARK: Survival of the Fittest. For those of you who don't play or haven't heard of it, the game is a free stand-alone version of ARK: Survival Evolved. It's an extremely PVP arena game, similar to the Hunger Games. Teams of 1-4 people are...
  17. E

    Looking for silver team?

    Hey guys/gals I've started playing cs go and am silver 1. I get a good score in every game but sometimes the team just lets me down. If there are any silver teams who want another member then just hit me up! thanks, Euan
  18. X


    Hello Shooters, Just seeing if anyone plays Defiance Hit me up. IGN: Jynxer
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    Lawbreakers Hands-On Preview: Return of the Arena Shooter

    Cliff Bleszinski will probably never fully escape the Gears of War legacy, but Lawbreakers feels like one hell of an attempt to. While it shares certain passing similarities including eye-rolling profanity and chunky splashes of blood, it almost feels as if the former Epic head founded a new...
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    Hypercharge: An Exclusive Look at the Action Figure Shooter

    Digital Cyber Cherries, the U.K. studio behind the ambitious NewRetroArcade, recently took the wraps off its first official game. Hypercharge, a hybrid third-and-first-person shooter inspired by 80s action figures like G.I. Joe and He-Man, is targeted directly at your nostalgia. Shacknews spoke...
  21. Kunezite

    APB is now a First Person Shooter

    If you were like me and couldn't find the APB Forum for a week; the problem was it had been moved. Looks like some categories were re-shifted and APB is now in with the First Person Shooters. While this really isn't that big of an issue (APB is still thankfully a Third-Person game), I thought...
  22. G

    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

    Hey guys I just started playing Mass Effect 3 again. If anyone wants to play some multiplayer let me know. Also if you havn't tried it yet it's really fun. Let me know if you wanna play some either here or in teamspeak. You'll usually see me on in the misc channels labeled Masseffect 3 if...
  23. Ocean

    Got my rank today

    Gold Nova I any ideas for practice?
  24. FealtyGaming

    Resolved: Is Star Wars Battlefront III worth buying? Is my rig strong enough to stream it?

    I have been pretty excited for the game to come out. The reviews and content I have seen on Gamespot, PCGamer, and others have looked pretty fun. I was curious if anyone in the clan has had a chance to get their hands on it yet and if it was a good or bad experience? The good or bad also leads...
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    Burstfire is a new tactical shooter from the makers of Hawken

    The free-to-play mech shooter Hawken has been in a state of limbo for some time. While it is still receiving updates, the game has undergone complete developer turnover. What happened to the former Hawken developers? They've found a new endeavor in the form of a new studio called Nacho Games...