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    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.6 Include New Customization for Weapons, Ships, and Clothing

    Sea of Thieves has received its first update for the month of May, Update 1.0.6, and the patch notes cover a whole lot of juicy morsels for pirates to sink their teeth into. Included in the update is new stock for many of the vendors, a handful of fixes, and a little nerf to Merchant Voyage...
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    Star Control: Origins' Fleet Battles Beta 2 Release Includes New Weapons and Ships

    Stardock is still cruising along with the development of Star Control: Origins, and it's planned for launch this year. The company just announced a special milestone, in fact, in the form of Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles Beta 2, which brings several new tidbits along with it for anyone...
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    How To Customize Ships In Sea of Thieves

    Given that Rare's latest title Sea of Thieves is a game specifically focused on the open-sea experience, it comes as little surprise that players are keen on customizing their ships. After all, nothing makes a sailor stand out more than a visual representation of their greatest triumphs and most...
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    How to Spot Sunken Ships and Shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves

    Rare's latest open-water adventure Sea of Thieves is yet another in a line of modern games that doesn't go out of its way to explain itself to the player. The idea is likely that not knowing exactly how everything works will give the game's players a sense of wonder, excitement, or perhaps even...
  5. Gizmo256

    Top Ships of 2017

    See what the captains were playing last year!
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    Vive headset now ships directly from HTC, available in more demo locations

    Consumers who decide to pull the trigger on a Vive, HTC's $799 VR headset, won't have to wait long to step into a new realm of entertainment. HTC announced that its Vive can be purchased directly from in 24 countries, and will ship within two to three business days of purchase...
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    Footage from unannounced Star Wars RTS shows characters and ships

    Twitter user Nerd Leaks dug up quite a find earlier today: footage of an unannounced Star Wars-themed RTS. TIE Fighters, the Falcon, and other ships zoom around the sky while Luke Skywalker commands forces on the ground on the desert planet of Tattooine. Refer to Vimeo to check out the footage...
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    Loot Crate gaming subscription now on sale; ships out in April 2016

    Loot Crate announced its new monthly subscription crate, Loot Gaming, just a few weeks ago. Today, the company has announced Loot Gaming subscriptions are currently on sale and shipments should expect to start going out in April 2016. The Loot Gaming crate is themed “LEGACY” and is...
  9. Gyorn

    Video: Size of Star Wars ships graphically compared

    Found this pretty interesting and nice looking video about ship sizes in the original Star Wars trilogy today:
  10. Nooonan

    World of Warship Halloween themed ships

    Halloween Coming to World of Warships | MMO Play I have been playing this game for a while and Just thought it was cool that there adding Holiday themed ships and a new gamemodes I read a little more about the update here i like this website they do little articles keeping up with all MMO...
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    World of Warships gets haunted by ghost ships today

    World of Warships continues to sail along through its open beta phase, but even games that center around combat on the high seas can celebrate Halloween. That's why Wargaming is digging into the spooky idea of the ghost ship for the game's seasonal update. According to the World of Warships...
  12. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous Player Roster

    Elite Dangerous Player Roster Please post in this thread if you'd like to have your CMDR name added to the roster. Tag me in case I don't see it. Fever Name CMDR Name (In-Game) Ocean Ocean Wretch Atakapa Kesem TheBossGuy Virus Luck Mowr Thielt lukey_c SenpaiNoticeMe...
  13. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now!

    In light of new partnerships Virtual Reality companies, Frontier is having a massive sale on digital copies of Elite: Dangerous. Now on STEAM and the Frontier store for $26.99! $26.99!!!!!!! and It comes with expansions! For those of you who didn't want to get the game for full price between...
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    Red Dead Redemption ships over 14 million copies since 2010

    Rockstar Games’ western action game, Red Dead Redemption, has now shipped over 14 million copies since its release back in 2010. Take-Two Interactive shared the figure in its latest shareholder outreach document. One slide within the document not only reveals this milestone, but it also...
  15. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous Re-Releases Lifetime Expansion Pass

    So as the title says, Elite: Dangerous has re-released it's Lifetime Expansion Pass for all future content to ever become available to players. People who already own the game get a 'Loyalty Discount' of $15 or 10 Pounds in the UK. You can find more information here...
  16. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous PowerPlay

    For those of you who would like to know more about PowerPlay: Players can choose to pledge allegiance to one of several galactic Powers. Powers control multiple star systems and offer players valuable perks for their support. Every player...
  17. Ocean

    Updates: Elite: Dangerous Players

    Looking for people who play this! I'm insanely addicted. And I would like to find people to play with! Group Trading or Group Bounty Hunting. Please Respond to this!
  18. D

    Bonus Ships with Game Time Purchase!

    If you're trying out EVE and think you like it, an old player looking for a reason to return, or actively playing and want something cool... now is the time to add Game Time to your account. CCP normally charges for HD access to Fanfest (free this year) and instead, they're giving away the...
  19. Drag

    Which ships do you own?

    Which ships do you own? Which ships are you planning to buy before launch and which after? I currently only own the Origin Jumpworks 315p, but I love it. It's gorgeous looking and a decent fighter. I'll definitely get a Freelancer MIS if it is on sale again (It's a limited edition ship)...
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    Bravely Default ships 1 million

    The old-school throwback RPG Bravely Default has shipped 1 million copies worldwide, including downlodable versions. Siliconera reports 400,000 of those sales were in its home country of Japan, and the other 600,000 were split between other countries. The company did not specify the split...
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    Dead Rising 3 ships one million in first month

    Dead Rising 3 was one of the better-reviewed Xbox One launch games, and its sales numbers seem to reflect that. Capcom has announced that in its first month, the zombie-slaying sequel surpassed one million units shipped. The figures didn't detail how many had been sold-through to players. More...
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    Assassin's Creed 4 trailer: 7 minutes of ships

    A pirate without a ship is like a, well, a Dracula without a coffin, or something. A new seven-minute gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag focuses on how much 'hero' Edward loves his ship, The Jackdaw. He'll be exploring in it, upgrading it, fighting other ships with it, and...
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    The Last of Us ships 3.4 million in three weeks

    The critical buzz and anticipation seem to have done favors for The Last of Us, as Sony has announced that global sales are downright infectious. It reached 3.4 million after only three weeks on the market, according to estimates as of July 3, making it the fastest selling PlayStation 3 game of...