1. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.8 Include Previously-Removed Item Sharing Feature

    As promised, Sea of Thieves has received constant after-release support in the form of updates, and the latest one – Update 1.0.8 – includes a multitude of bug fixes, color blind support, and updates to those damnable squawking chickens. This latest patch isn’t expected to...
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    Twitch Introduces 'Pulse' for Quick Highlight Sharing

    Twitch has introduced a new sharing feature that gives a quicker overview of clips from streamers. The new "Pulse" feed will be activated on the main front page of Twitch, displaying a variety of posts from all of your friends and followed accounts. Those posts aren't just a direct clips from...
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    NVIDIA's telemetry monitor isn't sharing your personal data

    Over the weekend, a Reddit post accused the latest version of NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software of gathering personal data and sharing it for all the world to see. GeForce Experience delved pretty deep, going so far as to grab email addresses. It turns out there's nothing illicit going on. A...
  4. Tigeax

    Arma 3 Sharing Tread

    Post all your awesome Screenshots, Stories, Video's and other stuff about Arma 3 here.
  5. The Rev

    Battlefield Sharing Thread!

    Share your epic moments and such within this thread, glitchy screenshots etc!
  6. SunKenRock

    League of Sharing Legends

    Sometimes you want to post about your experiences in League. It could be a screenshot/story of a comeback victory , or a frustrating loss in ranked that came down to the wire. Maybe in that certain loss you achieved a personal best,or even the not so often pentakill. Other things could...
  7. SunKenRock

    Share Your HOTS Experience

    Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm sharing thread. Have any funny, awesome or frustrating moments? Put them here Feel like sharing those awesome plays, glitches or even complain those ill teammates? Put them there This means things like videos, gifs, screenshots, all can be dropped here...
  8. neondevil

    The SMITE sharing thread!

    Share any funny, awesome or frustrating moments here! You can boast about your awesome plays, share your funny moments or glitches or even complain about annoying team mates here! Videos, GIFS, screenshots just drop them all in here! You could even share your thoughts on something, just share...
  9. E

    LF3 Demon Hunters for speed 60+ for gem leveling / paragon farming / loot sharing tonight

    So yesterday I finally got an ancient Yangs, not the greatest but it increased my damage by about 25 percent getting me over 1 million so I will take it. Now that I finally got my damage to a decent output, I am looking for a group of all relatively geared player to do speed runs of at least...
  10. News Bot

    Google Play Games app will offer native support for sharing game clips directly to YouTube

    Google has announced it has upgraded its Google Play app to allow users to record and share their favorite gaming moments directly to YouTube. The process of sharing these moments has been streamlines as users will pick a game they want to play, then tap the record button. The app allows users...
  11. NobleLion

    Sharing another experience I have regarding marketing

    TL : DR - How about something that tracks consecutive logins by members with rewards for various milestones? Hi again, Just trying to keep things active here for myself, and putting this out there. One thing I feel strongly about that is consistent with what I believe we are trying to do...
  12. Keelzeboss

    Social Music Sharing

    Soooo lokela introduced me to this thing... I am probably late to the party, but you can sign up and share music. It's like an interactive music-sharing, dance party. Really adds to the experience of not only gaming together, but exchanging songs while playing in a party. Definitely worth a...
  13. amoretpax199

    Competitive Ruling: Account Sharing

    Organization: Enemy esports, TRIG, COGnitive Gaming, Boogaloo (Challenger’s Cup) Player: Soulshiner (NME), Tocketty (NME), Mask (COG), Lloydy (TRIG), Vetium (BOOG) Region: North America, Europe Date of Ruling: 4/7/2015 Subject: Terms of Service Violation, Account Sharing Information: The...
  14. M

    Discussion: Anime sharing sites are being DDoSed.

    The anime torrenting site, the fansub group HorribleSubs and some other anime related sites are currently being DDoSed by an unknown source. Rumors are that the Japanese goverment is doing this as part of their anti-piracy operation. What do you guys think?
  15. H

    Loot sharing idea.

    Hey guys, I'm having the problem that everything that could be usefull (and/or is rare) for somebody I take with me so I can give it to other people. But most of the time I can't find the right person(s) to give it to. Simply because he/she is not online at the time I'm playing or the people...
  16. News Bot

    Nintendo 3DS update adds eShop balance sharing and Miiverse

    Nintendo 3DS owners can finally share their eShop account balance with their Wii U, as the promised system update adding Nintendo Network ID support has arrived today. The update also brings the Miiverse social network to 3DS, to chat about games and share pictures. More...
  17. Ryuzaaki

    Just sharing my feedback about Ryze I posted on the LoL forums

    relevant thread: 3-4 years later I still miss the original Ryze - League of Legends Community Anyone else play any Ryze or have any thoughts about him?
  18. News Bot

    Xbox One: digital game and Live Gold sharing explained

    Microsoft has laid out its policies for digital game sharing on Xbox One. And, it isn't too different from what's available now on Xbox 360--and what's available on PS4. Like Sony's next-gen console, you'll nominate one console to be your "Home" system. Anyone can login with their Gamertag and...
  19. Annihilator

    Gaming News: Steam game sharing code found in clients beta update

    This code was found in Beta Update: SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicense_Title Shared game library SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_OwnerText Just so you know, your games are currently in use by %borrower%. Playing now will send %borrower% a notice that its time to quit...
  20. News Bot

    Xbox One policy change means loss of family sharing, disc-free gaming

    Microsoft's sudden reversal today of its 24-hour check-in policy and how it will handle used games is obviously good news for those happy with the Xbox 360 status quo. But the change also means the loss of some features that the company had touted as important features for the new console...
  21. Brynnhildr

    Sharing is caring

    What's going on with your life right now? I'll go first. My younger brother just lost 12kg the last couple of weeks from being seriously sick. Something about a bacteria in his stomach that made his throat swell almost to the point of entirely closing. He's getting better, but he's still got...
  22. blacklyte

    Sharing a few of my favorite books / Authors

    Orson Scott Card. My absolute favorite writer. Best work is the Ender's Game saga. 9 books total.