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  1. BruC0Ndr

    Share your Fallout 4 stories and moments here :D

    Well... I must be blind or whatsoever but I haven't seen any fallout 4 threads yet here.... Post here random shit you encounter, things you crafted, your funny moments, war stories and let us show how your settlements look! Try to keep down the spoilers and use the code bro. ( [ SPOILER ]...
  2. News Bot

    This War of Mine 1.4 update allows players to share scenarios

    The horrors of war are neverending for those caught in the middle of a conflict. So it stands to reason that the scenarios one would encounter in such situations would also be vast and unique from person to person. With that said, developer 11 bit Studios is now opening the door for This War of...
  3. Spowart

    Video: Have to share this.

    I think I have played this at least 100 times xD
  4. News Bot

    Tales from the Borderlands will share Episode 4 with PAX Prime audience

    Tales from the Borderlands has ended on quite a cliffhanger over the past couple of episodes. Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be a lot of hint as to how Rhys and Fiona have ended up in their current predicament that kicked off the entire game. Perhaps some answers will come from the...
  5. Bluepants

    This song has been on repeat for the last 2 weeks so Had to share

  6. HolicAlco

    Share your thoughts on CBT 4

    Ahhh beautiful. I have forgotten how gorgeous this game is :D Sadly I didn't have much time to play it. Still I tried the new classes (which are awesome!). For myself I think this game has insane potential as dungeon crawler. You can play on good graphics even with weaker PC since most of the...
  7. X

    Smite Pro-League 2: Week 4: June 4th, 6th, 7th, 2015: Share your picks, get more Fat Points

    Hello folks, Smite Pro-League Season 2 Week 4: North America: Europe: Post your picks and lets get our Fat Points... Fun, Fun Points.
  8. H-GAMER

    A Controllock deck I want to share with you!

    It started more demon-heavy, but nowadays it's a bit more control heavy (still don't know which name would fit better). Fairly cheap, considering I am a f2p :D The Hungry dragon is there because most of the time it's a good 4-drop, or at later parts of the game, it's very easy to deal with the...
  9. Hasmed

    Share This with Everyone!

    They did it again. Fuck EA
  10. 0yme0

    Share your Forum Stats!

    In the forum page you can now view your forum info! You can view it at the top of the page here Here's mine, for example
  11. Booyah

    Event: Share your screenshots or videos!

    This is a thread for you to share ridiculous screenshots or videos that you've personally participated in, please do not share pics and videos from pro players or streams unless they are in fact you or another Fever member. First of the thread: My first game as BB
  12. S

    Share your Hero

    Currently using this fire DH as main. I did more damage with my cold build but needed to switch it up a bit. Diablo III Character Planner
  13. Spowart

    Just thought I should share this. File was to large to upload. But Colossal Titan is done with your sh*t!
  14. 0yme0

    Share your decks!

    Share your little creations or adaptations here! Looking forward to see some pretty cool stuff. Or some decks that seemed to work well
  15. News Bot

    PlayStation 4 Share Play will only run in 720p for guests

    The PlayStation 4’s system update 2.00 adds a number of highly-anticipated feature, but no feature is as anticipated as the console’s Share Play feature, which allows PlayStation Plus members to allow their friends to tap into their game in order to get a taste of the action, or to...
  16. News Bot

    Persona Q videos share some Teddie love

    Publisher Atlus isn't finished introducing the full cast of characters for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. That means two more characters are being spotlighted today: Persona 3's Yukari Takeba and the lovably amorous Teddie. Yukari is primed to act as the team's magic user, with strong...
  17. News Bot

    New PlayStation firmware update to introduce Share Play, YouTube posting

    Sony has promised to make the PlayStation 4 more of a social game machine than it's already become, and, judging by what's coming with the company's latest firmware update for the system, it's certainly living up to its word. The firmware 2.00 feature will allow players to find friends who have...
  18. S

    Music: Share music that makes you cry
  19. betcan

    Share ur inventory!

    Hey, i think it would be a fun thing if people posted pictures of their inventory in CSGO to see if they differ alot or it they look alot like eachother. Here's mine ^^: Inventory ^^ - Imgur
  20. M

    How to share expired replays

    When replays expire most people assume they are gone for good, however there is a folder that the replays you download are stored in and they can be shared and placed in the very same folder. Right click on dota 2 on your steam library and you should see a menu like this: click on...
  21. I

    Share Your Hero Builds, Improve Others Builds

    I'm interested to see the builds people use for the heroes they play most. Share using either talent calculator, (pasting the nexus links is easier though) Mine: CC ETC-...
  22. Kesem

    Have you ever gotten caught? Share stories!

    If you have a funny story from an experience with almost getting caught or getting caught and arrested.
  23. Shesnotlvl18

    Just wanted to share a great video i found Take a look
  24. News Bot

    Video editing app for PS4 revealed: Share Factory

    PS4 firmware update 1.70 is coming soon. And, as promised, one of the big new features it introduces is SHAREfactory (henceforth referred to as Share Factory like normal people), a video editing app. Right now, video editing is bare-bones, letting you simply trim off the beginning and end of...
  25. Ekaitz

    Share your biggest self-imposed challenges!

    I've been playing a lot of CK+ lately (check my recently updated mod list for more info) and the expanded world offers loads of interesting possibilities. Right now I'm playing as a welsh lord trying to revive the celtic paganism in Britannia. So far it's been awfully difficult. I lost two times...