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    Fortnite Devs To Introduce Free-Roam Mode In Version 5.0, Share Plans For Coming Months

    The Fortnite team continues to be vocal about plans and updates via a new state of development breakdown for version 5.0 of the game, which will go live soon. Players that use controllers have some great plans to look forward to, one of the limited time modes may become permanent, and a new...
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    Finally, Xbox One Users Can Share Clips Directly to Twitter with April Xbox Update

    April's massive Xbox One update is coming in the next few days, and it's bringing several new features with it. If you're an Xbox One diehard, there's one feature you'll definitely be excited to hear about: You'll be able to share gameplay clips directly to Twitter moving forward, as Microsoft...
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    Play, Craft, and Share Dungeons In Block Quest Maker

    There's been a fun little mobile game titled BlockQuest kicking around the Google and Apple app stores for a few years, and it's a sort of a cross between traditional RPGs and slimmed-down platformers like Crossy Roads. The game has been a hit for developer WOnderland Kazakiri, so much so that...
  4. Damien

    Friend missing - please share

    Hi all, A friend of mine has been missing since early morning Friday. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the following information where you can. I know it's a long shot since many of you don't live near Ottawa, ON, Canada; however it wouldn't do any harm to share nonetheless...
  5. Shiny

    Thought I'd share my personal talent builds for almost every hero

    Updated as of 04/22/2018 Note: these are the builds I use, they work for me but they may not work for you. I will add any build variances under each link if applicable If you have a build I haven't listed then feel free to post it with your explanations for it and I'll edit it into the main...
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    Google To Share Pixel 2 With The World On October 4th

    The smartphone market is thick with competition but there's no doubt that Android and iOS run the show. Apple just wrapped up a major event that included the reveal of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the (potentially) groundbreaking iPhone X. Not to be outdone, it looks like Google is coming hot on...
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    Oculus Is Slowly Closing The Rift In VR Market Share

    Are the tables turnings when it comes to VR supremacy? The HTC Vive, which was the first mainstream virtual reality setup offering tracking and motion controllers, has held a comfortable lead in the VR market but Oculus Rift may officially be gaining. While HTC figures out if they want to spin...
  8. sparkis

    Gwent Friend List - Share your ID Here!

    Share your GoG ID by leaving a comment on this thread and I'll look to update it in the list below. Name Gwent/GoG ID BruC0Ndr BruC0Ndr(GOG)/BruCondor(PS4) Cybernetcrash Cybernetcrash MoeC MoeC MutterSchwein MutterSchwein sparkis sparkis U_Mage U_Mage VanwMark VanwMark
  9. DreadKnight

    Fever Plays of the Game ! Share Em ! (Videos)

    Good Morning, I thought id test out a new idea just to spice up our HOTS community within Fever. Id like to see your PLAYS OF THE GAME within your matches in the NEXUS ! Post any and all videos related to Heroes of the Storm Matches and show off them skills :D Have Fun ! -Dread Ill start off...
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    Star Fox 64 Turns 20 Today; Share Your Stories

    It has been 20 years since Nintendo released Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. To this day, the series has been popular, but none of the games have quite had the appeal of the 3D scrolling combat game. Starring Fox McCloud and his Star Fox team of Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad, the...
  11. T

    I just wanted to share my achievement.

    Made it into top 50 barbs.
  12. Kazik

    Lend me your ear then share me a tune

    Hey crew, As I figure it most of us probably listen to music when we are playing solo. Mind you, the sound track to sc2 is amazing and can be quite epic and compelling ; however , we all like our tunes even in our day to day. I want to know what you guys are listening too. Share with us...
  13. DrDuck

    All that We Share

    so this is a good reminder that we all in this 2gether no matter whot eny 1 els try 2 say TV 2 | All That We Share - YouTube
  14. Dratera

    osu! | someone made a cool memories remix for osu!, thought I'd share
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    Square Enix will share Final Fantasy 15 news tomorrow morning

    Square Enix's official Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account altered fans to an "Omen" coming tomorrow morning at 10:00am Eastern / 7:00 am Pacific. The image shows a character, Noctis, cruising through an urban landscape. More importantly, it includes a link to the FF15 YouTube page. Whatever this...
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    Developers from 2K, Epic, and more share their thoughts on Nintendo's Switch

    Tacitly addressing the nearly unanimous complaint that the Wii U's software library lack strong third-party titles, Nintendo issued a press release confirming support from over a dozen publishers and developers. IGN reached out to some of those developers to get their thoughts on Nintendo's...
  17. sparkis

    Tournament Replays - Share your games here!

    Share your tournament games here for all for enjoy. Hope you've all had a fun time. I know I did :)
  18. sparkis

    Replay Repo - Share your replays here!

    Post your Hearthstone replays links here. Share your awesome wins, epic fails and RNG madness for all to enjoy! Replays can be posted using HSReplays via Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
  19. SunKenRock

    Share Your HOTS Experience

    Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm sharing thread. Have any funny, awesome or frustrating moments? Put them here Feel like sharing those awesome plays, glitches or even complain those ill teammates? Put them there This means things like videos, gifs, screenshots, all can be dropped here...
  20. Wolf16791

    Anyone experincing small graphical glitches? share some evidance with me here

    I wanted to get a list for feedback for blizzard, if anyone can take screenshots or videos of issues they have please share it here. for example i have issues with soldier 76 left click fire showing no animation, reapers teleport landing spot wont show up, mei ice tombing with no ice etc...
  21. S

    Share some ideas for game nights.

    Hey all, in light of there now being weekly HoTS game nights every Friday i wanted to start this thread to share ideas for game modes we can play. For example i think it would be cool if we played a game where each team can only play with heroes from one universe like Diablo Vs. Starcraft. What...
  22. Arranion

    Lets share your great matches

    Starcraft is very hard for me, because when you loose, you cant complain about shitty teammates, RNG, unbalance or Russians. Its your fault, you suck and you played worse than opponent. But victories are even more awesome because of same reason. Lets share those moments. Pictures, screenshots...
  23. FealtyGaming

    Some of my cute pet videos!!! Share your pet vids!!!

    Decided to upload some of my piggie videos to my youtube(many more to come in the future). Check out the adorable piggies. If you have videos of your pets please do share em... Who doesn't like to procrastinate from doing work by watching funny cute animals??! My baby Nibbles almost doing a...
  24. amoretpax199

    Something I would like to share
  25. Gyorn

    Share your valuable cards!

    Thought about opening this thread after playing a bit today: Share your nice found cards here if you want to. The first one because we talked about it today: Paladins 001 ChaosKnightI ;)