1. Suurebud

    Anyone play on private servers? (Elysium?)

    nevermind nevermind
  2. TekNyne

    Why community competitive servers?

    I have wondered for months, why do people choose to join competitive servers instead of standard regular matchmaking? Also, how is it equalized and filtered so people are within the same playing skill when playing? instead of Global Elites and Silver 3s being in the same matchup for example?
  3. T

    Modded servers?

    Hey just curious if there are still any modded servers up, Recently i have been playing a lot of Vanilla, but getting board.
  4. Lusaka

    Does anyone know any surf servers? tier 1-2 prefered.

    I just got into surfing and really like it, any servers to hang around in? the one I'm playing is usually full.
  5. 0yme0

    Anyone interested in private servers?

    Anybody ever get interested in playing private servers? Not for the community, but just for the fun. I know Rehstraint has been playing with me on one that I thought was pretty good lately.
  6. darkshiverzs

    any one on the oce servers?

    thinking of buy wow wile it's only $6-7 but only going to get it if there other people i can play with and such
  7. R

    Anyone on EU servers?

    Can't seem to find EU players around here. Kor'gall server.
  8. LethalMuffinMan

    Battlefield 3 Servers?

    Do we have any Battlefield 3 servers that I can play in?
  9. B

    FeverClan Specific servers?

    Hello everyone, I have been wondering if there are any feverclan specific minecraft servers out there, and how often people play on them. If you know please respond and let me know the IP. Also, I own a server hosting business, and I could set up Minecraft servers if the clan is interested...
  10. B

    Anyone from Europe servers?

    Hello guys, is there anyone playing LoL on the EUNE or EUW servers?
  11. Ajido

    Any hack free PvP servers?

    I like the idea of a wild PvP server with people trying to kill each other, things like that and having to build an underground hideout...but the use of X-ray hacks other things like that kind of kill it for me. Can anyone recommend a server to play on that might sound like what I'm looking for?
  12. Booyah

    Why do I not play on EU Servers?

    I was asking myself this earlier, why am i always playing on USE when I get a 200 ping? I mean, EU Servers are faster and they join quicker for me. So I figured alright i'll give it a shot. Then like a punch in the dick, 4 cyrillic messages came into all chat stating: sosi moi hui...