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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth)

    Given the fact that we are trying to avoid major streamers due to the unwanted side effects, we will try to actively avoid those servers they are going to. Initial information points them going to East Coast servers and also avoiding specifically few servers. However we do not know where they...
  2. Lan27

    Minecraft Modded Server

    Hai everyone, I'm Lan! I don't know if we have people that play Modded minecraft but I'll post it here anyways. I am currently playing on a server for FTB Revelations. I am a trusted member (basically a mod) so if you apply you will most likely get accepted. Here're the details for the...
  3. M

    Diablo 3 - EU Server Chapter

    Hi all, i want to let you know, that there is getting a growd together which is playing on EU servers with EU times ; ) We don´t have one who is "responsible" for this, but it would be nice to have one who even takes care of gamenight events etc. (I´ll not, cause I´m traveling around the world...
  4. drynyn

    EU Looking for a Conan Exiles server

    I have had a ton of fun with this game the last two weeks, though public servers are a pain to get onto. Anyone here know of a good private server (EU preferably)? I am more into PvE then PvP but I am open to either.
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    PUBG's Codename: Savage Map Renamed, Heading To Experimental Server

    The PUBG train keeps on rolling, today bringing news on the Southeast Asian island map known as Codename: Savage. The compact map was first teased back at GDC by creative director Brendan Greene (aka PlayerUnknown) and promised faster, more hectic action than the other large maps available in...
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    What is the Bookworm Error Server Status Issue in Far Cry 5?

    The launch of any modern game is ripe with potential for things to go wrong, and for big open-world games like Far Cry 5, errors and server status issues are more often than not the rule as opposed to the exception. The latest problems being faced by Far Cry 5 players are the game's various...
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    How Many Players Can Play One Server in Sea of Thieves?

    One of the fundamental elements of Sea of Thieves' open-world gameplay is the sense that players are truly sailing around the open sea. With that in mind, having too many players on a single game server would totally muddle the experience — players might be fighting over resources, running...
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    Sea of Thieves Devs Discuss Server Errors and Launch Issues in New Video

    Anyone who has tried to get out on the high seas over the last 48 hours with Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves may have experienced issues trying to log into the game or matchmake with other pirates. According to the development team at Rare, the game’s servers have been overwhelmed by the...
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    Ubisoft and Google Cloud Team Up To Make Open Source Game Server Agones

    Online multiplayer can be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome when developing a game. There's more to getting things functioning than just purchasing some server space and letting people go at. For instance, players first get ranked by skill levels, then the game has to create a server...
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    PUBG To Introduce Bullet Penetration, Other Features On Test Server This Week

    In a short post made on the official PUBG community forums, Community Manager PUBG_FWG informed the player base that the game’s test servers would be going live this week for debugging and testing of the newest build. In addition to the normal tweaks and bug fixes, this new PUBG build will...
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    Plex Media Server Review: Yes Have Some

    I first encountered Plex at CES 2018 when my boss set up an interview with the company. I hadn't really heard of them at all at the time, but I have spent the past month digging into the Plex Media Server. What is Plex? Plex is a Media Server that syncs via your PC to a cloud. No, it...
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    PUBG - How to Join the Desert Map on the Test Server

    After teasing the new map for the last few weeks, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole had the world premiere of the desert environment during The Game Awards. Along with the video reveal, it was announced that the new desert map would be made available on the test server a few...
  13. SathKa

    Runes Reforged what are your exp wiht it since it is on the live server

    Hello Guys since the new System is invent how do you feel about it About in general do it feel weaker or better tan the old rune and mastereis did you think it was time to real remake the runes at all .. did it even efekt your playstle since Runes Reforgd looks it it is more agressiv in it way...
  14. D

    Looking for morning raids USA server on PC

    I play in the mornings through early afternoon usually on weekdays, sometimes the weekends also. Hit me up if you wanna do some Nightfall or Leviathan during those times. Btag is Dismayven#1187 I just got to light level 268 this morning.
  15. C

    Updates: Fever CS:GO Server Updates

    ALL UPDATES ARE POSTED HERE. Will only have most recent updates posted here to keep thread size down. A master list is kept elsewhere. Please contact @cbizzle if you require any information. 11/4/2017 Public Server Added @Baum and @magikalo to the SourceMod admin list. We need to compile a...
  16. C

    CS:GO Game Night 10/27 (public fun server opening)

    A lot of changes are coming to the CS:GO section of fever. As many of you may have noticed, I have been working hard on updating the section's forums and getting servers and squads put together. With that said, I would like to invite everyone to the public fun server opening event night. Time...
  17. C

    CS:GO Game Night 10/27 (public fun server opening)

    Dbl post Dbl post
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    Halo 5 November Update Adds Local Server, 4K, Esports Skins, and More

    On Tuesday afternoon, 343 Studios took to Twitch to discuss the future of Halo 5 and the Halo World Championship. Most of it centers around the game's upcoming November update, which has something for both casual players and pros alike. Halo 5 will be ready for 4K resolution with the game's...
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    When Will Destiny 2 Server Maintenance End?

    Destiny 2 update is incoming, but the servers will be down as the developers implement a few changes during their maintenance period. Below is a list of just some of the issues that Bungie has investigated and will fix this week: Fixed an issue in which players could lose access to the...
  20. Damien

    PUBG EA September update - public test server video

    Hey all, Last night I checked out the public test server and make a video with some of the new features (Kameshki, mini 14, fog, new sounds, etc.) Check it out, or better yet.....install the public test server and see for yourself! If you...
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    Discord Shuts Down Alt-Right Server and Accounts Linked to Hate Groups

    Discord has made an official statement on the events in Charlottesville, shut down an alt-right server, and closed a number of accounts related to those events and hate-groups. Love. Not hate. — Discord (@discordapp) August 14, 2017Despite the obvious...
  22. Damien

    Early Access Month 4 Update released in public test server

    Hi folks, I played in the public test server this morning to check out some of the new things coming to PUBG in tomorrow's update. I threw together this video of some clips if you want to take a look. Of course, the honking of the horn was my
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    World of Warcraft Felmyst Fan Server Shut Down 5 Hours After Launch

    Many World of Warcraft fans miss the old vanilla days of the game. This has spurred some die-hard players to recreate versions of the game that don't include all the expansions and updates, called legacy servers. Unfortunately, Blizzard is not a fan as it again has sent out a cease-and-desist to...
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    Niantic Issues Refunds to Pokemon Go Fest Attendees After Server Issues

    Niantic has been celebrating the one year anniversary of their smash hit mobile app Pokemon Go for all of July. The celebration was meant to culminate with a massive gathering of Pokemasters at Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago today. After several hours of network connectivity issues at the event, the...
  25. SunKenRock

    Ark Server List

    Ark Server List PVP: | Fuck You.- Servers by distortedvoice PVE: Note:If you want any added let me know.