1. thunderhorse007

    Paladins Comp

    Im looking for some people to increase our rank together in paladins comp. -NA Servers -Mic is preferable but not a must -non-toxic -Goal is to play games an actually communicate and try to win as a team, this doesnt mean bite eachother bc in the end its still a game and everyone...
  2. Dalmor

    I'm looking for a scrim partner!

    I've had a lot of fun for the past 2 weeks in our game nights for starcraft 2, I've seen a lot of a different playstyles some of which I hope to emulate in the future, Proteggiore's and Astra's come to mind. But to digress to the actual point of this post. I'm looking for a regular scrim partner...
  3. BruC0Ndr

    Event: Overwatch Scrim finder is here, let's make a Fever team for fun scrims against other teams! Here's our team, join and we'll set scrims and what not Overwatch CC/ XO's I'll give you admin. This is how it works: 1 Assemble your squad and choose a time to play. 2 We analyze your team's stats, look for a challenging opponent, and let you know once we've found a...
  4. R

    Fortnite Leauge Scrim Team

    Would anyone be interested in a Fever Fortnite Scrim/League Team? I have found a Discord that host Leagues for Fortnite teams you play a game take a screenshot when you die and post it as proof [2 players per team must provided screenshots]. I am looking for 2 more players to represent Fever...
  5. tiltedslim

    Marauder clan proposed scrim

    So one of the kids from Marauders pm'd me wanting to do some sort of scrim or tourney. I understand if some of you are sketchy about this, I am a little bit, but I watch too much star trek to not stick with diplomacy. A couple of things before you vote. 1.) Any drama and bullshit that comes...
  6. Chronic90

    eSports: Scrim Partner / EU team

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a scrim partner(s) for tournaments in EU. I need someone to discuss tech choices, deck lists, match-ups as well as mock conquest rounds. Tournament experience is a plus not a necessity, prefer knowledge of game of deck building over exp! Please post your battle tag...
  7. Rehstraint

    LF team to scrim against

    looking for any team to scrim against. Me and my team need to practice to get better message me on here if you're interested and add me in game IGN:Rehstraint
  8. P

    League of Legends scrim

    Hi! I would like to scrim some of your squads. Team name: Drexel Dragoons Game: League of Legends Contact: My Drexel Squad should be players from silver to plat, looking for one session of maybe 3 scrims per week. Thanks, Poly / Cam Graybill
  9. A

    League of Legends Scrim

    This thread is going to be used to schedule scrims against the 73rd Rangers. We have 2 teams. I'm the captain of team 2 so you can talk directly to me. PM me to scrim us. Here's the website: Info: All the players are in Silver except for one. We only have...
  10. C

    League of Legends Scrim

    -Name of your clan/squad - Combat Corps -What game do you wish to scrim us in - League of Legends -A URL or e-mail we can reach you at Clan website: Combat Corps :: Index xfire is: realahampster League IGN: Do Not Towerdive We're just a group of casual players looking for some...
  11. K

    Prime Team eSports Scrim

    Hi Fever Clan I'm the founder and admin of the Prime Team eSports , and we want to ask if is possible to have a scrim against your BF4 squad. -Name of your clan/squad. - Prime Team eSports -What game do you wish to scrim us in. - Battlefield 4 PC - 5v5 Domination -A URL or e-mail...
  12. toki

    SCRIM REQUEST - League of Legends

    ------------------ Hello Fever League Players! Our clan was contacted on TS by a "T. Franco" ( on Dec. 27th around midnite-1AM. A player (IGN: Antfire) was hoping to get some scrims with a silver-ish team of Fever. His team is called "73rd Rangers" and they are...
  13. N

    Scrim Server

    I have finally got everything updated, maps and cfgs installed on the fever server, it is now a scrim server 10 slot and password-ed, pw is scrim, so anyone is welcome to go and mess around BUT only a few people will have RCON and those we need the new rcon password, (2LTs and up only), message...
  14. A

    Hey Guys we are looking for a friendly Scrim our server for some fun and gun.

    Hey guys! This is Alligator from LCS Clan and we where wondering if you all would be interested in a hook up this Saturday around 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern for a beer bash and gaming scrim for BF3. Ideally we would like to get you all to come over to our team speak and hang out so we can get to...
  15. Kirbz

    League of Legends Scrim Team Available.

    Fever's Team Magma is welcome to scrim . Please either post here or PM myself or Poly with some contact info to set it up.
  16. Cybernetcrash

    You want to scrim our Squads?

    If you are interested in scrimmages with our clan's Squads, please make a new thread in this section of the forums. Post: -Name of your clan/squad. -What game do you wish to scrim us in. -A URL or e-mail we can reach you at. Thank you!
  17. Cybernetcrash

    Scrim Partners

    League of Legends -Gentleman Gamers Starcraft 2 EU -Warrior Nation -Victory Flames -eXe