1. SLIPX

    Rust Devblog 155 Updated to Unity 5.6 Updated EAC Added footwear specific footstep sounds Polished water lapping sound Polished distant gunshots Improved localized voice limiting New sounds for the spinner wheel AI doesn't walk through walls AI sleeps...
  2. SLIPX

    Guides: SLIPX's Rust Tips and Tricks
  3. SLIPX

    Updates: Rust Devblog 154

    The new Wooden Armour is here, along with the new Simple Handmade Sight, Searchlights, and more.[] holosight world model lod updates lasersight world model lod updates Muzzleboost world model lod updates Muzzlebrake world model lod updates Silencer world model lod updates...
  4. SLIPX

    Updates: Rust Community Updates by SLIPX

    RUST Community Update 129 CML Storm The Beach Rust Youtube proverb say: “If an event happens on a server and there’s no-one there to record it, did it make a Raid Cam?” Hey, no-one said proverbs had to be catchy or make sense. Anyway, the people of Rust clan CML hosts a weekly event on...
  5. SLIPX

    SLIPX's Funny Rust Video of the Day!

    Hey guys, today I'm going to start something new. I'm going to post funny Rust videos that I have found off of YouTube. Or at least ones that I think are funny. Anyway, here goes nothing! As Always, STAY RUSTY -SlipX
  6. SLIPX

    Guides: How to improve in Rust

    Found a helpful video on youtube on how to improve at rust. Hope this helps! Stay Rusty - SLIPX
  7. SLIPX

    Guides: Rust Fever : Tips and Tricks by SLIPX : How to Honeycomb

    Hey guys, SLIPX here. Just wanted to share with you a quick video I made. This is to show new players on Rust, how to honeycomb their base. Again, if you have any questions just send me a PM or Steam Message. Thanks, and Stay Rusty! - SLIPX
  8. SLIPX

    Rust Devblog 153

    Binoculars are in, work begins on a new monument, and more. Binoculars Maurino Berry Shut your blinds! Binoculars have arrived! Not much needs to be said about these. You can find them in Purple Crates or craft them at a cost of 5 HQM and 1 Gear. The good thing about the Gear cost is if...
  9. SLIPX

    Updates: Rust Community Update 128

    Animated Ramsey This popped up on reddit. I was really surprised it hadn’t been linked before, because it has a nice art style. It’s just a short clip from one of Ramsey’s videos, but lovingly presented by muntedninja. Rust Bushcraft Holdacious...
  10. SLIPX

    Updates: Rust Devblog 152

    You can make your decisions 100% more dramatic with the paintable Spinner Wheel, climb around your base with the new new Netting, or cosy up on the remade bed. We’ve optimised the fire fight lag, the Airfield will be getting tunnels, and more.[] Updated console UI with...
  11. SLIPX

    Rust Community Update 127

    Freeze-Frame: A Raid Frozen in Time Do you know hard it is to describe something so beautiful that there are no words for it? I do. ‘Scotty’ Swemba has been playing about with the new admin demo recording and playback tools, and he’s turned a Rust raid into a fdslkgj klg. See? The letters...
  12. SLIPX

    Rust Comics, Raid Cams, and MORE! Community Update 126

    Cinematic Raid Cam It’s been far too long since Swemba used his long lens on Rust, so I was delighted to see him come up with another Raid Cam. As usual, this was filmed on the Rusty Moose server, and this time it has a voiceover from Guacamole Jones. Have a look at some silky smooth Rust raid...
  13. SLIPX

    Tip Video for Fresh New Players in Rust
  14. SilentTheBro

    Guides: All Plugin Commands | Rust Fever

    Rust Fever Server Commands All users: Clan System /c <message> - Send a message to all clan members /a <message> - Send a message to all clan members and allied clans /clanhelp - Displays help /clanhelp member - Displays commands for clan members /clanhelp moderator - Displays commands for...
  15. SLIPX

    Rust Devblog 151

    Loadout lockers, optimisations, fixes, and more.[] Fixed invisible LR-300 worldmodel bug Flashlight lod updates Crossbow world model uv fixes Reduced mesh compression on weapon world models Rocket launcher world model uv fixes Sound creation optimization Physics sounds are...
  16. SLIPX

    RUST |FEVER| Server

    Introducing RUST |FEVER| Decided to convert my 50 man Rust server over to a Fever server. :) Special thanks to SilentTheBro for helping me get set up and such. So fire up your gaming machines and get Rusty! <3 More to come!
  17. SLIPX

    Rust Devblog 150

    Guns are on backs, overgrowth is in, servers are wiped, and more.[] New vending machine sounds Bunker rooms art Finished art for several greybox assets Added new bushes and flowers Added overgrowth to monuments Fixed placement issues of warehouse monument Increased nobuild...
  18. J

    im new here and looking to play rust with some people

    i just joined the clan and im looking for some people to play rust with my steam is jcdude8310 so if you wanna play add me
  19. SLIPX

    Playing Rust

    Hey, Is anyone actively playing rust? I loooove this game, but it's boring playing solo. Feel free to add me to steam and send me a message if you are. My steam name is |Fever| SLIPX
  20. SilentTheBro

    Event: Game Night: Rust - 1/3/2017 @7:30pm EST

    Greetings Fever, I would like to announce that I am hosting a Game Night for Rust :D I am brand new to the FeverClan and I was told some folks play Rust! I have my own personal server that we can all use. It has some basic mods on it just to enhance some game play :) Gathering rate has been...
  21. News Bot

    Rust developer wants bored fans to 'stop playing'

    Every game will get its praise and critiques. Developers will listen to feedback, make changes, and in turn, appease some and piss off others. At what point does the cycle stop for the dev, or does the player get what he paid for? That seems to be at the crux of a reddit post from Rust developer...
  22. M

    News: rust devblog

    I found this devblog to be very interesting. good read. Rust <<
  23. H

    Rust Jobs

    Rust MISC Section Rust Job Opportunity The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for ARK. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a game night host...
  24. W

    MISC Section Rust Job Opportunity

    Fever Members, The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for Rust. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a game night host. Recruitment and Content...
  25. W

    Lilbear's Rust Video

    Lilbear shows us what Rust is like when you first start. She shows us how to gather resources and start a base. Lilbear gives us a good overview of the entire game from when you start. Make sure to comment, like and sub. Lilbear's Rust Adventures - YouTube