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    Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Introduces New Hero, Enemies, Playable Region, Game Mode

    Today, Bungie streamed the reveal of Destiny 2's second expansion: Warmind. The developers set the tone by mentioning this tweet from Parris of Gamertag radio: looking forward to the reveal stream, think its safe to say we all just want new and exciting things to do and explore while also...
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    PUBG 1.0 Update 8 Introduces Weapons Skins and Region Locking

    PUBG developer Bluehole continues to improve and refine the player experience and the newest update is no exception. Hot off the new map reveal at GDC, today’s news is that the team is now experimenting with regional locks on matchmaking, one of the most sought after features of the PUBG...
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    How to Join the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR)

    Whenever there's new content for one of Blizzard's games, there's usually a rush to try it out via the Public Test Region (PTR). But for newcomers to the gaming world or those who are uninitiated, there's sometimes the question of "How exactly do I join the PTR servers?" Fortunately, the answer...
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    Crytek's Hunt: Showdown Hits Early Access, New Region Servers Incoming

    The experience in the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha was a bit spotty, as it should be at that stage, but it was evident that Crytek has a gem on their hands. As such, the team wants to take their time shaping the game, which entered Early Access this week and is expected to be there for at least a...
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    Destiny 2 to Get Region Locking Familiar in Blizzard Games

    Those who play Blizzard games through the launcher are familiar with region locking, where you are tied to servers in the area where your ID is registered. With Destiny 2 coming through instead of Steam, it will adopt those same limitations when it launches on PC on October...
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    A New Overwatch Patch is Available for Testing on the Public Test Region

    You can get a sneak peak at Overwatch’s latest patch now by accessing the Public Test Region. To participate in patch 1.7.0 testing you must have a valid Overwatch game license attached to your account, then access the PTR server by doing the following: Restart the
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    Take To The Alola Region in Pokemon Sun and Moon

    It's finally time for another round of Pokemon news, and this time the Sun and Moon hype is even more real than before. The legendary Pokemon that we've seen gracing the front of both Sun and Moon versions have been revealed as Solgaleo and Lunala. Solgaleo is an "emissary of the sun," a Psychic...
  8. I

    3k Player looking for a team in the AUS region

    Im 3k player looking to join a team of casual or serious players I have alot of experience in all roles, ranging from a very experienced mid player to a strong knowledgable support and everything in between Some of my strengths in heroes include: Invoker, All 3 spirit heroes (Earth, Ember...
  9. MrCruz

    PCGamer is giving away 1000key's for EU Region

    EU giveaway: win one of 1000 Heroes of the Storm beta keys - PC Gamer Also official hots fb website is doing giveaway. Good luck peeps :)
  10. amoretpax199

    Starting a Competitive Team for North America Region

    I'm looking for Smite players that play on North America server to be substitute. Reply to this thread if you are interested. Requirements: Understand how to play Conquest, own at least 15 Gods and be able to participate training session. That's all. Current Roster Player Name Role...
  11. T

    League of Legends OCE region ranked/non-tanked

    anyone that plays in australia server/oce server hit me up with a message if you want to play ign oce- Tequad69 steam-Tequad TS- always in league of legends channel
  12. Mr Twinky

    CALL ALL EU region players

    Hey if ur locked to this Region I'm trying to get together a list of names of the people who will be playing. Ive found out Fever is reserved already and I have poked around no one seems to have reserved it from our end. I've reserved the name The Blackthorn Emporium: it can either be...
  13. Mr Twinky

    CALL ALL EU region players

    Hey if ur locked to this Region I'm trying to get together a list of names of the people who will be playing. Ive found out Fever is reserved already and I have poked around no one seems to have reserved it from our end. I've reserved the name The Blackthorn Emporium: it can either be...
  14. Lil_Nora

    Smite: Evolution Lotus - Looking for Stand-ins

    Are you interested in playing in a competitive team? If yes come and hit me up and we talk about the paperwork(not really, just small talk) Requirements: SMITE You should have at least 10 -15 Gods mastered and you should have at least rank 25 - 30 Also a requirement is "enough time"...
  15. H

    looking for friends to play dota 2 on sea region

    hey guys i am from india and i am looking for players to play with on sea region if u guys have spot for me in ur party plz add me in steam Steam link : Steam Community :: HeReTiC i cant play on other servers except sea region so plz add me in if u r from asia :)
  16. billy_da_bob

    Resolved: Resolved - Region blocked (Can't connect to forums)

    I'm using a proxy to post this I can't access the forums because my area is blocked off once again :( Bogo Kirbz
  17. L

    Member's region

    hello, so i live in indonesia, it is in southeast asia. for some time around i've been frequently going to the Fever's teamspeak to find someone to play Dota 2 together, and all is good. but one problem i have, is that sometimes peoples in the Dota 2 group use a different server from mine, and...
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    SimCity 4.0 update offers 'launch park,' new region

    Oh, video games. They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday SimCity was taking its first awkward steps at age 2.0. Before you know it, it reaches 4 and starts going out to the park and getting new features. A post on the official forums outlines the patch, set to go live today. It...
  19. KillaWhale

    Different region play

    One time i played EU without this happening, but today being Tuesday and it being 4am when I realized I wasn't going to sleep I tried playing other regions. only one worked. South east Asia, BUT it wanted me to create a character and I was worried it would overwrite my existing one. anyone know...
  20. Verathis

    Playing Outside of Region

    So pretty much since day 1 of playing Dota 2, I constantly get in games with Brazillians, Russians, and Chinese. Now, I can understand one here or there if they have a friend in the US, so they queue on US servers. Whatever. However, I've had a few games where I have a team with 4 Chinese...