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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Devs Discuss Progression System, Fan Rage in Reddit AMA

    Earlier this week, Electronic Arts responded to heavy consumer criticism regarding Star Wars Battlefront II hero costs by giving those hero unlocks a drastic price reduction. This has done little to quell growing consumer anger, which made it all the more interesting that EA also promised in...
  2. R

    Fever clan Reddit recruitment post.

    The following link is for our new FortniteBRteams subreddit recruitment post. Fever clan Fortnite Recruitment : FortniteBRteams thanks, Rain Days.
  3. sparkis

    Reddit AMA with Ben Brode

    If you missed out on Ben Brode's Reddit AMA recently, there a nice summary of the AMA on Reddit that just shows the questions and answers that Ben Brode addressed. A few key takeaways: Each class will have both a Legendary Death Knight hero card as well as a separate minion legendary, much...
  4. Idolator

    Jeff Kaplan Reddit AMA

    So Jeff Kaplan did an impromptu AMA on Reddit, here is the link for anyone who'd like to read some of his answers. Blizz_JeffKaplan comments on AMA Request: Jeff Kaplan
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    Reddit Hosts Gabe Newell AMA Tomorrow

    Gabe Newell, President of Valve Corporation, is taking to Reddit to partake in an "Ask Me Anything" session tomorrow, January 17 at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT. You can be that Newell will be getting a ton of questions about last week's Game Informer interview release where an alleged unidentified anonymous...
  6. Requ1em

    Reddit Discussion Regarding New Updates!

    Let's Talk About the Update : h1z1
  7. Requ1em

    New to section: 8/4/16 - Via Reddit

    Hi all, here's a write-up documenting the bigger changes found in the update pushed to test server yesterday. Sorry for the delay, enjoy! <3 Vehicles Vehicles have been tuned to have better handling and be less susceptible to flipping. Vehicle performance has been adjusted to better...
  8. Requ1em

    Mask Reward Update Via Reddit

    We had an unexpected issue last night which prevented us from distributing the new mask reward out to everyone to earn. Working through solutions now, here is where we are heading: For KotK; when we update live next Tuesday night, we will likely add the mask then. It will check to see if you...
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    Reddit dataminer leaks The Division mission count, gun list, and more

    With just hours until its release, fans of The Division have been datamining the game to get as much information as possible before we all officially jump into the game. Just last week, we learned what kind of changes we should expect in patch 1.1. But over the weekend, dataminers hit the...
  10. Multibeast

    Hearthstone guide for new players (from Reddit /r/CompetitiveHS)

    I came across this helpful link on reddit/r/competitive hearthstone. I am sure newer players will benefit from it. -multi
  11. Bagheera

    This is super nerdy but I came up with a map idea and posted it to reddit

    Map Concept: WC Vs. SC : heroesofthestorm Only got up-voted 3 times, which makes me said because some dude made a post that was "we should have an arathi basin map" and that got a shit ton of upvotes. Anyway, I thought I would share with you guys.
  12. Hi I am Senpai

    Senpai's New Video! Graves The Marksman

    Sorry for not making any videos for awhile, but hope you like this! and if you can up vote this on reddit for me! Graves The Marksman : leagueoflegends
  13. DeMeNtEd

    Reddit post I made regarding clans and the honor system Please check it out and voice your opinion on the matter as this affects all of us.
  14. tiltedslim

    Saw this on reddit

    I guess this guy has people e-mail him their top plays and he does 5 a week. I could do without the commentary but the play are good.
  15. 0yme0

    My favorite Hearthstone Reddit posts

    There's a weekly "RANT/RAGE" thread where you can only type in all caps Here's a few highlights from last weeks: This weeks thread
  16. Lil_Nora

    Interesting Reddit post about Waga's income well OP was thinking he gets 5$ but he only gets half of it so... it's around 30k per year and 2.5k per month and I believe this is tax free. here another pic of someone...
  17. 0yme0

    best hearthstone reddit thread ever

    Take a card name. Add, remove or change one letter. Describe new card. : hearthstone MAY THE BOOTS BE WITH YOU Sir_Erie Mizu
  18. Lil_Nora

    Found this out on Reddit about zombies and doors

    You might have noticed that your doors are broken less on hard mode in Minecraft 1.8 this is because almost all zombies lost that ability. There is an internal value of CanBreakDoors and its set to 1 in % of cases: 0.5 * difficulty * (0.75 + limit((i - 72000) / 1440000, 0, 1) * 0.25)...
  19. vGraffy

    HURRY!!! You get can Reddit Gold and Twitch Turbo on Humble Bundle

    I was watching summit1G when some dude in chat said "wtf you fuckers doing, twitch turbo is on humble bundle". I went to check it out and I found that it was true and you can get some cool shit. Here is the link if everyone want to get on this deal before it runs out...
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    Reddit app launches on Xbox One

    Microsoft is always looking for new ways to interact with the game community, and, this morning, it may have just released a key app that will allow it to do so. Say hello to ReddX. With this app, users of the Reddit service can now log in and take part in their favorite threads, all while using...
  21. toki

    Ajido made it to reddit front page! wuuut~

    Heimerdinger Main Reaches Diamond 1; Celebrating by Offering Free Coaching : leagueoflegends is this you, Ajido?
  22. Hunter88

    Dev AMA Via Reddit

    The Dev's design team for raid content are doing an AMA on reddit. Post questions and get stuff answered for us and let us know what you find out here! Here it is : We are the WildStar Raids Team and we designed the most hardcore raids Nexus has ever seen! Ask of Anything! : WildStar
  23. Trixie Lulamoon

    Q&A with David Kim on Reddit -- March 12

    Q&A with David Kim on Reddit -- March 12 That's right, he'll be taking some questions from people today in a few hours from the post (about 3.5 hours). You guys could keep an eye on that or participate if you'd like, who knows. Maybe he'll notice your questions if he deems them important...
  24. AznFaiL

    Reddit survey on MMR

    Matchmaking and ratings : DotA2 so the link is of the general consensus poll taken on reddit about mmr a while back. pretty interesting information inside, and it states the avg ranked mmr of players is about 3728 (3744 party) for solo players who browse reddit. Personally i think its a...