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    Any Interest in a Rat Run game night?

    As Title says, looking to gauge interest for a rat run game night regularly.

    Meta Guides How-To Meta and Rat Runs

    I've been hearing a few questions in game and thought it might be good to try and summarize a nice little list of videos/guides for people that have never played Meta or done Rat Runs. First off, definitions: Meta 1. What is "Meta"? Meta, is a term for what the gold standard is for...
  3. G

    Speed farming challenge for GR90+ without it being Rat run

    3 basic guidelines for GR speeds Enough toughness to survive (or incapacitation of monsters) Enough damage to kill most mobs before those become big threat After the above 2, stack as much mobility as possible. In general one should always try to run at least GR 70 if possible unless...
  4. G

    Guides: Rat runs explained

    Questions about Rat runs will pop up during the season for sure and quite quickly too, so I figured out I would give 2 links, one to written in-depth guide and one to great video with additional information on positioning etc: Written guide Video
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    Destiny 2 - How to Get the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon

    In Destiny 2, one of the primary ways that players can increase their Power level is to get Exotic gear. Whether it’s weapons or armor, Exotic gear can push your Power beyond 265, which is difficult to do with Legendary and Rare Engrams. Of course, Exotic Engrams aren’t easy to come...
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    Mad Catz Introduces A New, Rugged Line of RAT Mice

    Mad Catz has been hard at work on a new range of gaming mice, and in keeping with the "cat and mouse" theme predominantly used by the company, they're collectively known as RAT Gaming Mice. That's, uh, an interesting name, I suppose. The new line of RAT mice, including the RAT1, RAT4, RAT6...
  7. Lucario

    Twitch, The Plague rat

    So what do you guys think of the new visual update for twitch?
  8. EMOChicken

    Closed: R.A.T 7 Mouse

    so im looking at getting a new mouse and my roommate told me about the rat 7 mouse so i looked into it and it look sick as hell. any1 have any thoughts about it i have looked at many reviews and they are all over the place. so i need your help.