1. P

    Random ONLY to Grandmaster

    Hello Guys! Hope you are all doing great! I wanted to bring you this serie of videos, i have been enjoying them a lot, they are about a pro guy who is trying to get to GM playing only random while showing that road, they are still going and you can find first episode here: StarCraft 2 - Random...
  2. mYth

    Resolved: Random Forum Threads Redirecting to Main Page

    Prior to the website DB issues on 3/04-3-06, randomly chosen forum threads were redirecting back to the main page on multiple web browsers. I pointed this out at the Members meeting on 03/04, and the officers present said that it was a known issue that was being looked into. I'm now creating...
  3. Zutheena

    D3 pets/cosmetics collectors? Random story

    Since I'm new to the clan, thought I'd bring up some stuff on D3. Has anyone ever gotten a pet called "The Mimic"? Is anyone a collector of the pets and cosmetics? I mostly am, but have missed out on a few season rewards. Today though, was just laaalala-ing around and soon as I see a Gob I'm...
  4. sparkis

    Random question on "guys" and "dudes"

    This may seem like a very random question but what are your thoughts on the usage of the terms "guys" and "dude", particularly if the person(s) in question are female? I don't know if it's a cultural thing, a privilege-blindness sort of thing or the like but it's been my experience that...
  5. SunKenRock

    Fact of the day

    Welcome to random fact of the day,were truth is here for anyone to find and post.It could easily be something you happened to find,and would like to share. Maybe a simple fact that you have had on your mind for awhile. Others are welcomed to follow suit.So be ready to have your heads filled...
  6. Angie

    Random question time

    Rules: answer the question above you, then ask your own question for the next person. First question: what do you like to do when not playing video games? I walk my dog out to the park. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  7. News Bot

    Amazon One 'Prime Air' takes flight to help expedite deliveries of your random crap

    Those who need their Amazon packages yesterday will be happy to know the company is taking delivery speeds seriously. This week, the Amazon One, the company’s first branded cargo plane, has been announced. The Amazon One is one of 40 branded Boeing 767-300s that will be operated by Atlas...
  8. r3ck0n1n8

    The weird way that your random playlist matches up to your mood

    I'm sure that it's not just me :) I have a (very large) playlist that is set up on random on my pc, and I find it interesting how often what comes up reflects my mood - anyone else experienced this?
  9. H

    Closed: Random ban.

    I'm here appealing (Not really expecting to be unbanned if given a good reason) But I just want to know why I was randomly perma banned "Requested by TheBossGuy" <16:40:38> You were banned permanently from the server by "[|Fever| Spectre |MAJ|] |Fever| Spectre |MAJ|" (Requested by...
  10. Lywellyn

    Concessions, and random magery

    This image provides two things. One: God I love my Archmage Antonidas card, when I can get it to work. I'd have had more than four in my hand next turn if it wasn't for point two: Two: What is it with people that concede instead of taking your defeat? Feels like it takes away from the...
  11. News Bot

    Blizzard dives further into books with new Random House deal

    Blizzard's appeal goes beyond the simple mechanics of its games. The publisher has decades' worth of lore behind its franchises, with World of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft all rich with tales that go beyond what's seen on a computer monitor. With that in mind, Blizzard is making a bigger push...
  12. News Bot

    Grand Theft Auto 5 getting completely random and chaotic Freemode next week

    Rockstar has announced Freemode Events will be making their way to Grand Theft Auto Online starting on September 15 that gives players access to a range of seamlessly integrated games and challenges. In Freemode, players will be put into a GTA Online game session with friends, crewmates, rivals...
  13. B

    Starcraft 2: Diamond Random wanting + offering help

    I've been playing sc2 for about 3 years now, on EU server. What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW/BR/etc.)? EU/NA What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? Zerg When are you available for coaching? after midnight GMT every night What is your current Rank/Rating (if applicable): Top 8...
  14. tiltedslim

    Random I want to watch a game thingy

    So next Tuesday the 28th @1:30 CST(Central Time US) I'll be on and watching Team Liquid play Gamers 2. TL is on a tear right now and I want to see if I can pick something up from them. It is a Heroes Major League EU Group match and I think there are 2 other matches afterwards. But I want to...
  15. X

    MOTD: 4 JUN 2015: Shorthanded: 3v3 Conquest: XP and Gold Spooling: All gods random pick

    4 JUN 2015 Shorthanded: 3v3 accelerated conquest Map: Conquest XP and Gold Spoooling Gods: All Selection: Blind Pick Enjoy!!
  16. X

    MOTD: 28 May 2015: Pulled to your Doom: Ares, Herc, Sobek, Sylvanus: Assault: Duplicate Random Pick

    28 May 2015: Pulled to your Doom: Ares, Herc, Sobek, Sylvanus: Assault: Duplicate Random Pick ...Fenrir, too... can't forget the pup.
  17. btesa2

    random ranked 5s

    Who likes the idea of a random rank 5s team if so leave your summners nameand ill add you
  18. kratmaster

    May 1v1 Random Joust Tournament // 800 Gems

    Hello guys! I'm back! that means more tournaments with Gems as the grand prize will be happening again! :D And to kick it off, we're doing a 1v1 joust tournament, all skill levels are welcome as it will be a mirror random match! With a chance of rerolling once per player. As usual, who gets...
  19. Lord Exinur

    100 Random Fun Facts

    (via thefactsite.com) Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour. In the UK, it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day! Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers! When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red. A flock of crows is known as a murder. Facebook...
  20. M

    Enojying my first and only clan here :D

    This clan IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! lol anyone else agree???? :smile-new::glee:
  21. SycoMage

    Something random and fun

    This year Pacman has invaded the streets in google maps. Just go to google maps and then you can zoom in and play pacman in your own neighborhood. For some other fun places to play, check out this: best places to play pacman. Enjoy!!
  22. RedHill

    Starting random MMO from 0

    Hi all. Most of you doesn't even know that I am in Fever community. I got new mic and I can be more active again. I don't know what to play, so I am wondering if someone wants to start with me some random MMO game (F2P) like Mabinogi, Maple Story or any other MMO. I want to start any MMO from...
  23. Seraphim

    Going random in conquest... do you get a normal team... EVER?

    I'm so very very very very VERY tired of this. Every game I play conquest I get afk, or adc 9 levels behind who's everywhere except in his lane, and Isis support, jungler without HoG because he's "trying something new" - and that's only if half the team doesn't go afk. Literally every...
  24. Remmy

    just some random vids

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf5ax2e9izE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xhWNEXQll8
  25. M

    Friend Ditches Me For Some Random Online Girl?

    Okay.... I need some serious Fever friends... My real life ones have started to disappoint me. I have a friend that I play comp games with every other day, I play games with him at least every time I log onto my PC to play games. Well I hopped on skype to call this friend of mine, and he keeps...