1. S

    How-To: Question for any officers

    Hi, My name is Shonenn and I was looking to get information on how promotions in clan work. I have been a highly active member since May 2017 and I have actively participate in as many game nights or events clan has. I took the initiative to reach out to quiet a few different officers or heads...
  2. MrCruz

    Question regards Desitny 2 Collectors edition.

    Hello guys. I'm wondering if Destiny 2 Collectors edition is worth anything? I got one for PS4 and its sitting in my room collecting dust. I got it as a giveaway award but I don't own PS4 so I'm wondering what can be done with it?
  3. L

    Question about Chaos Damage, Energy Shield and XP Farming

    Hi everyone. I'm an older player that recently came back with the 3.0 patch. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some questions I have. I'm trying to run the Freezing Pulse Templar build that is listed in the build section. I am level 71 with some decent gear. I am in level 1...
  4. Lunchbox


    Name Change? How would I go about doing that?
  5. C

    Pending: I have a question

    One question: I am selling a rare us release of an anime that is out-of-print and I am selling it on eBay: May I advertise this on the open discussion part of the forum. I wanted to ask to make sure it is ok and I can understand too if the clan would be against it. I only ask b/c this clan...
  6. News Bot

    Leaked Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Art Will Make You Question Everything

    In the weeks leading up to E3, industry tradition dictates that some publishers leak (or "leak" concept art and announcement lists. A second tradition, nerds with Photoshop skills sitting at home cranking out fake leaks to get (usually Nintendo) fans all riled up, adds fuel to the fire. These...
  7. Ian

    Question about officers/leadership.

    I have noticed that a lot of them have the same photo on the forums of a white and blue Fever Clan logo. Why is that? It makes the sidebar chat weird to read. When a leader or officer post something you just see a barrage of white and blue. I guess I missed the memo on this, but it is mildly...
  8. Librinox

    I have a simple question

    I've tried this game a few times before and kinda liked it but my friends lost interest but now that I've joined Fever I have to ask, should I give the Old Republic another shot?
  9. S

    Diablo 3 Question for you

    I just joined the fever Diablo clan and noticed some of the paragon points are in the 800+. Do you not do seasonal characters?
  10. J

    Monk Inna Pet build question

    So I have a monk question - pet build - when I go speed run and want a boon what gem should I drop? I am following the guide on icy-veins ""
  11. gamerayush

    [Question] How to build Nike support?

    How Viable is Nike in support role? What is her best build in this role?
  12. hregiment

    Conquests Question

    The Sprinter Conquest requires that you "Complete Acts I through V at Max level in under 1 hour." What the blue blazes does Max Level mean anyway?
  13. T

    Noobie Question

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the group and game. I am trying to do this season thing in D3. Question about the different chapters, is it feasible for most folks to complete all chapters? Or should i expect to fall a couple levels short. Currently like Paragon 350ish. Done a solo GR 54...
  14. Sigem

    Overwatch question for diablo players

    So I got a little money during xmas and I was told I should use it for fun. I was thinking of buying an xbox one S. I was wondering if I should take the offered package with the overwatch game. Is it possible to play overwatch very casually and still have fun with it ? I would probably want to...
  15. nessylunatic


    I was looking around for some new MMO's to play. I'm pretty much WoW'ed out. I was curious how archeage played. Like is it mostly story or heavy dungeon based.
  16. Ballbuster

    Beginner Question

    Hey guys, had a question on beginner decks. I'm not particular to any deck, not a fan of the warlock style or rogue but otherwise enjoy everything else. I really don't want to spend any money, but is there a way to spend minimal money and get a semi-decent deck? It's super frustrating, trying to...
  17. GhostRogue

    Question about "Guardian" award

    I figured this was the best place to put this question (sorry if it was supposed to go elsewhere). In order to attain the "Guardian" Fever award in the D3 category, does "all levels of the Season Journey" mean just the Chapters? Or, does that mean I have to complete the Slayer, Master, etc...
  18. MekaQ

    Question about children in gay relationships

    If you are a child of 2 women/men which one would you call mum/dad? I am curious about this because I can't make heads or tails of it.
  19. Firehazrd0

    Cross Format Question

    Been Playing on Xbox One for a while. I have a decent amount of loot unlocked. Will that transfer to the PC if I buy the game on here, as long as I use the same ID?
  20. sparkis

    Resolved: Question on Forum Search

    Hi. I just wanted to know if there was an advance search sort of option available? The kind of search that I'm looking to do is to search for a keyword within all the posts of a section of the forum. All there seems to be is a general search but not one I can lock down to a particular...
  21. NovaGenetics

    RS3 Question for everyone.

    I've been sitting on this for the past few weeks, even months of coming back to RS and I want to ask you guys this. Would anyone here play Runescape if someone or even myself were to create a clan within Runescape for the members of Fever clan to use and communicate with each other within...
  22. sparkis

    Random question on "guys" and "dudes"

    This may seem like a very random question but what are your thoughts on the usage of the terms "guys" and "dude", particularly if the person(s) in question are female? I don't know if it's a cultural thing, a privilege-blindness sort of thing or the like but it's been my experience that...
  23. J

    A Quick Question For You All!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I've been thinking about adding a Coaching System with some of the SMITE Officers to help new/vetted players with their Roles, Gods and much more. I've been personally thinking about this and I want you guys to tell me how you'd like this implemented, should we stick...
  24. Angie

    Random question time

    Rules: answer the question above you, then ask your own question for the next person. First question: what do you like to do when not playing video games? I walk my dog out to the park. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  25. PhillyConlan

    Quick Question

    I see there is a computer support page, but are there no computer discussion threads? Like maybe a show your rig kind of thing or something like that