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    Best PVE Weapons in Destiny 2

    Picking the right gun for a fight is a crucial strategy for Destiny 2, regardless of whether you’re playing in the Crucible or doing one of the many PVE activities. We’ve spent a lot of time battling the forces of the Darkness in Patrol, Nightfall, and the raids, and have come up...
  2. R

    Fortnite Roster

    Alright boys i'm the new XO for fortnite. Could you please leave your in game fortnite names below so I can create a roster showcasing everyones website names along with your Epicgames usernames. If you play battle royal only let me know as well as if you play just horde only let me know so this...
  3. TheToxicNation


    So i got into ESO again but iv'e seen allot of things have changed including the pve systems and sole gems so i was wondering if you guys could give me more incite on the changes? Thanks!
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    Destiny 2 PvE Improvements Coming, Says Bungie

    The Destiny 2 beta is one of the biggest things going, with players diving into the online experience and reporting back on their experience to Bungie. A lot of those comments were positive, at least when they didn’t involve server errors, but it’s also clear the game has some room...
  5. Hoyy

    Updates: Release information for PvP and PvE

    Hello everyone. Over the course of the past couple days Blizzard has release some information on the upcoming raid as well as the end of the current PvP season. Here is the schedule as it lays out. June 13th: End of current PvP season. We most likely will see 7.2.5 this day. June 20th...
  6. Paranoia Origins

    Guides: Raganok Online 2 [F2P, Anime Style, MMO Game] Game Information, News & Download Link

    Warp Portal News Mimic Treasure Hunt Patch Notes: March 20, 2017 4th Anniversary Load Screen Art Contest! Lost Leprechaun: NPC Hunt Patch Notes March 13, 2017 Patch Notes March 8, 2017 Game Info History Keyboard...
  7. opokalipse

    Opening PVE Server to Fever Members

    Been tryin to recruit for my PVE Server Exiles Oasis. Its currently a 30 man as the map size is only about 7-8km. Its a premium server with no wipes, with zero mods, and weekend events such as gathering and xp increases mainly around holidays. We currently have about 15 people playing...
  8. Ichiiyukai

    New to section: 3.17 (Preview) - Xing Tian's Mountain (New PvE game-mode// limited during the Odyssey)

    Xing Tian's Mountain is a new PvE game-mode that will run for a limited time during the Odyssey! More Info: http://odyssey.smitegame.com/
  9. W

    Hurt World- Fever Sever (PVE)

    Just started a PVE server its still being worked on but its already growing pretty fast. Just search for Fever and youll find it. Feverclan.com / PVE is its full name. Any suggestions feel free to post comments.
  10. W

    PVE Rust Server

    Hello all, many of us had been playing on my server. I had some problems and it was brought down. It is now back and Ive added mods. The server is still being worked on but I will try to do the work late or early in the morning to allow people to play. Server info IP: port...
  11. G

    PVE modded The Center Server

    **********Read All INFO Here To Learn How To JOIN/PLAY********** **BattleEye Not Required** ***Will be adding videos showcasing our server and things it offers soon!*** Server Name= Oaktree PVE Modded (just copy/paste in search if I'm not on to invite you) We have moved over to The Island...
  12. SentiStyles

    Wow Pvp or pve

    Sup guys and gals just putting my bnet tag out there for anyone who wants to pvp today. I have a rogue shaman and warior 100 with the horde. And an alliance warlock 100. So im down to do w.e! add me Krityk#1114 its on na. Hope to see some of you!
  13. Lavitz

    PVE Guild?

    Though I understand that the main guild is on Mal'Ganis, is there a big enough player base where to have a second "official" guild for the PVE players? I'm personally ok either way, but it was just something I was wondering about. Seems like mostly everyone was/is ok with playing on a PVP...
  14. G

    PVE Oaktree Server Join Today! *Challenging*

    ****I will be shutting down the server at the end of this billing cycle. I'm not really enjoying the game anymore after 570+ hours and currently no one is playing on it much if at all. I believe March 28th will be the last day the server will be up. I have thought about passing the server on...
  15. G

    Starting PVE Private Server Fever members only

    *Edit 2/17/2016 Hey guys, just wanted to say I launched a PVE Private server for Fever members only. If anyone wants to join let me know. The server is Oaktree and is password protected. I can't put the password on the forums since non members can see it currently. It is hosted in Dallas...
  16. G

    PVE Hardcore

    If anyone is interested I am playing on a Official PVE Hardcore server. Would love to find others to play with =). I don't care for pvp and pve is to easy so I figured why not do pve hardcore. Feel free to hit me up on steam or here. My steam name is the same as this name. |Fever| Gorebane...
  17. CorNarX

    Anyone intrested to play on a small pve server?

    Hello there guys and gals, me and a friend of mine have a small pve server which we play in. now we could use some more poeple so if you're interested dont be shy :P the thing is the server is located in europe and has currently 6 slots so we cant provide much space at this time but we could add...
  18. Resurgenthealer

    Friendly PvE Server

    Over the last week or so I have been playing Ark and have come a cross a decent PvE server. The server is called : Ark PvE Chicago Lagless -2x tame/gather/xp/day . A few tribes have come together on the server and have decided to go and do a server wide event where we are going to come together...
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    Orcs Must Die! Unchained beta unleashes Endless PvE mode

    While Orcs Must Die! Unchained is introducing some intriguing PvP elements to Robot Entertainment's orc-slaying series, some have lamented a seeming lack of its more classic game modes. Fortunately, the closed beta is about to get its first dose of PvE, introducing four-player action to a more...
  20. caLmdown

    TERA Gear Progression Guide

    TERA: Rising. Gear progression guide TERA: Rising has quite some endgame content you get to do once you reach level 65. It may be a bit overwhelming for new players. I made this guide to help you figure out what there is to do next in terms of gear. Idoneal Once you reach level 65, you...
  21. C

    I am about to cry- need a new pve guild

    Hello Everyone, I am a fairly active player in WoW lately. (and because of personal staff i don't see myself stopping or taking a break from WoW any time soon) The problem I am having is that my guild (Warcraft Legends - Windrunner) is dying. It used to be a fun and active guild that raided...
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    Destiny: House of Wolves DLC end-game PvE mode detailed

    Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion will soon be upon us, and Bungie has been revealing information surrounding what it’ll include over the past few weeks. Just last week, the developer highlighted all of the PvP options players will have in House of Wolves, and this week they focus...
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    Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns PvE preview - taking to the skies

    The heroes of Tyria ventured into the depth of Maguuma's treacherous jungle with the goal of finally vanquishing the elder dragon Modremoth, once and for all. An entire fleet of brave warriors was ready to breach into the unknown, only to see their mission fail miserably in the blink of an eye...
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    DC Universe Online gets Legends PvE today

    DC Universe Online has been giving players the opportunity to play alongside their favorite heroes and villains of the DC Comics world for a couple of years. Unfortunately, players haven't been able to play as those characters unless they jumped into Legends PvP. That all changes today. DCUO is...