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    Overwatch April 18 PTR Patch Buffs Hanzo, Defuses Tracer's Pulse Bomb

    The Overwatch League kicked off Stage 3 in grand fashion two weeks ago when Game Director Jeff Kaplan took the stage to announce Overwatch Retribution, along with a new PvP map. He did note that the map would need some PTR testing and that time looks to have come. What he didn't mention is that...
  2. Stagray

    PTR Patch notes, April 16, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – April 16, 2018 Stay a while... and listen! Deckard Cain is making his way into the nexus!
  3. I

    Brigette - New Support on PTR

    Hey gang, Wondering if anyone has had time to check out this new hero. Apparently she's on the PTR now, but I haven't the foggiest how to get on the PTR ... Anyone been messing with her yet? If so, any thoughts? :)
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    New Overwatch Hero Brigitte PTR Gameplay

    Though they may have bumbled the release a bit, Blizzard has officially revealed Overwatch hero #27: Brigitte! She's a tanky support and we clipped some gameplay so you can see here abilities at work. Pay special attention to her shield duration and enjoy! For more great videos, including...
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    How to Join the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR)

    Whenever there's new content for one of Blizzard's games, there's usually a rush to try it out via the Public Test Region (PTR). But for newcomers to the gaming world or those who are uninitiated, there's sometimes the question of "How exactly do I join the PTR servers?" Fortunately, the answer...
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    Overwatch Reveals Brigitte as Next Hero, Playable Now on PTR

    Over the last couple of weeks, Blizzard has been teasing the next Overwatch hero through social media posts. We recently speculated here on Shacknews that Brigitte would be the next addition to Overwatch’s colorful cast of characters. Today, it was officially revealed that Brigitte...
  7. Shiny

    PTR Patch Notes - February 26, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – February 26, 2018
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    Warcraft 3 PTR Patch 1.29 Adds Widescreen Support Ahead of Invitational

    While Blizzard has been concentrating on its pool of current games like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone, the publisher hasn't forgotten the classics. In fact, there's a new Warcraft update incoming! No, not World of Warcraft. It's for Warcraft III! Six months after adding a PTR...
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    Overwatch PTR Update Buffs Mei, Sombra, and Doomfist; Hanzo Changes Coming Soon

    This is a notable week for Overwatch. The Overwatch League is on a break and Overwatch is getting a free weekend in time for the Lunar New Year. On top of all that, Blizzard is ready to test out some character tweaks. Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan held another video Developer Update on...
  10. BruC0Ndr

    Updates: GWENT Public PTR is live, here are the patch notes for the upcoming update!

    New patch is up in PTR right now here are the current changes in the PTR. None of these are final yet. General: Tooltips are fixed and more precise Lots of name changes - Clans are back Silver Spies have new category, which is currently bugged – probably regarding card advantage...
  11. Shiny

    PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018
  12. O

    PTR and season 13

    So the PTR has the Season 13 stuff up, and it looks like no new content at all, just bug fixes. Not surprising but a little disappointing. Not really sure what I was hoping for, just a little more love after the big season 12 balancing stuff, which was long overdue. It's still super early in...
  13. Shiny

    PTR Patch Notes - January 2, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Notes — January 2, 2018
  14. BruC0Ndr

    News: GWENT Midwinter update overview and open PTR Available now!

    GWENT is going to have the biggest update yet and alot of new cards, 100+! Also UI changes and alot of old card changed/buffed/nerfed. You can check all the updates (UI, cards, mechanics) on the PTR wich is available for everyone! Here's how to get into...
  15. nix

    Looking for Feverish Folks to play PTR

    I'm going to be on tomorrow from about 1-6, shoot me a pm on discord. My name in the PTR is nixnixnix Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  16. Shiny

    PTR patch notes - November 20, 2017

    Source: Heroes of the Storm PTR Notes — November 20, 2017
  17. Shiny

    PTR Patch notes - November 6, 2017

    Source: Heroes of the Storm PTR Notes — November 6, 2017 Release date: November 13th General Dragons of the Nexus Event Quest A host of new portrait rewards are ready to swoop into your collection as our Dragons of the Nexus event takes flight! The event kicks off Tuesday, November...
  18. Gizmo256

    PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47710

    Source: Last updated October 12 @ 3:20 p.m. PDT. Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.6.1. Please note that this isn't the final version of the patch notes and that some changes may not be...
  19. Gizmo256

    Viable Pestilence Build? - Being used in the PTR

    PTR Pestilence Build
  20. Gizmo256

    PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47517

    Source: PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47517 To provide feedback on patch 2.6.1, please visit the PTR Feedback forum. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the PTR Bug Report forum. Please note...
  21. E

    PTR Patch notes for Septmeber 18, 2017

    This is the current PTR set up for the newest HotS patch. This patch went on PTR on September 18 and everything is subject to change. Important change 1: Anna's release Anna is a new long ranged support from the Overwatch universe. She excels at keeping her team up on health and giving the...
  22. Gizmo256

    PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47251

    Source: PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47251 To provide feedback on patch 2.6.1, please visit the PTR Feedback forum. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the PTR Bug Report forum. Please note...
  23. Gizmo256

    PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47041

    Table of Contents: Classes Items Adventure Mode CLASSES Barbarian Skills Battle Rage Bloodshed Has been redesigned: Deal damage equal to 20% of your recent Critical Hits to enemies within 20 yards every 1 second. Note: Bloodshed caused performance issues when encountering high enemy...

    My first PTR impressions

    So I tried out my Monk on PTR and the speed farm build is SO nice. They were the fastest speed farmers (IMHO) at least a couple of seasons ago, and this is going to make them even faster. GR was also much improved. I only tried one 90 with a WOL build (which would have been laughable last...
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    Blizzard Is Testing Major Mercy And D.Va Changes In Overwatch PTR

    A key to Overwatch's success is the regular addition of content and constant balancing updates to the experience. Their upcoming update continues that trend, but will also be changing a couple of their characters in a big way. Now available in the Public Test Region (PTR), Blizzard is testing...
  26. Gizmo256

    PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.46862

    CLASSES Barbarian Skills Battle Rage Bloodshed Has been redesigned: Deal damage equal to 20% of your recent Critical Hits to enemies within 20 yards every 1 second. Note: Bloodshed caused performance issues when encountering high enemy density, particularly when combined with Whirlwind...
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    Blizzard Adds a PTR to Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos

    There are any number of things you might have been doing in 2002. For instance, you may have been playing the hot new game from Blizzard, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. People have mostly moved on to other things since then, and so has the developer, but this week it released a new patch for the...
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    Overwatch's Doomfist Now Adds Some Punch to the PTR

    It has been a long time coming, but Doomfist has been officially revealed as the 25th hero in Overwatch. There is no release date yet, but the character is now on the Public Test Realm, which means a launch is coming within the next week or two. Doomfist is an offensive character - obviously -...
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    Overwatch's Horizon Lunar Colony Map is Available to Play on PTR

    Following yesterday's tease, Blizzard announced that Overwatch's Horizon Lunar Colony map is available for testing on the game's Public Test Realm (PTR). Yesterday's Overwatch blog update divulged lore centering on a moon base where promising research was conducted, only for communications from...
  30. DreadKnight

    Upcoming DVA Patch and PTR notes

    Greetings ! The upcoming DVA release patch will be live in a few weeks, below I have included the link for members to read and answer any questions related to the upcoming content and character reworks. Some notables can include: -DVA character release -Alarak Hero rework -Tyrande...
  31. Idolator

    PTR Updates (21/03/17)

    Hero Update Lucio Sonic Amplifier Damage increased by 25% Heal Song Self-healing reduced by 33% (Note this does not affect healing done to other players) Wall Ride Bonus speed decreased from 30% to 20% General Competitive Play Map rotation expanded to all maps
  32. Idolator

    PTR Changes (17/03/17)

    General Updates General Details about each hero’s unique backstory, along with information about some of their lore-inspired skins, have been added to the Hero Gallery. Competitive Play A tracking system has been added to Assault and Assault/Escort Maps that will allow us to break ties based...
  33. SLIPX

    Orisa PTR Training Gallery A quick 3 minute video of me explaining and showing Orisa in the Training Gallery on the PTR. -SlipX
  34. VileKnight

    Heroes of the Storm: PTR Patch Notes — March 6, 2017

    Heroes of the Storm: PTR Patch Notes — March 6, 2017 A new PTR patch was released, and we have a lot of good stuff coming! Highlights include: Special Event Quest: Two Heads are Better than One New Hero: Probius UI Updates Cho-Gall has been revamped. Gazlowe has been revamped. Arthas...
  35. Idolator

    PTR Changes (07&09/03/17)

    Updated 09/03/17 Zen's Discord Orb changes were reverted, and he got a new change to Orb of Destruction Ana's Biotic Grenade changes were reverted Sombra got a change to her hack All specifics were added below Hero Changes Ana Biotic Rifle Damage decreased from 80 to 60...
  36. Idolator

    PTR Changes (02/03/17)

    A new patch has hit the PTR with a new hero and some hero changes, bellow are some of the things that have been changed New Hero Orisa (Tank) Main Weapon - Fusion Driver Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it...
  37. popsicleftw

    how to get all gold

    Step 1: Join PTR Step 2: select Bastion step 3:???? Step 4: profit But really its so much fun right now just selecting bastion on PTR everyone is orisa and your mini gun just shreds through the shields and then them! :02.47-tranquillity: HAving a damn blast. Plus you end each game all gold :P
  38. Idolator

    More nerfs for Roadhog (PTR)

    So Geoff Goodman said in a post, in the official Overwatch Forum, that there are gonna be more nerfs for Roadhog, as well as a small Winston buff. Now what does this mean. Well Roadhog used to pull people 2 meters in front of him, that would make it easy to shoot someone and, if necessary...
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    Overwatch PTR Patch Modifies Bastion, Buffs D.Va and Mercy

    Overwatch has updated its Public Test Realm with some changes that will affect key abilities for Mercy, D.Va and Bastion. The patch also adds a modifiable server browser for custom games and adds a Capture the Flag mode, playing off the popular Capture the Rooster brawl. Here is a complete list...
  40. News Bot

    How to Fix Overwatch PTR Game Server Connection Failed Errors

    Overwatch gets a steady stream of updates, and before they release these patches onto the main game servers, they first test them in the Overwatch PTR server. These updates can be unstable, so sometimes when players try to connect to the Overwatch PTR game server, they get "Connection Failed"...
  41. Idolator

    PTR Changes (07/02/17)

    A new patch has been put up on PTR, this patch brings the Bastion changes and the new Server Browser. Hero Changes Ana New Hero Option Allows players to adjust Nano Boost’s targeting sensitivity Bastion New Passive - Ironclad Bastion takes 35% less damage while in...
  42. VileKnight

    Heroes of the Storm: PTR Patch Notes — February 6, 2017

    Heroes of the Storm: PTR Patch Notes — February 6, 2017 A new PTR patch was released, and we have a lot of good stuff coming! Highlights include: For Azeroth! event, with some cool rewards. Overwatch hero Lucio has arrived. Murkey has been overhauled. Valeera has seen a lot of...
  43. News Bot

    Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.5.0 is Adds Armory, Improves Sorting

    The latest Diablo 3 patch, 2.5.0 is available to test now on Blizzard's Public Test Region. The two largest changes that come with Patch 2.5.0 are a new Armory and Crafting Mat Storage. The Armory will allow you to now save character builds while Crafting Mat Storage separates crafting materials...
  44. noctemdracone

    So... 2.5 PTR is up...

    Primal ancient items.... Same thing as ancient items and even more rare; comes with even higher stat rolls. Powercreep much Blizz? At least the armory and crafting mats tab are coming in 2.5.
  45. noctemdracone

    7.2 is live on the PTR

    It just went up on the PTR on the 19th. It doesn't have much at the moment, but they will be adding in content as the time goes by. Patch 7.2 PTR: Build 23436 Updates - New Dungeon, Legion Invasion, Achievements - Wowhead News
  46. News Bot

    Heroes of the Storm PTR patch offers massive reworks of Tassadar and Rexxar

    Yesterday's In Development video for Heroes of the Storm promised Valeera Sanguinar as a new hero, and a new PTR patch has delivered. But what the video didn't outline was the massive changes coming to Rexxar and Tassadar. The dev notes for Tassadar reveal that the entire character received a...
  47. Idolator

    Updates: PTR Updates (06-11/01/17)

    I won't go into full length on all the details of the patch, but here are the biggest changes. UPDATE 11/01/17 D.Va Armor down from 400 to 200 Health up from 200 to 400 Bullet Pellets increased from 8 to 11 Bullet Pellets damage decreased from 3 to 2 Roadhog's Hook Hook now breaks on...
  48. S

    Update from the PTR for the SB Witch Doctor!!!

    Two man 110 GR, after the first round of major changes to the LoN Witch Doctor....still very viable for group meta to maybe around 125GR. It was mentioned that the changes to the GR's might really effect the Gen Monks keep that in mind (I was thinking of doing a Gen Monk, but now I...
  49. S

    2.4.3 PTR Footage (Monk + LoN WD) 2 man GR 90 2 Man GR90 = ZDPS Monk + LoN RoE WD "Fire" build Taken from the PTR for patch 2.4.3
  50. CanidSerpent

    News: Patch 7.1.5 (PTR)

    You can now test the next upcoming major patch on the PTR! One of the big things coming in 7.1.5 is MoP Timewalking, including the following dungeons Gate of the Setting Sun Mogu'Shan Palace Shado-Pan Monastery Siege of Nieuzao Temple Stormstout Brewery Temple of the Jade Serpent We...