1. R

    Guides: Basic protoss builds.

    This is a basic opener that can go into whatever tech you choose, this just gets you set up for a basic 2 base economy. 14 Pylon (place it near nexus) 15/16 Gateway 16/17 Assimilator (Pull three probes from minerals to gas) 19 Pull probe from minerals to natural 20 Nexus at...
  2. T

    Protoss Tips

    Hey there, I just thought I would post some links to helpful videos I have found recently. The first would be a diamond/plat Protoss guy I watch stream named Aoret. Super cool guy and laid back. If you like Protoss gameplay you should definitely watch his stream on Twitch. They are pretty short...
  3. News Bot

    StarCraft: Remastered Brings the Terrans, Zerg and Protoss Back in mid-August

    As StarCraft 2 plods on as an eSports sensation, Blizzard's pass at nostalgia in StarCraft: Remastered is almost complete. The company has announced the game will be available on August 14, with the price of reminiscing set at a rather paultry $14.99. The remaster, announced back in March...
  4. nomad21

    Silver protoss build order and macro advice

    Hi guys, Im currently a silver protoss, and I'm doing fairly well in the league. The problem is that I know that I'm being really inefficient with the games that I play... Does anyone know where to get good builds to follow? Atm, the builds I can do fairly well are the standard: 1) Adept...
  5. F

    Late game Protoss

    So I've been playing a lot of 1v1's for awhile now, but I find myself losing damn near every single game if it gets to late game. It seems like even when I think i've got a stronger army (and this is born out of graphs after the match) that my protoss army just can't contend with enemy armies...
  6. Nonakuru

    Does anyone need a coach? (Protoss)

    hey, i main protoss and am currently high plat, my highest experience is high diamond with zerg and terran back in wol. my high apm and micro management made me switch to toss to abuse its big heavy hitting units and tech. if you need some help with any race Plat and lower i can help add me...
  7. T

    Need Protoss Coaching!

    hey guys! I'm pretty new to starcraft. ive started playing protoss a bit, and I'm not quite comfortable with it yet. If anyone who knows what their doing with protoss wants to coach me and help me be a better player I would be super grateful!! add me up! my BT is technovid#1305
  8. Mordrius

    Build orders for Protoss

    An all around thread for favorite build orders for Protoss. Just post your favorite build order down below. Let's see where this goes.
  9. News Bot

    StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void 'Reclamation' cinematic prepares a Protoss strike

    The final chapter of StarCraft II is almost here, which is why Blizzard is continuing to roll out more of the upcoming Legacy of the Void's story. Today, the publisher revealed a new trailer, revealing more of the game's lore and putting the spotlight squarely on the Protoss. Astute viewers may...
  10. Orick

    Starcraft 2: Locking for a coach: Gold Protoss

    What Game are you requesting a coach for? Starcraft II What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW/BR/etc.)? NA What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? Protoss When are you available for coaching? At noon What is your current Rank/Rating (if applicable): Gold Any Preliminary Questions...
  11. ShadyPingu

    League of Legends: Looking for a protoss coach

    Im kinda bad.....very bad.
  12. Rezrolled


    Protoss Master Race
  13. GodlikeGliscor

    Starcraft 2: Need A Protoss Coach!

    If anyone has the time to Coach me Protoss, I would be bloody happy!
  14. finolex

    Looking for beginner Protoss and Zerg BO

    Well, I haven't been around much for the past year on the forums or on Starcraft, BUT I PLAN TO BE BACK IN (less than) A MONTH. I thought over it, and realised that the only way to get the most out of the game is to try to learn and play all 3 races (as random), and thats going to be a...
  15. Choboy

    LF Zerg or Protoss Coach!

    Just bought HoTS! Was Diamond Terran in WoL, but I'm trying out random now. Need help learning Zerg and Protoss. Thank you!!
  16. Synizta

    Starcraft 2: Looking for Protoss Coach.

    What Game are you requesting a coach for? Starcraft 2 What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? Protoss When are you available for coaching? 12.30pm AEST to 12.30am AEST (or any time in between) Not sure what is for the US, This could also change depending if my sleeping patterns change...
  17. I

    Protoss is IMBA

    Title says it all. Also DrSmitherine was the one who said this first, I'm just the messager
  18. DrSmitherine

    Zergs protoss and terrann builds

    Hey guys if you have any biulds that you heard that thought might be good or you have a biuld you already know and want to see it in action post your ibuld here! ill attempt as many as i possible can! Ill be starting off with mutas vs every race. and i will try each biuld agnaist every race...
  19. DrSmitherine

    protoss imba

    perfect explaination for people who hate playing agnaist protoss is that spot on?
  20. D

    Starcraft 2: Looking for Protoss Coach

    Hello everyone. I am new to the Clan. I want to improve my Starcraft 2 game and I would love to have someone coach me for a few pointers. I am a silver player but still feel like a bronzie. Any help would be appreciated. I work odd hours so it would have to be late at night or on one of my days...
  21. Forad

    Starcraft 2: Looking for a Protoss coach

    I had the game since it first came out, but I been playing it off and on. I am currently level 11 and I am not ranked. If anyone would mind taking their time to help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  22. G

    Starcraft 2: Looking for Protoss coach!!

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a Protoss coach, you don't need to be great I just need someone to help me with some basics. I've been playing on and off since SC2 first came out, but I never stick with it for more than a few months of casual play. At one point about a year ago I moved from...
  23. Fireylaw27

    Starcraft 2: Requesting Protoss Coaching

    First of all sorry if the title is wrong...I dont't know If I spelled Protoss wrong lol. What Game are you requesting a coach for? Starcraft 2 What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? Protoss/Terran (If can't choose both Protoss prefered) When are you available for coaching? All Day...
  24. L

    Starcraft 2: looking for a Zerg or Protoss coach

    looking for a Protoss coach I'm trying to get back into this game and become a better player and finally get out of bronze league and could really use some help. Days I am capable of being coached are Tuesday afternoon or any time after 330 on weekdays and weekends anytime that will work best...
  25. Cydrion

    Solid Lower-level Protoss Macro Builds

    Hey guys, Sorry I've been out of commission for a little while but I'm sure you all know how that goes. I just recently played SC2 for the first time in what seems like months a few days ago and needless to say I am quite rusty. I got placed into Bronze again and am holding my own but...