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    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.7 Include Private Crews and Economy Changes

    The time has come once more for Sea of Thieves to undergo server maintenance, dragging many galleons and sloops down into the watery depths. The good news is that on the other side awaits a new version of the game, and with it, patch notes 1.0.7! Included in this patch are private crews...
  2. G

    How-To: New member looking to join private steam group

    Hello. Gorskorr/Jacob here. I'm wondering if its at all possible to get added to the private clan member group on steam? My steam profile link : Steam Community :: JuicyPotato If not any information regarding the process would be very much welcome and appreciated <3 Gor
  3. Thundernut

    CS:GO Public and Private Servers

    Fever Clan CS:GO Private 11 Man Server IP: Fever Clan CS:GO Public Fun Server Server wall of shame: Click Here IP: Server Admins (SourceMod): Please read over the link to properly use SourceMod...
  4. Suurebud

    Anyone play on private servers? (Elysium?)

    nevermind nevermind
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare leaned on Saving Private Ryan for leadership story

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been getting some rather good reviews with its non-linear sci-fi gameplay and an exemplary narrative by Call of Duty standards. The story was something developer Infinity Ward worked hard on, knowing early in the development cycle that it was going to try...
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    Doom 'Free Update 3' now available with support for free-for-all and private matches

    Bethesda has announced Doom&rsquo;s free update #3 is now available, and with it, a free-for-all multiplayer mode has finally been added to the title. As you&rsquo;d expect, no one is safe in Doom&rsquo;s free-for-all multiplayer mode as players will now be able to frag anyone and everyone they...
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    Doom 'Free Update 3,' due later this month, will include deathmatch and private matches

    Bethesda and id have announced that Free Update 3, a patch due to hit Doom later this month, will integrate deathmatch and private matches into id's 2016 reimagining. "Deathmatch brings free-for-all mayhem to DOOM&rsquo;s fast-paced multiplayer, while Private Matches allow you and your friends...
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    Destiny to receive private matches with Rise of Iron release

    Rise of Iron is one of Destiny&rsquo;s biggest expansion packs yet, and Bungie is prepared to go the extra mile to help bring fans back in. Since the original release players have been asking for private lobbies in the game&rsquo;s PVP mode, the Crucible. Up until now this player request has...
  9. jbo96

    FFXI Private Server

    Ladies and Gents, I have found a private FFXI server that if you miss FFXI you will have to look into, here is the address GamerzProjectXi • Portal if you have any questions please let me know. also if you plan on giving it a try let me know! jbo
  10. Tipherion

    Modded Private Server

    I am currently running a modded server on the Center map. The server is currently password protected but I will give out the password to anyone who wants to join. It currently is set to PVE mode but I am thinking that I will switch it to PVP on the weekends, giving players a week to build up a...
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    Fable Fortune card game gets private investment, ends kickstarter

    The Kickstarter for the Fable Legends card game was not going exceptionally well, having garnered in the first three weeks of the campaign only &pound;58,852 of the requested &pound;250,000 it was seeking. The bad news? The ex-Lionhead development team of Flaming Fowl Studios has cancelled the...
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    Bungie: 'Nope' to private matches in Destiny's April patch

    What do Destiny players want? Private matches! When do they want them? Immediately, if not sooner! Well, too bad. Community manager Dave Dague confirmed in a tweet that private matches are not in the pipe for Destiny's impending April update, due next Tuesday, the 12th. "Nope," Dague replied to...
  13. P

    Approved: Private Delta's Application

    Games you play: ARK, Rust, GTA Main Game: Survival FPS Age: 16 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: PrivateDelta77 League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: portalfan2600 xFire Username: Other Usernames: Private Delta Do...
  14. G

    Starting PVE Private Server Fever members only

    *Edit 2/17/2016 Hey guys, just wanted to say I launched a PVE Private server for Fever members only. If anyone wants to join let me know. The server is Oaktree and is password protected. I can't put the password on the forums since non members can see it currently. It is hosted in Dallas...
  15. L

    Vanilla WoW Private Server 2013

    Hello, I don't know if any of of you enjoyed the original wow like I did, I use to play on this private server 2 years ago I'm just starting to get back into it now after they fixed all the bugs but the population is lower because of the hype of a different server came out. Now that this one is...
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    Driveclub update adds private lobbies, new level cap, and more

    Driveclub has received an update today that will allow players to take part in private lobbies, raises its level cap, and more. The first of two November updates introduces private lobbies to the Multiplayer section of Driveclub, which allows players to take part in custom games with their...
  17. C

    First impressions from a "Private"

    So I've been a member of Fever for 10 days now, and I decided I'd make a post to display my first impressions and to thank you guys. :) So... thank you. In Fever I've met little aside from hospitality, acceptance and kindness, and someone like me couldn't ask for anything else. The members I've...
  18. Ghost

    Everyone Started as a private

    The day that someone comes to me and is afraid to talk to me because im an officer is a scary day indeed to everyone here I started as a private too, sure i may not be one now but i was just like you all new to the clan wanted to make friends and game. I understand where a lot of you new members...
  19. E

    Fever - Private CSGO Server?

    Does Fever have a dedicated, private CSGO server by chance?
  20. Mossyoak

    Private Songs

    What are some of the songs you would never listen to in front of your friends? Songs you know doesn't fit your usual taste in music but you can't help but like it and listen to it. I myself am a metal head, but I do enjoy all genres of music, except country music. We won't judge! :D...
  21. 0yme0

    Anyone interested in private servers?

    Anybody ever get interested in playing private servers? Not for the community, but just for the fun. I know Rehstraint has been playing with me on one that I thought was pretty good lately.
  22. ipaukko

    Vanilla WoW Private Server (LF People to play with)

    Hello, I am looking for people to play a vanilla WoW with. I wasn't really sure should i post this here or somewhere else but its here now and I would like to know if anyone is interested or already playing vanilla wow, if you are interested here's a guide on how to get started --->...
  23. Kreps

    Local News: Gone Girl: I was a private school kid from Rosedaleuntil I ended up on the street

    I was a private school kid from Rosedale—until I ended up on the street | Toronto Life
  24. Kyndjiall

    Our clan could win a free private DayZ shard for a year. Any authors out there?

    Click link or read on. It's all in there at the end. - Status Report - Week of 03 Nov 14 | DayZ | Official website "As 0.50 is pushed to stable branch today, it is important that survivors understand a few key points about this latest update in the DayZ development cycle. 0.50 and...
  25. heybob

    CS:GO Private server!!!

    So thanks to TwoUnderscores we now have a new private server located in dallas, texas. WE CAN FINALLY go on our server and learn new strats teach people where to sit where to stand what to look at what not to do etc. Ill put the IP in this forum when we get it, still being processed...