1. N

    Fortnite Squad practice

    Hello, My name is NasteTV/Twitch.VyaneTV , and the purpose of this thread is for competitive fortnite squad, duo play. I myself have been playing with JomoJg for quite some time, and was wondering if anyone else was looking to play or practice with the same squads. Feel free to add me...
  2. J

    Practice partner

    I've recently joined Fever and I haven't played with any members yet. I am looking for one or two people I could train starcraft with maybe a couple days a week to learn new builds and to get better in general and maybe some 2v2s
  3. J

    New to section: Practice Partners

    Hi all I'm a diamond terran player looking for some practice partners (any race is fine, preferably around my plat or higher). I'm on NA and Asia Servers. If anyones interested add me... LeJunKie #6256
  4. News Bot

    19 Year Old's Key to Winning the Quake World Championships: Don't Practice

    Team 2z had an amazing QuakeCon. After the team won the Sacrifice tournament at the Quake World Championships, one of their members went on to win the Duels tournament. Clawz showed a ridiculous attention to detail in his shutout victory against seasoned vet Voo and when asked about his...
  5. L

    Starcraft: Remastered Practice Partners

    Anyone interested in practicing SC:R on a regular basis? I'm a newbie zerg player, primarily looking for somebody to practice with an hour or two on weekends. I will definitely be following Day[9]'s new SC series once it comes out, and it would be cool to have a "study group" to apply some of...
  6. Winterrose

    League of Legends Academy

    It's time to announce the League of Legends Academy! It'll be scheduled for the 21st of June from 8pm EST to 9/9:30pm EST. It'll be a little shorter due to it being during the work week. During this event, those of us at a higher level will work with those at a lower level and help each...
  7. J

    1v1 practice

    just joined fever and i just recently got into starcraft 2 again and got lotv a bit ago, if anyone wants to play me one on one for practice add me im an na protoss currently silver since i just started highest was i believe high gold in hots. nincsdragon#1758
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    New Counter-Strike Tool Lets You Practice Like A Pro (Sponsored)

    If you've ever watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive played competitively and wished you could rattle off one-taps and throw perfect nades like the pros, check out this new tool that might help you do just that. Boomeo features various modules that simulate common scenarios in the game and...
  9. H

    PBE: Practice Tool

    Practice Tool This new tool allows players to hop into a practice oriented singleplayer game and mess around with various modifiers and options, such as instantly granting gold/xp, respawning jungle, spawning test dummies, teleporting around the map, and more. You can access the practice...
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    Oculus Touch: Dead and Buried VR Gameplay - All Practice Range Levels

    The Wild West when combined with first-person shooters can be pretty fun, but VR takes it to a whole new level. Dead and Buried features both single and multiplayer modes, Dead and Buried lets you warm up in the shooting gallery or go head-to-head as either a lawman or outlaw. Check out this...
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    Oculus Touch: Ripcoil VR Gameplay - Practice Mode

    Enter a futuristic gladiatorial arena packed with rabid fans as you face off against networked opponents in a disc throwing duel. A wholly unique navigation system will allow you to deftly position your hover board as you reach out with your Touch controllers to launch, catch and punch the...
  12. D

    1v1 practice partner - mid - high diamond level terran.

    old starcraft bw and sc2 player. had 11 seasons in masters. hmu to 1v1 practice or look for me in team speak. darkluke.261
  13. Chronic90

    Live practice partner thread

    I wanted to start a thread up that when you jump on to SC2 and are looking to try out some builds or looking to have some fun team games, you leave a comment in here when you jump on. So like a live thread just letting people know you're playing and what server you're currently playing on. I...
  14. M

    Could we create a new chat group for active competitive players for practice ?

    Hey guys. I joined this clan about two weeks ago and I found that it's not so easy to find practice partners. Found a lot of casual players to have fun playing archon and co-op but haven't found anyone to practice 1v1 with yet. If that's something you guys face too maybe we should try to ask to...
  15. S3mp1t3rn4l

    I need practice partner(s).

    Weird request, but yeah. I have identified some areas of improvement such as retakes and clutch retakes, general holds and some game sense stuff. If anyone is interested, send a pm or add me on steam: Steam Community :: ★SempiTurtl✌★
  16. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 9/7/15

    Tuesday 9/8/15 at 8PM EST. Thursday 9/10/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can't make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe Rehstraint krahelm
  17. S

    Looking for a practice parter

    I am looking for a summoner that is in silver that likes to play adc or support so I can practice my skills in bot lane and hopefully actually do some ranked with this partner and rank up with them
  18. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/31/15

    Thursday 9/3/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can't make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Ether Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe
  19. Synizta

    Looking for practice partner(s)

    Hiyo. So yet again, (as seems to be habbit for me nowadays) after trying to start playing again in May and failing (Mostly 'cause of stuff to do with RL that happened at the time) looking to yet again start playing more often after not really playing seriously since July last year. So I decided...
  20. G

    practice partners bronze (zerg)

    I'm currently in the high end of bronze was wondering if anyone was interested in playing a few matches with me sometime pm me if interested :)
  21. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/24/15

    I'm doing it more late times this week. Tuesday 8/25/15 at 8PM EST. Thursday 8/27/15 at 8PM EST. Please let me know if you can make it, so I contact our subs. Professor_Deep Ether Aradon the Black Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak SalemRios magicWolfe
  22. Recovery

    Practice Schedual Changes?

    Practice Schedule Changes? Asking everyone to get on and practice everyday will eventually wear us all down, So lets try and change from everyday to at least 3 times a week. This will also make it easier for Lavender to coach us and give us his critiques on the replays we post. Days...
  23. Chaves

    Squad Practice for the week of 8/17/15

    We are doing 2 practices this week. Professor_Deep Ether magicWolfe Julesviper nightxwolf871 Mossyoak Ryuk SalemRios Aradon the Black Tuesday 8/18 at 7:00 EST and Thursday 8/20 at 7:00 EST. Please let me know if you can't make it. So I can ask for our subs to fill-in. I would prefer...
  24. Lavender

    8/15 Practice Review

    You have to be logged onto Heroes of the storm for the replays to work. Game 1 Map = Cursed Hollows Ozzy03 = Falstad Recovery = Illidan ToxicGamer = Abathur Lavender = Uther Ozzy Notes 1) avoid towers early game...
  25. Park99katz

    Practice Partners ( Gold Zerg )

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a partner that I can practice with. Currently I am a high Gold Zerg on the North American servers. And I would take anyone of any race of any rank. I just want some more friends so that I can improve my and your play. If there is someone that would like to do...