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    Pre-orders Open For Post Scriptum, A WW2 Sim Shooter From The Publishers of Squad

    Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter set during WW2 and looks to establish a pattern of hardcore shooters from publisher Offworld Industries. Sometime later today, the pre-orders will go live and all tiers give players access to pre-release testing in May 2018. As described on the...
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    Far Cry 5 Season Pass Trailer Is A Wild Sneak Peek At Post Launch Content

    Far Cry 5 has a pretty eclectic collection of content coming post-launch. The newly announced Arcade mode will be introducing new assets that could potentially come from other games, but the single-player campaign will see its share of additions as well. We already know post-launch DLC will...
  3. R

    Post your scores and show your strength!

    Lets post up some scoreboards for those KDA. Don't forget to tip your supports! not sure why the photo is so small, but i went 31/0/1 as Dr. Mundo
  4. H

    NA WoW When I have to post something

    hey I have to post something once a month or so. I've never been a blog'er or forum post'er so here's thread I'll use.. I play many games so feel free to hit me up. I'm a 5x multibox'er and I play mainly Horde side. I'll be reachable via discord primarily
  5. Achilleus

    Post your UI!

    Here's mine:
  6. Damien

    Post your screenshots!

    Hey all, I started this thread in order to have those who wish to share their favorite, 1337, and/or funny screenshots from PUBG. Ok I'll start..... Recently I acquired the skirt in one of the Gamescom crates and was super happy about it! (sold it for $140.00 the same night)...
  7. Ralic

    This isn't the post you're looking for....

    Evening one and all, Nothing special here, honest, nothing to see. Try the next door down I heard music coming through the walls. Just working my barb in D3. Good hunting and speedy rifts, Ralic
  8. Druhillion

    Pending: Main "New Posts" forum search links do not go to post

    Not sure if this is a known issue or not but when I click on the, "New Posts" link when in the forum section: which brings me to the results list and I click on any of the main list links, whether I click on the small green box with the 2 down arrows (red arrow) or the text of the link...
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    E3 2017: Shack@E3 Day 2 Post Show

    That's a wrap! Day 2 of E3 2017 is over and they are kciking everyone out of the convention center except for our intrepid Shacknews team. Asif, Greg, David and Steve defied the announcements and guards to put together a wrapup show and discuss everything they saw today. If you missed anything...
  10. Idolator

    Resolved: Post Issues

    I no longer see any of the advanced posting options when creating a new thread/post. Additionally I cannot do line breaks unless I use HTML code for it. Bogo Gyorn
  11. DreadKnight

    HGC Heroes of the Storm Tournament LIVE ! LInk in POST

    Live, HGC Europe HOTS Tournament Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) Great chance to see how some of the pros are doing it ! Learn from their positions, teamwork and builds, great learning opportunity or chance to improve gameplay
  12. Sithis

    eSports: Post League Time Thread
  13. Linessah

    [Spoiler Alert] Post your Necromancer Beta experiences here!

    So I was one of the lucky folks that got the Necromancer Beta invite. Necromancer was one of my favorite classes in Diablo 2. I loved all the abilities and to command an army of skeletons and golems was something that I loved - in Diablo 3, I felt that the witch doctor was a half-hearted...
  14. Y

    Introduction post to get my 2 week post out of the way.

    Well let me try this again since my last post got eaten or something. My name is Rodney, Yendor#11165 in game. I am 45yrs old, old I know, and have been playing HotS for close to a year now. I have all but 14 heroes level 9 or beyond before patch 2.0. I think I am pretty decent at the...
  15. M

    Resolved: Unable to post screenshots

    I've been trying to post screenshots in the Diablo Awards section. I keep getting the following error: 500 [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPHrase=2 text="Error #2038"] It seems to indicate a server error. Is this one of those things that is going to clear...
  16. S

    Team Syndicate Official Post

    Welcome to the post of Team Syndicate a semi-pro league of legends team. I'm SirNecrosis I'm the Co-Founder of the team and Tr1ckShotz is the Founder of the team. We're a team who wants to get better and also play competitively. We are looking for dedicated and competitive players. You must be...
  17. Paranoia Origins

    Post Your Most MVP Moments w/ Screenshots or Videos (Keep Videos Around 30 Mins at Best)

    Azurieru Dreamurr
  18. hregiment

    Post Deletion

    Does the creator of a post have the ability to delete their own posting? If not, how do I submit my posts for deletion. They do not contain any information worthy of archiving and are taking up space on the forum. Simplify, simplify, simplify!
  19. Lustrum

    Post your dick pics!

  20. xXGuardianXx

    how do i post a gif on a member profile?¿?

    every time i try to post the gif it just shows up as a link, can someone help with step by step instructions, maybe screenshots since im obviously not very bright this is a test link:
  21. Sparkster007

    Resolved: Double Post

    Everytime I post a response on the forums, it always posts it twice. Making me edit the second post to make me not look dumb. Any way to fix this? It's getting quite annoying. Thanks, Sparkster007
  22. News Bot

    Test Post #1

  23. sparkis

    News: Live Post - Blizzcon Hearthstone Announcement

    Expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Slated for release early December 2016 Links: Mean Streets of Gadgetzen Expansion Page Extra! Extra! Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Revealed! Inside the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan at BlizzCon! Hearthpwn Blizzcon Card Reveals Watch updates live: Twitch - Over Now...
  24. I Do The Damages

    Post your desktop wallpaper - Who has the best?

    Desktops wallpapers are cool. I tend to change mine every few months though. Got a new one today, what do you guys think? Feel free to post yours aswell
  25. Kunezite

    News: The scary not so scary Halloween edition blog post

    The Scary (Not So Scary) Halloween Edition Blog Post! Hello Everyone! This is my 4th blog post and you would think these would get easier as time goes by, but they don’t as it turns out! =) We have a few things to talk about since our last blog post, and if you’re not one to visit the...