1. R

    Fever clan Reddit recruitment post.

    The following link is for our new FortniteBRteams subreddit recruitment post. Fever clan Fortnite Recruitment : FortniteBRteams thanks, Rain Days.
  2. amoretpax199

    Important! Smite players please read this post.

    If you aren't in the clan yet ask for an invite now! The next patch will make it hard for you to get in the clan so ask us for an invite before too late!
  3. amoretpax199

    Resolved: Give me back the option to delete my post.

    I double post a lot because of using my tablet. Can you give me back the ability to delete a post? I used to have it but I don't have it anymore.
  4. Cybernetcrash

    3rd Forum RP game. Play by post.

    All right I want to start a 3rd and final forum game. The Genre is Zombie apocalypse. As with the previous games here are the rules: -Make sure you can post multiple times per day. -Have imagination. Signup by replying here. Please don't sign up if you know you won't be able to post multiple...
  5. Cybernetcrash

    2nd forum rpg - play by post.

    So yeah I want to make one more rpg game since my nights are getting boring. I will need 4 players again. Requirements are: -Be able to post on the forums, multiple times a day. -Have imagination.