1. Eliminator

    Anybody Playing?

    Does anyone here play Fortnite? I hopped onto the discord and none was there. :offended:
  2. Sithis

    News: Best Upcoming MMORPGs 2018 and Beyond - Is There ANYTHING Worth Playing? - Credit to uploader
  3. Doiri

    What do you plan on playing?

    Outlander? Ninja? Constructor? Soldier? What are you most excited for to play? Personally I can't wait to jump into a game as either Ninja or Constructor. Building big basses and slicing up husks is one of my favorite things to do :D -Doiri
  4. MoeC

    Master X Master, who's playing?

    Hey mates, I am really enjoying this new Moba, quite unique in many aspects. It has many game modes, I am especially enjoying the Stages (dungeons) PVE and 3v3 (PVP/E) modes. I really recommend everyone to give it a try. Although I am over a week late in relating the news, but hey...there...
  5. GamerKnoob

    Anyone Playing?

    Just recently started playing GTAV Online. Anyone still playing?
  6. Bloodmorphed

    MU Legends - Anyone playing?

    It seems we have a lot of interesting ARPGs coming out within the next year, the closest one to a full release - so far - is MU LEgends, with the western audience having a closed beta now. (Wanting Lost Ark and Linage Eternal soon!). I've registered but, no going for now. Has anyone played yet?
  7. zefirus

    Poll: Where will you be playing?

    Looking to find out who is playing on what? Alliance PVP/PVE or Horde PVE/PVP. We have a PVP/Horde official guild but if there are enough folks who are playing PVE or Alliance, we may be able to do something. I do not intend to divide the clan nor do I want to cannibilze our guild on Maj.. But...
  8. xineizer

    Stellaris - Anyone Playing?

    Enjoying Civ V, I took some time to look at other 4x games. I also wanted to try a space-themed 4x, and I was about to get Galactic Civilizations III, especially now that there is weekend anniversay sale on Steam. However, in my search, I stumbled upon Stellaris, and was surprised that it...
  9. M

    Who are you playing?

    As the thread title suggests, what character are you most excited to play as, or what character (during beta) did you fall in love with? I wasn't able to play during the beta, but D.Va looks like the one i'll be playing for a bit out of the gate ^_^
  10. heybob

    Overwatch how many are playing?

    how many peeps up in fever are going to be playing?!!?! i wanted to kinda get a headcount and see how big opening night is going to be!!!! i would like everyone to please post here and give me a thought about overwatch and what you expect here in fever!! thank you |Fever|...
  11. TheLoveMachine

    Anyone still playing?

    I haven't been on this in a while but I was wondering if anyone wanted to party up in some paladins soon. Really enjoyed playing this solo when the beta first came out so I'd love to play with some good people in this clan.
  12. Mahosu

    When are you guys playing?

    So I haven't seen many people online recently. That could simply be because I not playing while you are playing. So I want to make this thread because I want to know when you guys usually play. For my part: EDT Time zone: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm during the week My weekends are random but I...
  13. M

    Anyone Still Playing?

    So I was thinking of dusting this game off in my steam library and was wondering if any folks here were still playing. It's always more fun to play with people than alone (unless you're farming for that 1 particular item XD)
  14. Baum

    DUELYST!! Who is playing?

    Any Fever Duelysts out there? Add me BaumDeezy. I just downloaded yesterday, already having a good time!
  15. I

    Anyone playing?

    Just wondering, I still have active sub for game. I haven't played in months
  16. NobleLion

    Dungeon Boss - anyone still playing?

    Last time I checked on Hazazer was playing (though it turned out to be his son :)) The game continues to be a good game for bursts of play and collecting characters, but lately there have been bugs and rule changes in the Raid system that has me frustrated. Anyone else playing the game?
  17. Ocean

    What music do you listen to while playing?

    I personally listen to a Deadmau5 playlist.
  18. J

    Favourite Music While Playing?

    Favourite Song / Playlist While Gaming? Hey guys just wondering what's your best song / playlist that you listen to when you're gaming (if you do listen to music). Please share your links to these songs that you listen to. Will be interesting to see what genre comes up, I'm sure we'll get a...
  19. BruC0Ndr

    GW2 free to play, anyone playing?

    Now Guild Wars 2 is free to play, anyone playing? Looking for someone or somepeople to play it with :) I like the game so far!
  20. bouseherb

    Worth playing?

    I have always been a stickler for mmorpgs, the idea of playing with a bunch of people and fighting monsters together is just really awesome to me. I have played and tried multiple mmorpgs, World of Warcraft, Aion, and Tera but I have never stuck with them. So I am wondering what is your opinion...
  21. pinkman

    Project CARS - Anyone playing?

    Hi, so I am wondering if there are members that bought the game and are playing it currently. I think I will get it as well, even tough I do not have a wheel, just a PS4 controller. What do you think, is it worth playing it with the controller? The game looks really well, especially at night...
  22. 26gamers

    GTA Online - Are you playing?

    I am playing GTA Online as 'shantanuposition' so add me as friend and lets play together.
  23. K

    Who is playing?

    Who all is playing GW2? and what server are you guys on? I just started playing it again so I can finish my Sunrise since I'm so close to being done with it. Me and Valoseu started playing well he just got the game but I've played it before, Just need to get back into playing it again :) So hit...
  24. Lil_Nora

    The Secret World? Anyone playing?

    Is anyone playing this game? I've bought it when it was really far reduced, but haven't been able to play much. Also who would be interested in making a RP guild in this game? We are kinda lacking Role Play in this clan.
  25. Chemistry

    Question: Who's still playing?

    Who's still playing? If so, what timezone are you in?