1. RiZe

    NA Looking For CS:GO players to make content for YouTube *also to rank up*

    Hello there FeverClan, I play CS:GO on a regular basis i started yesterday and i'm already at Silver IV . Anyway i was hoping that i can find a player to play with most importantly to have fun and chill if you're interested just reply or find me on Discord as: FeVer | RiZe . THANK YOU !
  2. MustangPunk

    Need Help from old Origin Players and Me

    Hey Fever. MustangPunk here. I need some help. ANY one who used to play Battlefield with me on PC please look at your friends list on Origin. I need to know what name I used. I can't find my little book that I wrote stuff down in. Origin won't help me unless I can get the correct name. I...
  3. DrSmitherine

    Help for toss players

    I am a m2/m1 toss player on NA. If anyone needs any help feel free to message me or send me your replays and I'll offer all the help I can :D
  4. trep

    Trep's Game Night for EU players

    Trep is hosting a game night Friday 12pm US EDT Join in on the fun on Discord :)
  5. K

    Training all players

    Good afternoon guys, I'm new to the clan. Im a 5ksih mmr sc2 players and would like to offer training or open to play team games with any players! feel free to add me on Cuffn#11565 and we can play some games! GLHF
  6. News Bot

    H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta Launch Brought In Over 1.5 Million Players In 24 Hours

    Daybreak Games has announced that H1Z1 officially surpassed 1.5 million players in a 24-hour period after launch on the PlayStation 4. A full release is scheduled for release later in 2018, but the open beta is available for free right now. “This is an incredible milestone and we want to...
  7. News Bot

    PUBG Mobile Players Can Finally Play On Miramar, The Desert Map

    PUBG PC and Xbox One players have been exploring the desert wasteland of Miramar for a while, but players of Tencent's PUBG Mobile will finally be able to apply their on-the-go tactics to the game's second map. I've not played PUBG on mobile devices, but I'm no stranger to Miramar on PC. If this...
  8. News Bot

    Battlefield 1 Players Have Finally Opened The Mysterious Zombie Door

    When it comes to video game Easter eggs, some of them are a pain to find. In the case of Battlefield 1's particular surprise, it took a while to happen upon one -- how long? Oh, just a short while. Nothing major. Just a year. Battlefield 1 had something known as a "Zombie Door", which was...
  9. News Bot

    Super Smash Bros. E3 Invitational Lineup Includes Top Smash 4 & Melee Players

    Nintendo's E3 2018 will arguably be headlined by Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch. And while the game has been teased, there's still no word on exactly what the game is or what it looks like. One of the first looks at the new Smash Bros. is set to come during E3's Super Smash Bros...
  10. News Bot

    With UFO Sightings in Fortnite, Players Worry Meteor Could Strike Tilted Towers Any Day

    The biggest mystery in Fortnite has still yet to be solved, as the meteors in the game still seem to be hurtling toward Tilted Towers, with no resolution or anything from Epic Games officially addressing them. But there's something new we certainly didn't expect to see in the sky: UFO-shaped...
  11. Stagray

    Blizzards changes in coming months to ranked and toxic players

    Heroes of the Storm Development Updates – April 12, 2018 Take a look and they are looking for our feedback. Lets help them out so we can weed out the shitbirds that ruin our games.
  12. News Bot

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Hits 30 Million Players Milestone

    Ubisoft announced today that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has hit 30 million registered players across all platforms. The game is in its third year and has become one of the most successful multiplayer shooters on the market. Ubisoft continues to evolve the game with content updates like...
  13. News Bot

    New Vermintide 2 Patch Is Meant to Make Things Easier For Players

    If you've been playing through Warhammer: Vermintide 2 since its release, you may have found that it's a little too hard for your tastes, and you wouldn't be alone. The sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, the game is developer Fatshark's latest project, and it's deliciously bloody...
  14. News Bot

    Epic Games Grants Teacher's Request to Warn Players About Playing Fortnite Mobile in Class

    Fornite Battle Royale seems to be growing in popularity every day and the new mobile version for iOS and Android has created an interesting situation for the younger players. A teacher going by the name Mr. Hillman sent a request to Epic Games asking them to warn players about playing Fortnite...
  15. News Bot

    How Many Players Can Play One Server in Sea of Thieves?

    One of the fundamental elements of Sea of Thieves' open-world gameplay is the sense that players are truly sailing around the open sea. With that in mind, having too many players on a single game server would totally muddle the experience — players might be fighting over resources, running...
  16. News Bot

    SXSW 2018: Dollar Kill Club Lets Players Kill Each Other for Real Money

    The SXSW 2018 gaming expo floor opened its doors today and one of the first things you’ll see upon entry is a booth with some comfortable seating and what looks like a rogue-like twin-stick shooter. If you look a bit closer, you’ll notice people buying into the experience at $5 a pop...
  17. Moonkhan

    EU Players

    Hi! If anyone on the EU server needs power leveling, bounties, speedfarming, items etc, add me: Moonkhan #2801 I'll try and help as much as I can. Also I'm a zMonk so we can push grifts if you want. The highest I've gotten up until now was solo Monk 89 and 94 2-man with a friend (Wizard)...
  18. News Bot

    Supporter Packs Open Dual Universe's Massive Space Sandbox To More Players

    Dual Universe launched off into pre-Alpha in October 2017, introducing their community to the single-server, massive space exploration game from development studio Novaquark. The ambitious title is being crowdfunded by over 10,000 backers, but is now opening up to its next wave of adopters with...
  19. News Bot

    The Division Turns 2, Reaches 20 Million Players Milestone

    Video games grow up so fast these days. I remember when Tom Clancy's The Division was just a twinkle of a preview trailer at a Ubisoft E3 press conference. Now, in the two years since its launch, its grown to 20 million players worldwide. I played The Division at its initial launch and I've gone...
  20. News Bot

    Red Bull Conquest Tests the Nation's Best Fighting Game Players in November

    A new national fighting game circuit is getting ready to make its debut in 2018. Those in the fighting game community should recognize the ones behind this effort. It's Red Bull Esports, who announced plans on Thursday morning to debut nationwide tour set to culminate at Red Bull Conquest. Red...
  21. News Bot

    Players Can Now Review Switch Games On The Nintendo Website

    Gamers are an opinionated bunch, and rightfully so — the experience of playing a certain video game will be different for every player, and based on what can be seen around the web, every player wants his or her voice to be heard. Fortunately for them, Nintendo has implemented a new system...
  22. D

    Guild: Gearing up for new/returning players

    Hey guys, with a lot of new faces coming aboard, I wanted to take the chance and give a few helpful links for gearing up. Along with that, some helpful ways I geared up quickly. To start, I came back to WoW in the midst of Burning Legion and had gear from MoP. The quickest way I geared up was...
  23. News Bot

    Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage Will Let Players Make Their Own DIY Projects

    When Nintendo revealed their new maker-focused product, the Nintendo Labo it was unclear if there would be any products beyond the initial offering of robot-punching backpacks and cardboard pianos. Now it would appear that the company has plans for the Labo software beyond the first wave of Labo...
  24. News Bot

    Monster Hunter World Players To Receive Free Commemorative Gift

    The buzz leading up to the release of Monster Hunter World was considerable, and it seems like Capcom is now reaping the rewards. In the three days following the game's launch, Capcom reported that over 5 million copies of Monter Hunter World had been shipped. Now, the studio is feeling so...
  25. News Bot

    Fortnite Devs Compensates Players For Downtime With Bonuses For Both Modes

    There are a few constants across genres with a large online presence. Patches and downtime are a couple of those and, while Fortnite hasn't developed a pattern of unwarranted downtime, the developers are attempting to curb any ill will early on by making good on issues with the most recent...