1. Psychotikah

    Guides: Basic fundamental mechanics: a novice player Starcraft II guide

    Salutation to all Fever clan members or Starcraft 2 enthusiasts. I am Psychotikah and I wish to offer everyone this beginner’s guide for the usage of the newer or older Starcraft II players that feel stuck in their development. I am personally a very mediocre diamond league player and I vividly...
  2. Atomic Philosopher

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want something new to play but I can't find anything that really strikes me. Just looking for something fun whether it be an RPG, shooter, RTS, etc. - it doesn't matter. Games with online elements are alright as long as there are Asian servers. It's kind of...
  3. News Bot

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 Update Breaks Down Timeline, Player Crews, And Debuts Melee Combat

    Creative Director Michel Ancel shed a tear while revealing the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2 and some fans surely shared those feelings after waiting over 14 years to hear more about the new game. The first Space Monkey Report showed how Beyond Good & Evil 2 is taking the original game's...
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    Staff Meeting: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Falke From the Casual & Pro Player Perspectives

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has brought out the next fighter for its third season of DLC characters. Unlike Sakura and Blanka, this is an all-new fighter to the series. Falke hails from Germany, but she's much more familiar with the walls of Shadaloo, recently being rescued from her...
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    Here's How To Vote For Overwatch League's Most Valuable Player

    We reported on the Overwatch League standings after stage 3, week 3 matches and, while it did feature some MVP worthy performances, maybe you have another pick you'd like to submit. Every tweet using the #OWLMVP hashtag with the player's name or BattleTag attached will count as a vote and a...
  6. Hoyy

    ESO Player Roster

    ESO Roster Main Game: #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count7Cookie2018-04-194SMA104 4Dark_Praetor2018-04-230MJR72 5Hoyy2018-04-221VM614 2Kotaro2018-04-176PFC1 3Linessah2018-04-230LTG1701 6Picasio2018-04-1013PVT2 1ScarletTheRed2018-03-0549PFC5 8Shadronium2018-04-194PVT1 Alt...
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    Overwatch League Player Eqo Uses Insensitive Gesture During Stream

    Popular Overwatch League player Josh "Eqo" Corona of the Philadelphia Fusion has found himself coming under scrutiny following the use of a slant-eye gesture when referencing Korean players during an Overwatch Twitch stream over the weekend. Corona was seen making the gesture after someone made...
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    SXSW 2018: Spielberg Showed Off His Moves in TheWaveVR's Ready Player One VR Experience

    Ready Player One is headed to theaters at the end of March and, as such, has a massive presence at SXSW 2018 this month. Part of that presence is a collection of VR experiences to serve as virtual marketing activations for the film and TheWaveVR was honored with an opportunity to bring an iconic...
  9. News Bot

    SXSW 2018: HTC Vive Partners With Devs For Ready Player One VR Arcade Content

    In addition to the virtual version of Ready Player One's zero-gravity club scene created by TheWaveVR, HTC Vive is teaming up with other developers for VR content leading up to the film's release in theaters. From a wave shooter where players defend Ready Player One's virtual world The Oasis to...
  10. News Bot

    SXSW 2018: TheWaveVR Brings Zero-Gravity Club Scene From Ready, Player, One To HTC Vive

    Popular gaming mainstays like Duke Nukem and Spartans from the Halo franchise have been spotted in the trailers for the upcoming film Ready, Player, One and the full movie will be filled to the brim with more similar easter eggs. The book was a nostalgic calling card and the film will include...
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    Rainbow Six Siege Hits New Player Peak After 'Outbreak'

    Video game science has proven over the years that people like zombies. They like zombies a lot. So with Rainbow Six Siege unleashing its Operation Chimera update, complete with zombie-killing Outbreak mode, the game appears to have a whole new lease on life. According to PC Gamer, the Rainbow...
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    Unleash the Beast: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Blanka From the Casual & Pro Player Perspectives

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition continues to roll out its third season of DLC characters this week, releasing an old favorite. He was last seen in Street Fighter IV and has been an omnipresent part of producer Yoshinori Ono's Twitter account. Now Blanka, the Brazilian beast, has returned, with...
  13. Z

    is ff14 dead is their a group of player here ?

    sup guys, im thinking about getting back at ff14 but im wondering, it seems nobody post a thread for a long time ?
  14. News Bot

    Halo Spartans Spotted In New Ready Player One Trailer

    The Ready Player One novel features a ton of pop culture references, but the film is taking this to a higher degree more relevant to the audience that will be strapping in to watch. In the latest trailer, a few new cameos can be seen including Spartans from the Halo universe. this is not the...
  15. News Bot

    Shanghai Dragons Set to Add Geguri, Giving Overwatch League Its First Female Player

    Overwatch League free agent signings started back on January 26, but there's one signing in particular that has caught the attention of Overwatch fans. Former ROX Orcas off-tank Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon appears set to join the Shanghai Dragons, which will make her the first female player to join the...
  16. News Bot

    Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Uses Rock Band Keytar As Controller in Tournament

    Winning a fighting game tournament can be hard enough, just ask any EVO champion or competitor ever. But winning a fighting tournament using something as avant-garde as a Rock Band Keytar controller is not only a captivating oddity but also a brave endeavor. Still, that's just what one bold...
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    DocPwn on Transitioning to Pro Hearthstone, Player Burnout, Yogg-Saron, and More

    The Hearthstone World Championship has come to an end. Over the weekend, 16 players congregated in Amsterdam to crown a new champion. That champion wound up being Chen "tom60229" Wei Lin, who won in a thrilling 0-2 series comeback against Frank "Fr0zen" Zhang. Shacknews was also in attendance at...
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    Visbit Brings 8K 3D VR Video Player To Viveport

    Visbit took an opportunity at the HTC Vive Spring Product Show in Shenzhen, China to announce their Visbit 8K VR Player, a foveated rendering-based solution that will be featured on the Viveport store for the new standalone Vive Focus. “We know immersive video is a very important use case...
  19. BruC0Ndr

    News: GWENTup Player profiles are online!

    New feature of the amazing deck tracker called GWENTup With it, it tracks your in-game matches and stats. Now you can have a player profile! First for GWENT! e.g. this is mine GwentUp Download GwentUp for deck tracking, player profiles and more!
  20. G

    4 Player group play

    Last few days there has been some interest on 4 player group play on higher GR level and after talking about it yesterday I felt like small summary with link to excellent guide for High level GR. It is still very valid even if it is over half a year old. Generic Group composition: Puller...
  21. cbizzle

    News: CS:GO team shaken up after player sends death threat

    Two months ago, Immortals was one of the most talented and exciting professional teams in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Now, the team has fired one player and benched two more amidst two weeks filled with controversy. Whether it was minor squabbles between opponents or quiet...
  22. KingCatNip

    New Player looking for some Team Mates

    Hello Hots Section, I usually play Starcraft 2 but have found myself playing more Hero's as of late. I could certainly use some people to play with and I don't see many people ever in the discord Hots Channel. If anyone needs one more for the team please look me up. KingCatNip#1823 Cheers
  23. Grant

    New LoL Player looking for advice!

    Oh, hey fam! So lately i've been playing LoL alot and i need more champions to play, so i could use some suggestions. I mainly play Midlane and these are champs i play alot in Mid: - Zed - Katarina - Taliyah - Malphite - Kayle - Ryze So if you have any champions you'd think i might...
  24. News Bot

    The Dark Horse: Analyzing Injustice 2's Hellboy From the Casual and Pro Player Perspectives

    It's been a big day for Injustice 2. In addition to the game's arrival on PC, console owners are getting their first chance at Fighter Pack #2's third and final character: Hellboy, hailing from the Dark Horse Comics universe. The demon hunter from the B.P.R.D. has drawn curiosity, aside from his...
  25. News Bot

    Ninja School: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Zeku From the Casual and Pro Player Perspectives

    Street Fighter V has wrapped up its second season of DLC characters this week, releasing Bushinryu master Zeku to the masses. Last seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and known mainly for training Guy in the art of Bushinryu Ninjutsu, Zeku quickly garnered interest, particularly because of his...
  26. News Bot

    Niantic Adjusts Pokemon Go EX Raids After Player Feedback

    One of the more talked-about features (read: controversial) in Pokemon Go is the game's new EX Raid Battle mechanic: these are essentially identical to the Raid Battles players have grown to love, except this time around they're invite-only. Given that some players don't have the time or...
  27. News Bot

    LawBreakers' New Ranked Tiers Hope To Level Up Player Base

    Cliff Bleszinski's latest original IP is a gravity-defying competitive shooter inspired by classics. In today's climate, you'd think his pedigree mixed with the growing multiplayer shooter landscape would equal success but LawBreakers had to be brought back to down to earth. With a humbled team...
  28. News Bot

    PUBG Corp Delays Leaderboard Reset Due To Massive Player Base

    PUBG Corp and Bluehole Studios have been itching to start a new season for their dedicated player base, but the astronomical growth of the game has turned into a bit of a roadblock. Due to the new players, the leaderboard reset will be delayed slightly as PUBG Corp makes some back-end...
  29. K

    EU A new player on the board :)

    hello everyone, im from EU and im new to this clan, if anyone want to play some HOTS games feel free to add me: Haro#21665 its my smurf and i have 1 more but lately i play on this one usually at evenings and nights, im lookin for some friendly ppl who are willing to learn more just like me ^^...
  30. D

    New Player and New member

    Hello, I'm Doughby and I just joined and started playing HotS a few days ago. If you want to play just hit me up on battlenet. My tag is Doughby#1689. I also play Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends and Rainbow Six siege. If you want to play any of those hit me up.
  31. News Bot

    Developer Secures $10M Investment For 1000 Player Game With PUBG-Style Mode

    If you've got a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-influenced idea rattling around in your head, now may be a good time to reach out to potential investors. Automaton Games completed an investment round led by Cambridge Venture Partners to create their massive shooter and it includes a space where up...
  32. ArchaicLord

    Silver player looking for help to improve

    Hello everyone, I am new here. Thanks for having me. I have played LOL for a long time but always solo. As a Solo play I haven't been able to get out of Silver. I just can't carry myself. I like ADC the most. I am looking for any one who is patient enought to...
  33. Damien

    PUBG Player Roster

    Main Roster Hi everyone, below you will find the interactive player roster for PUBG. If you do not see yourself on the list, please contact me on the forums or on Discord. Main Game #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Asterian2018-06-2239LCPL3 2Atomic...
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    Madden NFL 18: Best QB Overall Player Ratings

    Madden NFL 18 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month, and we have the guides to help you figure out which players to target for your MUT squads. Quarterback is one of the most important positions in the game and teams without a solid field general are usually in trouble. No...
  35. News Bot

    Madden NFL 18: Best Running Back Overall Player Ratings

    Madden NFL 18 is coming out soon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we have the guides to help you figure out which players will give you the best chance at success. Running back is one of the most important positions in the game and teams with solid workhorse are usually tough to beat. Good...
  36. News Bot

    OpenAI's Dota 2 AI Beats Professional Player on Stage at TI7, Remains Undefeated

    Artificial Intelligence is certainly at the forefront of many technology revolutions. Elon Musk's Tesla Motors is using machine learning and AI to figure out automated transport, but another one of his side projects, OpenAI, has been focused on enacting a path to safe artificial intelligence...
  37. News Bot

    How to Play Single Player in Ark: Survival Evolved

    The island setting of Ark: Survival Evolved is massive, teeming with wilderness to explore, dinosaurs to discover, and other players to interact with. Fortunately, you're more than capable of going it alone and amassing a private army of dinos if you prefer single-player experiences. This guide...
  38. L

    EU Looking for a player

    Rank: Gold 3 - Plat 1 If anyone the same rank as me wants to play add me: Steam Community :: |Fever| L I N D S O M
  39. News Bot

    Stardew Valley's 4 Player Co Op Is Coming Early 2018

    Stardew Valley, if you’ve somehow been under a rock and avoided your friends talking about it at length, is an addictive indie farming simulator that launched in 2016 and is resulting in a lot of people burning through the hours in their day. It quickly surpassed a million units sold after...
  40. Salty


    Hello all! As you can tell the community of PUBG within the clan is a little spread out, and has a lot of barriers between players. Being so, I have taken the role as Event Coordinator for the game. The first thing I believe will remedy this would be to see/know how many people play the same...
  41. sparkis

    Hearthstone Player Roster

    Leave a comment with your Battletag ID and server(s) you play on to be added to the list. North America Europe Asia Achilleus Achilleus#1615 arksun Thoriel#1284 Aug Aug#1129 Battlecanuck Battlecanuck#1994 Flux Flux#1590 Inharmonix Inharmonix#1528 Sixxed17 Sixxed#1716...
  42. SunKenRock

    Consoles: Looking for player 2

    Now i know this place mostly is a pc gaming type of community . Yet it is obvious that gaming is found on more than just a desktop/laptop. Ive come across few and i know of the lists for xbox/sony for those who might have such a console and name within it. What im trying to inquire is if...
  43. News Bot

    Test Drive: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Abigail from the casual and pro player perspectives

    Street Fighter fans raised some eyebrows after laying their eyes on Abigail for the first time. He sure was big, but more than that, he looked strangely proportioned. He's been billed as Street Fighter's largest character ever, which makes sense given that he's mostly torso. But enough of how he...
  44. News Bot

    That was Duke Nukem in the Ready Player One Trailer

    San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is over, but the hype is spilling over into this week. After a closer look at the Ready Player One trailer, Maddog_Delphi97 posted a thread on our Chatty forum about a beloved video game character appearing at 1 minute and 30 seconds. Let's take a closer look. Jeans...
  45. sparkis

    Fever Hearthstone Player List Update

    Hi all :) As per the Fever Hearthstone update a couple of days ago, the cleanup of the Hearthstone players list has begun. For those of you already on the player's list, you should have received a private forum message regarding the update. If you're not on the Hearthstone players list as of...
  46. News Bot

    Ready Player One Trailer Revealed at SDCC

    San Diego Comic-Con is going on right now, and there have been some very cool announcements and trailers shown off. Today we finally got a peak at a movie based on a book that highlights video games and virtual reality in a very unique way. Ready Player One may not be the most...
  47. GaReBeaR

    diablo 3 player also plays HOTS

    Hi, I main diablo 3 at the moment but i also play heros of the storm, would love to play with fellow fever members. gambara#1377
  48. News Bot

    Exclusive Splatoon 2 Single Player Campaign Gameplay

    Splatoon 2 will be coming out for Nintendo Switch later this month, but we have 5 minutes of great gameplay footage from the game's single player campaign that you just have to see. Please take a look. For more videos, including gameplay and interviews, visit the Shacknews and
  49. News Bot

    Splatoon 2: How to Start the Single Player Campaign

    Both Splatoon for Wii U and its sequel, Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch, are tailored to online multiplayer experiences. Splatoon 2 features a deep single-player campaign that introduces you to many of the game’s characters and strategies. In other words, you’ll be told an...
  50. SunKenRock

    Ark Player Roster and Job list

    ARK Roster Fever Name Steam Name ArtemisofHT ArtemisofHT CanidSerpent CanidSerpent Raphael |Fever| Raphael ☮ [SunKenRock SunKenRock Xiantyl Xiantyl Mailing list Ark Survival Evolved MISC Section ARK Job Opportunity The miscellaneous section is...