1. AWeeLittleFox

    Battlerite is now free to play!

    Yep, you read that right! The game is now free to play! Battlerite on Steam
  2. Axle

    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    this is the information we need to get you added to the game roster once you complete this you will be sent an in game invite within 24 hours if you have any other questions feel free to message Axle or kracker3599 thank you. PoE Account Name: character name: Steam Name (optional)...
  3. S

    Competitive Play!

    So I'm not sure if this has been posted yet or not but apparently they're releasing competitive play today on the PC. And although I'm still rather new to Overwatch and don't have many levels under my belt, I thought it might be a good idea to get a competitive team going. Unless someone else...
  4. karlassa

    New MMO Recommendations To Play!

    Hello All! I have been having that itch to try some new MMOs again. I am a huge fan of games like Tree of Savior, Blade and Soul, Devilian, etc. But I am always interested in trying new games. I tried Swordsman online but got bored quickly. I would be grateful to give me some recommendations...
  5. Remeku

    A new way to play! (Custom tournament maybe?)

    Here's a quick idea that came to mind. To summarize I made a quick list of features/rules for the custom game-mode. 1.3v3 Arena with 1v1 + tag matches 2. Level 12 for both relics. (Blink and Sanctuary) 3. Starting gold enough to make a prolonged fight. (Enough for about 3 items) 4. No minions...
  6. J

    Always Down To Play!

    Just want to say I will be playing SMITE again so if any of you are wanting to play or need someone to fill in for Arena or something. Add me on SMITE name is JSTFY. Always happy to play, just hit me up! I am kind of still learning builds/gods right now though so don't expect an amazing player...
  7. Grudge05

    Check out this play! Had a great boss steal! Let me know what u think!
  8. MorbidLemming

    Anyone wanna play?

    Hey, New here just wanted to know if there was anyone playing Dota and wanted to add me for some games! Add me on steam for some games. Should be around tonight for game night! MorbidLemming
  9. BruC0Ndr

    Ranked Play! Coming MAY 8TH

    Guys and girls it's here! Ranked Play! Sooner than we'd all ever would think off! I have the highlights and info here for you! Ranked is divided in 3 divisions BRONZE SILVER GOLD The matchups are Bronzes vs Bronzes, Silver vs Silvers and Gold vs Golds here's a look at the ranks: So...
  10. Ncola

    Evolve Ranked Play!

    Mac Man eluded to Ranked play in the near future, as well as a view other things. Can't wait! Get your teams together haha
  11. GamerKnoob

    Come Teach A Scrub From LoL To Play!

    Hey! :D Anyone wanna teach me the finer points of Dota. I play a lot of LoL, but haven't played much Dota. Steam Username: GamerKnoob
  12. gypsypirategod

    fun games to play!

    any one down to play draw my thing on OMGpop? its super fun!!!!
  13. nigeleian

    I officially have CS:GO. Now, let's play!

    Since I am a member of platoon 1-2-1, I bought CS:GO. please add me @ steam |Fever| NigelEian :) I hope to see you soon in game guys!
  14. Z

    Lets play!

    Anyone wants to play dota 2 tonight, i'm online shoot me your steam id i'll add you guys.
  15. Thundernut

    Guides: Learn To Play! For new and experienced players!

    Learn To Play Is a series of videos made to help the newer and even the more experienced players, get more out of they're game Basic Survival EP.1 Common Terms & Game Modes EP.2 Lane Control EP.3...
  16. Jaxxxson

    HC - Let's Play!

    I took a bit of a break, but generally I was playing this all the time, and I'm thinking of getting back into it. I only play on HC, the day I switch to Default...well let's say I got like 7 level 50s waiting haha. I play this game wayy too solo though, and I want to switch it up. Would...
  17. Chaoticshmoo

    New and ready to play!

    Hello fellow Fever members, I wanted to let people know that now that I've graduated from college I have more time to dedicate to my gaming career. I would love to game with my fellow members and meet new awesome people. I'll list all my usernames for my games at the end of this rant. :D I'm...