1. P

    EU LF People To Play With

    Hey guys :D I'm new here and I would love to have a team. I'm gold level at the moment. I used to be diamond then plat then gold :D I quit the game for a while and when i came back everyone was incredibly better. If you wanna play add me.
  2. H

    EU Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people to play with. Playing casual games. Looking for a clan if possible. People with experience and mature to have fun and play some games! add me: HardcoRGS
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    New Graveyard Keeper Gameplay Trailer Looks Like the Stardew Valley of Burying People

    After a long crunch for the past year, developer Lazy Bear Games is ready to show off their next game Graveyard Keeper. The team in Saint Petersburg, Russia is also known for their game Punch Club, and has taken their talents to the graveyard for their next title. Lazy Bear Games describes the...
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    Pit People Review: Pit-ch Perfect

    The Behemoth has developed a distinct style over the past decade. Long-time followers of the developer will recognize the quirky hand-drawn art across many of its games. But while they may look the same, they've all crafted their own identity across different genres. The studio's newest title...
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    How to Invite People to Clan in Destiny 2

    What started as a small addition in the original Destiny has transformed into a massive element of Destiny 2. I am, of course, talking about clan functionality. Clans in Destiny 2 allow dozens of gamers to join together under a banner, fight for a common cause, and earn awesome loot. But before...
  6. N

    Do people use the FEVER clan channel on DotA?

    I have been in it all day and I have seen people in it consistently. Do we use it? If not then should we? Bonus Question: Does anyone wear the FEVER tag? I have seen one steam person with it so far.
  7. S

    Haven't played since Cata, looking for people to play with

    Hi there. I am playing WoW again after not playing since Cata and would love some peeps to play with
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    Rising Thunder: Community Edition Belongs to the People in January

    The story of Rising Thunder was supposed to be a grand one for PC owners. Back in 2015, Evolution Championship Series founders Tom and Tony Cannon and former Capcom community manager Seth Killian banded together to create Radiant Entertainment. Rising Thunder was going to be the studio's first...
  9. T

    people to play with

    im gonna be on most of the day bounceing around games im new to csgo but ill be on playing if anyone would like to join just let me know im not sure how pc works when it comes to invites etc
  10. Cephalus

    NA Looking for people to play with

    Feel free to add me and invite me anytime though im normally on 9 am - 2 pm US central time. Steam Community :: Cephalus
  11. A

    LF for people to play competitive

    Dps main and able to flex to supports and roadhog/winston for tanks Around mid gold 2200-2300 sr AcroBlaze#1282
  12. K

    EU Looking for some people to play with and have fun!

    If anybody wants to chill and play tell me your battlenet name and ill add you.
  13. Pa1n

    Looking for people to slay with

    Hey guys!! I primarily play CS:GO for FEVER, but have recently been diving into Fortnite and I LOVE IT!! My Epic Games username is dgc1337. Shoot me an invite and let's demolish s#!+
  14. Shiny

    NA I'm new to this place, looking for people to play with

    Shiny#1398, QM UD TL is all good with me
  15. Shiny

    NA Just reinstalled, looking for people to play with

    Howdy, I havent played in over a year but got curious to try this out again. All of my friends quit the game so I'm looking for new ones! I used to be plat skill level and mainly a bot lane player although I could play every lane decently. My ign is EL Shiny, and I also heard they added guilds...
  16. ArtemisofHT

    Just got into Paragon any people play still?

    Hello everyone, IGN: ArtemisofHT. Just got the game 8/21/2017 and having a BLAST. Just wondered who wants to play and maybe teach me a little more then what I have already figured out, aka what jungle pathing, deck building info, etc. Looking for some people because no one is very talkative in...
  17. Lan27

    NA Looking for people to play MM with

    Hai, I am currently Gold Nova 1 and I'm just tired of solo queue. Here's my Steam link so feel free to add me Steam Community :: Lan._.
  18. N

    Looking for people to play with!

    Hi everyone! I am new here and have been looking for people who would like to play Team League! My Battlenet Id is Normalicious#1461 :) Add me and lets play some games! :D
  19. K

    Looking for people to play with

    As the title says Id like to have some friends with me, if possible on EU cause thats where Ive been playing, but I have recently started to play NA as well, but sadly my hero pool is very limited, but still its possible to play NA, I like supporting a lot, but can fulfill any role. Kharmul#2235
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    Five Pocket Picks to Catch People Out at LoL City Champs

    League of Legends’ champion pool grows with every update and it’s only natural for players to gravitate towards one or two champions per role, as mastering 137 champs is no easy task. This doesn’t mean that those who rarely make it past the champ select screen are bad. In most...
  21. S

    When are people on?

    Hey all, I check in with the discord server quite often, and I don't seem to find many people if any, in the HoTS room when I check in. I'm usually there around 9:00 Eastern time. Hoping to group up with some people soon.
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    More People Have Played Overwatch Than Live in Texas

    The gaming population is huge, and individually popular titles have their own massive communities. Take Overwatch for instance. Enough players have tried the game to make the second-largest state in the United States. Blizzard released word that more than 30 million registered people have...
  23. W

    Looking for people to play with

    Wiggsplitter#1422 looking to people to play with, on many hours, would like to fnd a good steady group but een if its just a game ehre and there is better than what i have now, please contact me i look forward to playing with you, this is my 2 week post. please contact me lets rock this game
  24. FluffMcDuff

    Looking for people to play with

    As the title states im looking for people to play with so just leave your origin name or find me in ts!