1. Requ1em

    RSS6: Patch 2.1.1 PatchNotes

    Patch 2.1.1 will be deployed on Tuesday, February 21st on all platforms. High Impact Fixes Fixed – Players sometimes spawn with the point of view of a distant camera. Fixed – Player sometimes spawns as immobile drone, which carries over to the action phase. Fixed – Black Mirror can be...
  2. Bee

    Path of Exile - Path of Patch Notes

    I will try to keep this updated, any help is greatly appreciated :) 1.3.1h hotfix (2pm May 18, NZ Time) The following change was made without a server restart. -The Shade of Axiom, Bloodletter of the Vaal, Harbinger of Lunaris and Overlord of Highgate cosmetic effects have had their...
  3. Zoda

    SMITE patchnotes Dec 10th

    Here we go guys, sooo when is feverdog coming back and start owning Kali 1v1 again? ^^ She has to be sooooo OP...why hi rez whyyy ;( a kali hating but still SMITE playing, - Z