1. Monkeyworm

    CSGO Patch Notes - 8/31/2018

    [ PANORAMA ] – Added support for overtime stats and round outcomes in the Scoreboard for the Major. – Improved team logos presentation in round win panels. – Fixed spectator panels for dead players sometimes not showing any data. [ GOTV ] – Added tv_broadcast_url1 and...
  2. Medic739

    Update 2.0 Foresaken PrePatch - 28/8/18

    Destiny 2 Patch 2.0 : Foresaken PrePatch Service Announcements: Destiny 2 Update 2.0 will bring many changes to the Destiny 2 experience in preparation for Forsaken. Some features may not be fully operational until September 4. This is the final week of Season 3. Season 4, “Season of the...
  3. Gizmo256

    Patch 2.6.1.c

    Patch 2.6.1c 08/07/2018 Diablo III patch 2.6.1c is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address a number of hotfixes, string corrections, and minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.1. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.1, please click here...
  4. Gizmo256

    Patch 2.6.1.b

    Patch 2.6.1b 05/29/2018 Last updated May 29 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT. An update to Diablo III patch 2.6.1b is now live in the Americas for PC / Mac! Check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes. Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download the...
  5. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 8/28/2018

    Following D.VA’s animated short and the Busan map reveal at Gamescom 2018, Blizzard has released Overwatch’s version patch notes in full on August 28. Overwatch's August update includes a new challenge to win exclusive D.VA + Nano Cola content, as well as a few bug fixes in regards to...
  6. DrSmitherine

    August 1st patch notes!

    Here is a link to the update that was launched on August 1st! PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS :: PC 1.0 Update #19 Nothing to big was changed in this patch. There were many bug fixes and some UI changes to make gameplay a bit easier. Some random clusters of houses were added in some areas of...
  7. D

    Patch Discussions/Strategies

    36.2 came out 5 days ago and brought a decent amount of changes. To mention a few, Chromie, slight damage increase after her nerf. Kel'Thuzard can't chain to structures. Sonya starting to get worked on with damage for "W" increased and a new function at 16. Patch Notes are available on...
  8. Monkeyworm

    CSGO Patch Notes - 8/29/2018

    [LONDON 2018] – Added tournament items for the FACEIT 2018 London CS:GO Major Championship and the London 2018 Pick’Em Challenge. – Later today, CS:GO will be freely available for offline play and GOTV viewing by installing “CS:GO – Free” from the Steam Store. [PANORAMA] – Added better...
  9. Winterrose

    Patch: 8.16 Patch Notes

    Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access Patch 8.16 Notes BY AETHER, GENTLEMAN GUSTAF Welcome to Patch 8.16, the one where we buff up a few tanks, and some champions who have been terrorizing the Rift get taken down a peg. First, we've noticed that tanks...
  10. Bogo

    Gaming Sections -- Patch Notes

    We haven't been touching on this point in the past little while. So just to cover the bases; All the gaming sections should be posting the patch notes for their games. There are some sections that do, don't, and/or won't post the patches. So we have tasked the MOTF section with starting to...
  11. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 8/9/18

    GENERAL Changed the name of Junkrat’s Buccaneer skin to Bilgerat Added under attack voice lines for Zenyatta, Lúcio, and Moria All Overwatch League skins now include the name of the team’s city or state LOOKING FOR GROUP Settings will be saved after changing filters on the Looking for...
  12. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 7/24/2018

    Overwatch Update 1.26 Patch Notes Explained: Patch Highlights New Hero: Wrecking Ball (Tank): Wrecking Ball’s tinkering capabilities and iron-clad mech make him a formidable tank hero, capable of bowling through the front line of the opposition and causing mayhem in the back line. His...
  13. Flux

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018 Hero Changes Azmodan Murky Sgt. Hammer Alarak Fenix Genji Kael'thas Hanzo Raynor Tracer Deckard Malfurion Artanis Blaze Cho Diablo Yrel Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018
  14. Medic739

    Destiny 2 Patch 1.2.3

    New Patch up 1.2.3 Full Patch Notes Here Destiny 2 Update 1.2.3 > News |
  15. Shiny

    Live Patch Notes - July 10, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – July 10, 2018 - Heroes of the Storm
  16. News Bot

    Heroes of the Storm May 22 Patch Reworks Lunara & Diablo for Nexomania

    Earlier this year, Blizzard pledged to bring more lore into Heroes of the Storm, while noting that there would still be plenty of other events the prioritized fun for the sake of fun. The latter has arrived, as Heroes of the Storm goes ALL IN with the Lucha-themed Nexomania event. That's the...
  17. News Bot

    In Fortnite 4.2 Update Patch Notes, Jetpack Arrives & Solid Gold Event Returns

    In Fortnite, the game is about to change in a big way. Jetpacks were delayed back in February and replaced with a new hunting rifle, but the high-flying accessory is finally here. In addition to introducing the new backpack item in update 4.2, the all-legendary-drops limited time event returns...
  18. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.8 Include Previously-Removed Item Sharing Feature

    As promised, Sea of Thieves has received constant after-release support in the form of updates, and the latest one – Update 1.0.8 – includes a multitude of bug fixes, color blind support, and updates to those damnable squawking chickens. This latest patch isn’t expected to...
  19. News Bot

    Overwatch Patch Begins Anniversary, Nerfs Brigitte A Little More

    The Overwatch Anniversary has begun. There are copious amounts of new skins out there, along with a new Free-For-All Deathmatch map, for those who balk at concepts like "teamwork" and "togetherness." But Tuesday's patch also includes a few reworks for some of the game's heroes, including even...
  20. News Bot

    Fortnite Patch 4.2 Adds Apples, Guns, and Various Fixes

    It’s been a big year for Epic Games' Fortnite. Not only does it have to deal with the realities of being the most popular game in the world, it has to do battle with school boards and MLB training staffs. Thankfully, the team at Epic Games has been able to continue work on the game despite...
  21. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.22 Patch Launches with More Bug Fixes

    The development team at Sony Santa Monica sure hasn't been shy about releasing new updates for God of War. Since its release last month, the game has several different patches, each of which addressing something a little different. Now the God of War update version 1.22 has arrived, with patch...
  22. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.7 Include Private Crews and Economy Changes

    The time has come once more for Sea of Thieves to undergo server maintenance, dragging many galleons and sloops down into the watery depths. The good news is that on the other side awaits a new version of the game, and with it, patch notes 1.0.7! Included in this patch are private crews...
  23. News Bot

    Hunt: Showdown Goes Big With Patch Update 0.225, Adding Scopes, New Hunter Models, & More

    Crytek's PvP survival shooter Hunt: Showdown went into Early Access in February and is now receiving a major content update. Scopes are finally being added, adding more potential to long-range engagements. New hunter traits, grenades, and changes that address the game's overall meta are also...
  24. News Bot

    Heroes of the Storm May 9 Patch Reworks Kael'Thas, Nerfs Fenix

    Heroes of the Storm is in the middle of a big lore push. But as Blizzard pushes forward with the Dark Nexus, it's also taking a moment to issue a few balance tweaks to some of the game's heroes. That includes the recently-released Deckard Cain. "Deckard’s foray into the Nexus has been...
  25. News Bot

    Fortnite Season 4 Update Adds New Dances, Dusty Divot & Risky Reels in Version 4 Patch

    Fans of Fortnite have been braced for impact for most of April and season 4 has finally landed. In Battle Royale, the battlefield now features gravity-defying Hop Rocks and a plethora of other cool things that players will be discovering over time. The Season 4 Battle Pass also introduces 100...
  26. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.6 Include New Customization for Weapons, Ships, and Clothing

    Sea of Thieves has received its first update for the month of May, Update 1.0.6, and the patch notes cover a whole lot of juicy morsels for pirates to sink their teeth into. Included in the update is new stock for many of the vendors, a handful of fixes, and a little nerf to Merchant Voyage...
  27. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.17 Patch Notes Include Bug Fixes, Stability & Performance Enhancements

    Another God of War Update has been issued by Sony Santa Monica Studio. God of War Update Version 1.17 includes some bug fixes and improvements. The latest patch notes are pretty minimal, the big kahuna of updates has been God of War Update version 1.12 which added some relief for gamers...
  28. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.16 Patch Notes Reveal More General Fixes

    PlayStation 4 owners and game fans alike have been keeping a close eye on the latest developments regarding God of War, the series return of Kratos featuring the special guest known as Boy. Ol' War Dad's latest adventure is certainly his biggest yet, and the development team at Sony Santa Monica...
  29. News Bot

    God Of War 1.15 Patch Brings Subtle Improvements To Game

    It seems like Sony Santa Monica is piecemealing their updates, possibly to get more fixes for the minor flubs in the latest God of War title out as fast as possible. As reported by VG 24/7, today's 1.15 patch brings with it a few minor improvements that most folks probably wouldn't have noticed...
  30. A

    The new patch hit the test servers today :)

    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Check out the changes being made to the weapons and other things :)
  31. News Bot

    God of War Update 1.14 Available Now, Patch Notes Are Light On Changes

    Sony Santa Monica has been releasing patches in rapid succession after God of War's launch, but there hasn't been a lot of details on what exactly is being fixed. The same applies to update 1.14, which is available to download on PS4 right now. God of War patch notes for update 1.14, as...
  32. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes Are Light On Content, Heavy On Tease

    The seas are calm in the newest update for Sea of Thieves. There are quite a few fixed issues in addition to a small handful of updates in this new patch and, while the whole can be seen as slightly unexciting, the developers did tease that some new clothing, items, weapons, and ship...
  33. News Bot

    Fortnite v3.6 Update Gets Sticky Patch Notes, New Clinger Grenade Revealed

    With another addition so soon after the last one, Fortnite players are going to end up with more weapons than they can handle. Patch v3.5.2 introduced the light machine gun and v3.6 fixes some balance issues with it. This new update also introduces the Clinger, a sticky grenade that offers...
  34. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.13 Patch Releases With Minor Fixes

    The development team at Sony Santa Monica are thrilled with the reception they've received so far with God of War. The game is by all accounts a powerhouse of design, and part of its ability to engage the user comes down to its impressive technical achievements. As such, the Santa Monica crew...
  35. News Bot

    StarCraft 2 Arcade Patch 4.3.0 Notes Welcomes 2 New Maps

    StarCraft 2 is about to get a hefty update in the form of patch 4.3.0, in which two new maps for its Arcade mode will be introduced. The Arcade maps were put together by prominent members of the StarCraft community, with Blizzard working on the teams behind the scenes. The result is two premium...
  36. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.12 Patch Includes Text Size Option

    It's taken a lot of effort for the developers at Sony Santa Monica to release a game as big and bold as God of War, and those efforts continue in the form of the game's frequent updates. The latest update version 1.12 has arrived, and within it, players will find an all-new option to adjust the...
  37. News Bot

    God of War Update Version 1.11 Patch Includes Aspect Ratio Fix

    It's not often that a game as big as God of War can release without issue. Though many players have been able to enjoy the game just fine as-is, others have been experiencing an issue where the game wouldn't properly display in full screen, with the image being flanked on all sides by black...
  38. News Bot

    Overwatch April 18 PTR Patch Buffs Hanzo, Defuses Tracer's Pulse Bomb

    The Overwatch League kicked off Stage 3 in grand fashion two weeks ago when Game Director Jeff Kaplan took the stage to announce Overwatch Retribution, along with a new PvP map. He did note that the map would need some PTR testing and that time looks to have come. What he didn't mention is that...
  39. News Bot

    Fortnite v3.5.2 Patch Notes Deliver Light Machine Gun, XP Weekend, & 50v50 Limited Time Event

    First things first: Fortnite Battle Royale's 50v50 limited time event is finally live after a bit of a delay. Fortnite's v3.5.2 patch brings with it a few other goodies as well, including a light machine gun and a new Save The World questline. One PvE event makes its valiant return as well...
  40. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.4 Reveal Fixes and More Ship Customizations

    Rare is sticking by the promise made at the onset of Sea of Thieves and is continuing to support the game post-launch with not only new content, but timely patches and updates to fix issues. The patch notes for Update 1.0.4 has been released into the wild, and it seems like it contains a few...
  41. Stagray

    PTR Patch notes, April 16, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – April 16, 2018 Stay a while... and listen! Deckard Cain is making his way into the nexus!
  42. News Bot

    Fortnite Update Version 3.5 Patch Notes Include New Battle Royale Replay Camera, Return of 50v50 Mod

    As is typical with Fortnite updates, some new tools are being introduced on top of a collection of quality-of-life improvements. The previous update introduced the Guided Missile, adding to the tier of weapons that can cause massive damage to players and their fortifications. This time, forts...
  43. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch 1.0.3 Notes Reveal PC Aim Sensitivity Increase & Re-balanced Weapons

    The previous patch for Sea of Thieves, patch 1.0.2, addressed some opportunities for griefing and fixed an error that allowed lesser pirates to escape with their treasure by using an exploit. Patch 1.0.3 goes live today, April 11, and is focused on weapon balancing, shooting, and letting players...
  44. News Bot

    New Vermintide 2 Patch Is Meant to Make Things Easier For Players

    If you've been playing through Warhammer: Vermintide 2 since its release, you may have found that it's a little too hard for your tastes, and you wouldn't be alone. The sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, the game is developer Fatshark's latest project, and it's deliciously bloody...
  45. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch 1.0.2 Makes Griefing Walk The Plank

    The swashbuckling experience Sea of Thieves from Rare is live and the next patch is due. For the most part, the improvements and changes are focused on quality-of-life for Sea of Thieves players and heading toward a consistent foundation upon which to build. Sea of Thieves Update Version 1.0.1...
  46. News Bot

    Patch Notes 1.43 for Rocket League Tournament Update

    A new update to Psyonix's hit soccer-with-cars game Rocket League has arrived, bringing with it the ability for players to create and participate in the game's newly-added Tournaments. The Tournaments update also includes several high-profile features otherwise, including new Garage organization...
  47. News Bot

    Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition 3.5 Patch Keeps Menat Rolling Strong

    Less than three months have passed in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's Season 3, but Capcom is ready to release the season's first major balance patch. The patch is an extensive one, addressing universal changes to game-wide mechanics like the Crush Counter and V-Reversal, while going into...
  48. News Bot

    Update Version 1.03 Patch Notes for Far Cry 5 Include Turkey Nerf

    Ubisoft's latest open-world adventure Far Cry 5 has arrived, giving players the chance to oppose the likes of Joseph Seed and the unfortunate souls ensnared by the Eden's Gate cult. This is a game that has many moving parts, and unsurprisingly, Ubisoft has provided a day-one patch to fix some of...
  49. News Bot

    Fortnite 3.4 Patch Introduces The Guided Missile & Sniper Shootout Part 2 To Battle Royale

    The latest update to Epic Games' hit Fortnite, update 3.4, brings some requested quality-of-life improvements to Save The World. Improvements like the Combat Pro control scheme and removal of the energy drain while sprinting. Battle Royale, the mode that caught like wildfire, gets the new Guided...
  50. News Bot

    Doom Getting 4K Patch for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

    There's something about first-person shooter titles that speak to gamers on a sort of fundamental level. The combination of tense action and gib-soaked visuals has been an intoxicating brew for players for as long as the genre has existed, and though the original Doom might have been a perfect...