1. News Bot

    Google Has First 'VR Doodle' On Home Page, Honoring Filmmaker Georges Melies

    At some point today, you'll probably be on the Google home page. If you take a moment to check it out, you'll be met with a doodle of a man in a suit. If you click it, you'll be brought to a film all about Georges Méliès, a French filmmaker whose creations have been brought to life...
  2. Turt

    SMITE recruitment page

    So the old feverclan SMITE thread was closed so i decided to start a new one if anyone has any interest, i will be working on it some more to add a bit more content but this is what i threw together with the time i had and using old template from old thread. Clan Fever Clan Recruiting for...
  3. arksun

    Fever_clan Bungie Page

    Fever_Clan Clan | go ahead and sign up ladies and gents!
  4. G

    Pending: Broken Links on New Posts Page

    When I try to access any new posts through the New Post link (right under Home), none of the links work. I can access the posts normally through the Forum link and navigating to specific forums.
  5. slyxsoy

    LOL Threads - Redirecting to Forum Main Page

    Hey Everyone! Not sure if everyone knows but I'm the new LOL Company Administrator (ie - I do the boring back office stuff) :) With all of the forum issues over the last few days there have been a number of threads that now redirect back to the main forum page. A good example of this is page...
  6. mYth

    Resolved: Random Forum Threads Redirecting to Main Page

    Prior to the website DB issues on 3/04-3-06, randomly chosen forum threads were redirecting back to the main page on multiple web browsers. I pointed this out at the Members meeting on 03/04, and the officers present said that it was a known issue that was being looked into. I'm now creating...
  7. Artega

    Resolved: Two Home Buttons at the top of page

    Hey all I am using the FeverRain Red Rain Theme and at the top of the screen where it has the Home, Forum, What's New, Blogs, Clan Roster, Donate, Rules button there are two Home buttons. The first goes to what you would expect it to go to however the second button goes to this link...
  8. Firehazrd0

    Easy Rune Page Cheat Sheet

    A while back I came across a guide showing 5 rune pages that were flexible enough to be decent on any champion if you break them down into one of 5 categories. Obviously this isn't the ideal setup, and if you have the resources, you should try to have customized pages for different champs and...
  9. Artega

    Resolved: Donate Page

    I think there may be an issue with the Donation Page, I donated $25.00 and nothing is showing up nor is it stating in the Fever Chat box.
  10. VileKnight

    Samuro! Blizzard's stat page for upcoming hero.

    Here is the official hero page for Samuro. Check it out, and tell us what you think! Samuro Edit - This page will also show you the talents for Samuro.
  11. Flux

    Resolved: Links at Bottom of Page

    So I was looking for squad information and saw the link at the bottom of the page. It appears to go no where as well as these links Fever Gaming Fever Squads News Also the Reddit link takes you to the old Xfire community of which no longer exists. Edit: For Clarification I am...
  12. Gyorn

    Resolved: Roster Work page faulty

    Update: 08-31-2016 I'm writing this to track a PM brought to MPL by NobleLion. This is a quite serious thing as basically no platoon work can be done (or it's really cumbersome and error-prone to do it manually, what would be possible in theory). For reference the PM: The message from...
  13. Kenpache

    Resolved: change web page

    can someone plz fixs the wed page and massage anymore and dont know if anyone is on i liked the old page better
  14. News Bot

    E3 2016: Dead Rising 4 release date outed on Xbox product page

    It looks like another leak has hit Microsoft, this time with its Xbox product page for Dead Rising 4 giving the release date of the game previous announced at the press conference yesterday as "Holiday 2016." The page shows Frank West's return to zombie killing as December 6, something that...
  15. PapaRussia

    Closed: Fever Chat: Member Page Error

    Did this for the current list of users on the list of "who's online" right now so the results may be different for others, but for me when I click on the name of the person i'm chatting with it brings me to an error stating: "Page Not Found" Don't know how long this has been going on for but...
  16. News Bot

    Dark Souls 3 PC system requirements outed by official Steam page

    Dark Souls 3 is just four months away from release, and today, we’re learning both of its minimum and recommended specs for the PC version. The Dark Souls 3 Steam page has listed both the minimum and recommended specifications your PC will need in order to run the game when it releases...
  17. News Bot

    Koei Tecmo disowns Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 comments made on official Facebook page

    Koei Tecmo has disowned comments that were recently made regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 on the official Dead or Alive Facebook page. According to the publisher, the comments were made by an employee of the company and doesn’t reflect the opinion or business strategy of Koei Tecmo Games...
  18. TekNyne

    Ability Page, video playback green screen

    I have been tryin to resolve this issue ever since I upgraded to Windows 10. I have the up-to-date flash player, java, and client. No matter what I do I can not get these videos to play, but I do hear the audio (the picture is just a green glitched screen). If you have any advice please feel...
  19. efgodlike

    Pending applications project

    Here is that list you asked for i will make a new one every day I can :D; Maaango; Angel_; btaylor333; Rahhiiann; D3MON; Mcorcoran23; Makabra; Alkard; Zombies8MyGF; vegragor; bobbyperu; haloxhawk; Flipz; AceofSpades; imacanuck99; birdkid; mehfame; PedroJym; micmicadi; Emski; Mavis...
  20. News Bot

    Game of Thrones' Steam page confirms pricing and December release

    Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones has been gaining attention recently now that the developer released the title’s first teaser trailer just last week. Today, we’re learning some additional details regarding the game thanks to its official Steam listing. Game of Thrones will...
  21. News Bot

    Front Page Sports Football takes the field on PC this month

    Let's face it. It's been a terrible couple of weeks for the NFL, from a PR standpoint. So maybe it isn't such a crazy idea to try and launch a new football game without the NFL license right now. That's what Blood Bowl creators Cyanide Studios are about to attempt and they have just the...
  22. J

    Our Forum Page on fseforums for our clans regiment!

    Fever Gaming Clan Presents The 13e Still its a work in progress!!!
  23. MustangPunk

    Resolved: Getting weird Errors at top of page

    For the last couple weeks, whenever I go to read visitor messages, Quotes, or mentions on my profile a string appears at the very top of the page. Here is a pic that I took today with Raptr screenshot. Open in new tab and u can read the top. I am using Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m...
  24. MustangPunk

    Resolved: Got a weird page when I asked for Forum

    I was looking at a post in Shooter/CallofDuty that had quoted me, got there via the notification from the website. After I was done, I clicked forums at the top next to Home and this page came up. I just did screen shot and pasted in paint. The top is cut off but Forum was up there. I clicked...
  25. M

    Crusader Page

    Crusader - Game Guide - Diablo III