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    PSA: Demon's Souls Servers Go Offline Tomorrow, Feb. 28, at 3am EST

    Servers for Demon's Souls, FromSoftware's spiritual successor to its King's Field series of first-person RPGs, go offline tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28, at 3am EST / 12am PST. Demon's Souls launched in Japan on February 5, 2009. The termination of the game's online services brings to an end...
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    Destiny 2 Servers Offline and Unavailable for Maintenance

    Well, Guardians, it looks like you’ll have to find something else to do during the day today. Destiny 2 servers have gone offline and are unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. While the down time is not short by any means, Bungie was kind enough to provide us with a timetable for their...
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    PES 2018 Offline Demo Coming at the End of This Month

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018's release is right around the corner, but Konami wants to build a bit more anticipation for it by launching a demo for the game on August 30. The good news is it showcase all of PES 2018's new features. The bad news is it will only be available in offline mode. The demo...
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    Need For Speed To Finally Get Offline Mode When It Launches This Year

    When developer Ghost Games "rebooted" Need For Speed, it wasn't that great. So when publisher EA announced a new one was coming, the news was met with somewhat of a collective yawn. Ghost Games said last year it was evaluating feedback on the reboot and wouldn't say too much about the new game...
  5. Toph

    ByuN not attending offline NationWars IV

    As it says in the title, reigning Blizzcon and GSL champion ByuN has decided not to attend the offline portion of NationWars in France, instead opting to focus entirely on the GSL instead. This was announced on Team expert's website. The team also uses this opportunity to thank Afreeca (the...
  6. Shadow_Demon

    Offline for another week >:(

    Hey all, Was supposed to be connected and online yesterday however my internet company called me like half an hour before the appt was supposed to finish to tell me its been delayed a week. Hope to see you guys soon!
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    Hitman's November update will introduce an offline profile for unlocks earned while online

    Hitman developer IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix will roll out a massive November update that introduces an offline profile that lets you access all your in-game rewards even if the servers are on the fritz. You need to access servers initially to get your rewards. Once they're saved to...
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    Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer feature taken offline due to lag and crashing

    Watch Dogs 2 is releasing today on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but unfortunately, it looks like one of the main features of the title, seamless multiplayer, is currently unavailable. In a statement submitted to Shacknews, Ubisoft said it needed to disable the multiplayer portion of Watch...
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    Battlefield 1 servers going offline tomorrow to add Fall Update

    Battlefield 1's servers will be going offline tomorrow (November 15) for an hour so that the new Fall Update can be added to the game. The downtime will be staggered between platforms, with PC servers going down first, then PS4 and finally Xbox One. Here's the schedule: PC: Multiplayer will be...
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    Destiny servers offline for 8 hours prepping for patch 2.4.0

    Destiny is dropping the huge 2.4.0 update today, so Bungie is taking the servers offline for eight hours to get everything ready. The downtime begins at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT when logins will be halted, and an hour after, everyone in-game will be booted as the servers go offline.Maintenance is...
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    Star Wars Battlefront gets offline update coming next week; Death Star DLC in September

    The highly-anticipated expansion of Star Wars Battlefront’s offline offerings will soon be available as EA has announced a new Skirmish mode will be available for all players on July 20. Battlefront’s Skirmish mode will allow players the option to face off against bots in solo...
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    Star Wars Battlefront may be getting an offline mode soon

    It has been a requested feature by fans for awhile, but it appears that Star Wars: Battlefront could finally get an offline Instant Action mode soon. Reddit user uninspired_zebra found the mode hidden within the user interface from the just-released Bespin DLC, and posted a video and...
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    PlanetSide, Legends of Norrath going offline this summer

    After maintaining servers for almost 20 years across the two games, Daybreak Entertainment will pull the plug on the original Planetside and Legends of Norrath. According to PC Gamer (via GameSpot), servers for MMOFPS PlanetSide will go offline on July 1, next Friday, at 4pm Pacific / 7pm...
  14. digitalblade

    Offline meeting in Berlin anyone?

    I will be in Berlin from 10.6 till 12.6 for a Gaelic football tournament. Since it's the capital of Germany there might be some one here that lives there. We could meet offline there for a chat, drink or play Dota in a LAN club.
  15. S

    Offline for approximately a week! Division Mostly

    Offline for a week or so, upgraded my AMD 8320 FX to an Intel i7 4790k however the retailer sent me an i5 4690k instead, the day before I sold my 8320 FX on eBay. I have a laptop with an i5 in it, but I am going to be playing stuff like Tropico for now. Well I can push it to Call of Duty BO 2 :)
  16. Deltascourge

    Resolved: Fever being offline for 90% of the day

    I've been having trouble gettin on the forums for the past 3 days. Whenever I try to go to the forums, it claims the "webpage is not available". Clearing my cookies and cache does nothing. I know Croatoan has this issue aswell, and maybe some other members too
  17. Gyorn

    Recommendable mods for your offline sessions

    Comment: If you want to have an actual guide on that, look here. So in this thread I want to show you a lot of mods that're pretty interesting in one way or another. But instead of just listing the mods I'm already covering in my guide I would like to mainly display different ones. Therefore no...
  18. B

    New to section: H1Z1 servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours.

    Patch Notes Vehicles Vehicles now can start/stop the motor by pressing K. Characters now animate with look orientation and emote support while in vehicles. Visible from outside, 3rd person and 1st person views. Removing required parts from a vehicle load-out will stop the motor if it was...
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    Elite: Dangerous will forego offline play

    Elite: Dangerous is set to launch in December, but it appears that it will launch without one of its planned feature. Offline play is no longer on the table, according to Frontier Developments, turning the game into an online-only experience. Studio head David Braben points out that the...
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    EA announces dozens of games going offline due to GameSpy closure

    Electronic Arts announced a sizable list of games that will go offline after June 30, as a result of the GameSpy online services closure. Though it still says it is investigating "community-supported options," no official solution is in place yet for games like Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942...
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    Ultra Street Fighter 4 getting training lobbies and offline replays

    As Ultra Street Fighter 4 prepares for launch next month, Capcom has outlined a few more features coming to the final(?) version of the fighter. These will help you warm up before a match, and brag afterwards. More...
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    SimCity gets offline play today

    It's taken quite a long time, but EA and Maxis' SimCity reboot finally finally has an official offline mode."We've listened to our players and today we are delivering against their most direct feedback with the release of the new Single-Player Mode, Maxis' Patrick Buechner said. According to...
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    World of Tanks servers going offline to prep for Xbox 360 launch

    The Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks is concluding its open beta and its final release is imminent. Wargaming has announced that all of the free-to-play tank combat game's servers will be taken down on January 28 at 11PM PST, in order to prepare for a full-scale launch. More...
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    Grand Theft Auto Online goes offline for maintenance

    If you're trying to play Grand Theft Auto Online right now, you may be a bit disappointed. The multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been taken down "for maintenance," and will be back "within 24 hours." The downtime begins officially at 9PM ET/6PM PT, according to the Rockstar...
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    SimCity offline mode took more than six months

    Despite fan requests, Maxis seemed hesitant to stick an offline mode in SimCity. Even with launch server troubles and mods fanning the flames, the most it had committed was to look into it. Now we know offline mode is coming in the next update, so what took so long? According to Maxis, actually...
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    SimCity offline mode coming in next update

    Nine months after launching SimCity, Maxis has finally announced it's added the feature fans have asked for since even before launch: an offline mode. Maxis says it's in the "late phases" of development, and it'll arrive in the next update, finally allowing players to build cities alone...
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    Warhammer Online veteran muses saving dead MMO as offline 'double-clickable museum'

    What happens when an MMORPG shuts down? Well, it probably lives on through pirate servers. But what happens officially? It vanishes. After EA pulled the plug on Warhammer Online last Thursday, former lead client engineer Andrew Meggs has proposed an alternative: turning on a debug feature which...
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    How garrisons introduce offline progression to World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft's upcoming Warlords of Dreanor expansion is taking the long-running MMORPG in some bold new directions. One of the most intriguing new features is the inclusion of player-built garrisons, which adds the idea of player housing to the game for the first time. More...
  29. chilidogstain

    Sad news - Cheeseburger Soup will go offline November 3rd

    Sorry I've decided to stop running Cheeseburger soup. I haven't had enough time to really make it competitive with other servers, so the activity level has been very low. Because of this I'll be turning Cheeseburger soup off. It was a lot of fun and maybe the stand alone will bring new...
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    SimCity exploring offline mode, but not making bigger cities

    SimCity suffered the kind of rocky launch as any online game nowadays, but complaints went beyond server instability. Maxis has now decided to explore the possibility of an offline mode, but has put the kibosh on the idea of bigger cities. More...
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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist lacks offline co-op on Wii U

    Yet another high-profile multi-platform release is losing a key feature on Wii U. The Nintendo home console version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist will lack offline co-op play, relegating the mode to online-only. "In order to ship at the same time as the other consoles, we unfortunately weren't...
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    SimCity problems led to offline Sims 4

    Shortly after SimCity's online requirement backfired on Electronic Arts, the company announced The Sims 4--notably without any similar online requirement. EA's head of labels, Frank Gibeau, says that's no coincidence, and the decision was made due to the SimCity problems. "In the last few...
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    SimCity survey gauges interest in offline mode and bigger cities

    Apparently, Microsoft isn't the only company considering straying from its vision of online-only gaming. Maxis' much-criticized SimCity may also sever ties with the cloud to offer an offline mode for players. "Classic Mode" would offer a "single functioning city" that can be played online or...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox to 'just work' offline

    Rumors have been circulating for quite a while that the next Xbox will require an always-on Internet connection. Most recently, sources claimed that the system would only grant a 3-minute offline grace period. A purported internal memo now contradicts those reports, stating that the system will...
  35. T

    Sorry for been offline

    well i hope the fever family show some love i was with no internet for 1 month and also my wife lost her father this saturday it was a tougth week sence we keep watch over him sence wednesday when he got sick and he died saturday at 3:30 pm show some love if u like and i hope everyone had a good...
  36. B

    I'm going offline for a bit because i'm having problems with my internet

    Hey guys just a FYI i might not be able to sign onto the forums because i'm haveing problems with my internet. Hope you can understand :P and I hope I don't get kicked off because of it. Thanks Ronan Aka ~Beats